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  1. DayZ Village #1

  2. Tatanko's Guide to Screenshots v4.0

    Hey Tatanko, I always wondered if you were headshoted / got shot at whilst taking pictures, any footage of it would be fun :) I been in that type of situations several times its annoying but its fun :)
  3. 0.62 | the sound I hear at night

    Doesnt matter where I am any part of the map, I only hear it at night, the sound lasts around 6-8 seconds only and looping every 90seconds approx. A bit like this but the sound comes like from very far and deep. I'll try to record it tonight.
  4. 0.62 | the sound I hear at night

    Hi all, 0.62 is awesome so far, just one thing, When playing at night I can hear a sound like from a far distance, sounds like a car or a motorbike passing by from a far distance, need to listen carefully though or with a good headset, and this also repeating/looping like every 90seconds or so, is it just me going paranoia or do you hear the same sound ? Thanks,
  5. How old are you?

    I'm 42 years old from Turkey Aegean Coast, Playing DayZ since 0.32 2605 hours in
  6. Introduce yourselves

    Hi There, This is GordonFreeman, funny but after playing 2300 hours I'm introducing myself :P I'm 41 years old, gamer dad, I love DayZ, I love Chernarus. Stay strong brothers :)
  7. Barricading and Basebuilding Concept

    I would love to see improvised tents, Couple of Long Sticks + Burlap sacks + Nettings, normal sticks for Stakes, 40-50 slots, nice camo tents in the woods for a little stash. @Hicks_206 (DayZ)
  8. Its good to spread out the military loot up to the very North, even the top notch attachments can spawn at the very far North no problem. Wolves & zombies can increase the problems as well. Maybe some Bears in the future, makes it more hardcore :)
  9. Who is going to feedback ?

    Ok its hard to join servers, not for streamers though, well ok thats fair enough, these guys can stream for thousands or hundreds and its a free advertisement for you, ok for that, part of the advert and trading,fine. I managed to join a server first guy I met opposite Skalisty trying to punch me, got nothing on me, more people in Kamy melee'ing to kill,screaming and swearing, another spawn, another guy chasing me for 3km with a fire extinguisher. Exp servers are for testing and feedbacking right ? more "wise" players playing and testing it, more feedbacks, I have 1600 hours in DayZ I would like to take this oppurtunity to test it but players like the above are not helping the situation. To be honest anyone lower than 1000h or 1500h shouldnt not able to join exp servers, Dont know how the Devs can eliminate this but this is my thought. More wise players, more feedback and more bugfixes will take us all to stable branch faster I think.
  10. A few thoughts on.. (Difficulty, Modding, etc)

    Suggestion ; Remove all canned foods, close all water pumps, forcing players to find food and water from the wilderness. It should be a nightmare journey from Cherno/Elektro to NWAF, only a few to survive the hunger,thirst,hostile animals,zombies/infected, diseases, bandits..
  11. My car is bugged

    Yeah its a annoying bug, not much to do really :( last hope try to shoot some improvised arrows with the bow,see if it moves, it helps when your car is flipped so you never know,its DayZ :)
  12. [Opinion] The Value of Base Building?

    Imagine when helicopters are in, it will take half n hour to fly over all the woods and spot most camps on server, this needs to be addressed as well. So what do we do? heat seeking AA anti air misilles even working when we are offline ?! :D
  13. [Opinion] The Value of Base Building?

    Barricading the base,only destructable with certain weapons such as rpg etc. but it shouldnt take 1 or 2 shot to get in. It should be maybe 4-5 or more rpg's to take down the wall and they should be rare to find. Lockable cabinets with limited slots not that much. Bigger clans bigger bases, will need more players to team up to raid these type of bases. Food spawns such as canned foods,rice etc should be more and more limited,or maybe completely removed, so players can forced to set up camp and forced to farming and hunting, high number of op zombies at towns making it difficult to get inside town on your own, even water pumps can be closed and players can forced to drink from ponds and rivers with a thread of cholera,so players should use water purification tablets so they can become life savers. All these can force players for base building and farming and survive in the wilderness instead of pvp in Elektro and Cherno,it may also help players to team up against harsh wilderness hunger and hydration.
  14. In desperate need of .308 ammo

    I always find winchester rounds here.