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  1. The key difference being that none of those project were early access. Also, Duke Nukem was developed from scratch about three times in that whole time..so, bad example. Of course people will complain if there's no progress for months on end...and absolutely rightly so. There's plenty of early access titles of various scopes and styles that worked out well, in shorter times, with even smaller teams and without a big, backing company like Bohemia behind them, so it's really no excuse. The early access release happened too soon and the whole development process was too erratic for a long time, the fact that the engine (or core parts of it) is being changed AFTER public release is the only proof needed for that.
  2. Will night vision take away from Dayz ?

    NVGs need to be properly balanced to have a place in DayZ without ruining it. The goggles themselves need to be just about the rarest item in the game. As with real NVGs, they should have a severely limited view distance, to quote ATN, a real live manufacturer of night vision: "We typically state that you can tell the difference between a male and a female or a dog and a deer at about 75 to 100 yards. However, if you were looking across an open field and there was a half moon out you could see a barn or a house 500 yards away." They absolutely should not be as they were in the mod or as they are in ArmA 3, where they basically just brighten up the scene and turn it green, none of the actual drawbacks of NVGs come across. Then I believe they should have battery drain that makes operating them for long stretches of time pretty much unfeasible without carrying 20 extra batteries. Should be a situation where, if you have a set, you turn it on in short intervalls...say to loot a building a night. Needless to say, you should not be able to use weapon sights of any kind. There is a reason every modern soldier has some sort of IR laser aiming device on their rifle, because you cannot use optics (much less iron sights) with NVGs on, unless you have a waaay forward mounted holosight and high-end binocular NVGs.
  3. New public character handling sucks³

    Because it was not "working well". What's so bad about just going back to the server you played on before? Oh right...can't server hop for gear. Besides that, official servers are still all linked. Personally, I think connected hives should not be a thing at all. Having individual servers without hives would take some pressure off the already overloaded network architecture and it would get rid of all the issues that global characters bring with them.
  4. I actually think it's not too bad an idea. This neatly avoids the issue of asshats renting their own servers to loot undisturbed and then flood then official servers with the gear. It just needs to be clearly differentiated in the server browser. Also, filtering servers by active character needs to work right after starting the game, not after I have played a character.
  5. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    Dunno if this an 0.62 issue or not, haven't played in quite a while, been even longer since I had one of the damn things in working order; The M68 red-dot. I had one earlier, with a battery. Can someone tell me if the brightness of the dot is affected by battery charge? The thing was so faint, it reached the point of uselessnes, because it took longer to try and see the damn dot, than it took to line up the irons.
  6. Stable Update 0.61.136770

    This does not seem like the best idea.... .60's been running fine. Most of all, it's been pretty stable. And now you push a version that's suffering when there's heavy server load, during the time of the probably highest load of the year, because people have time over the holidays. I would've thought having some people whine about the lack of updates for 3 more weeks would be better than having loads of people whine about crabby performance for 3+ weeks.
  7. Die "Admins" haben sich schon auf dem zugehörigen TS nich gezuckt, daher geh ich davon aus, das hier wird die auch nich interessieren. Aber zumindest kann man vielleicht ein paar Leute davor warnen, ihre Zeit dort zu verschwenden. Und ja, Shadowplay sei Dank ist das alles auf Film. Aber mal davon abgesehen, wieso sollt ich die Anschuldigungen und Beweise machen. Was hätte ich davon, grundlos irgendeinen 08/15 Private-Server schlechtzureden? ;)
  8. Würde vom Server abraten. Der/die Admins starten gern den Server neu, wenn man sie tötet und warten dann nach dem Neustart darauf, dass ihr "Killer" sich einloggt. Typische Kinder mit Admin-Passwort eben.. __________________________________________ I would advice against playing on this server. Admins like to restart the server when you kill them so that they can wait for you to log back and shoot you before you even see a picture. Typical kiddies with admin access.

    Autoban for a cmd in the background? Wow...that's.....so I'd get banned if I play at 10pm my time, cause that's when my robocopy backup-script (in cmd.exe aka a command prompt) is running automatically every day? That's cool... And also, I start DayZ via a batchfile cause the Six Updater/Launcher is just a heap of random code in my opinion, never seen a more over-engineered (read: crappy) piece of software.
  10. Recommended Amount of Gear?

    Main: Rangefinder Nightvision Primary Weapon (M14) 7 mags 1 morphine 1 painkillers 1 canteen 1 meat Sidearm (mostly 1911, M9SD if our ammo supply allows it) 6 sidearm mags 2 bandages tool-wise I have all the bells and whistles, only thing missing is the useless radio backpack (coyote): DMR (shares ammo with the M14...no need for spare mags) 2 spare morphine 2 spare painkillers 1 spare bandage 1 bloodbag 1 epi 2 more canteens 2 meat
  11. Why the hell are there so many guns?

    You my friend, just failed. If you actually looked instead of being a smartass right away....the "PDW" in ArmA II..is a Micro Uzi, it's just called PDW. There is neither an MP7 nor an MP5K.
  12. A case of friendliness in the harsh world of DayZ....and what an epic night it was. My team and me ( a total of 8 guys, tonight only 7 tho) had hidden our vehicles in the woods (a place IMPOSSIBLE to see from the outside...you had to stumble upon it) I was logged out and most of the team spread out looting/killing when someone attacked and killed the two guys that were left behind at the tent. I quickly logged back in...and got shot before I even spawned (which turned out to be a blessing....cause I respawned with all my gear...still had my M017) The others moved back to the camp and saw the guy drive off with our white Pickup. They engaged him...hit him multiple times with SVDs and Mk48s....he didn't go down. They all got shot. So it was all me, hoofing it up there with my gear. When I got up there, the Pickup was in flames...and so was our camp, all the vehicles gone, 2 ATVs destroyed. My guys had just mostly found their scattered bodies to get their loot back. I was near our campsite with one more guy when suddenly a helicopter (later turns out to be hacked...by the same guy who killed us at our camp) lifts out of the woods about 500 meters away. I quicky lined up my M107 and pumped 8 rounds into it. I hit the pilot at some point, cause I saw blood gushing from the helo, the engine went off and it crashed in a rock formation with a huge explosion....igot one murder. But two more guys died. So as it turned out, ANOTHER group (the server owners and friends) were in the SAME area and had shot at the helo too...and two of them got killed by the crashing helicopter (what are the odds?). They had been looking for our camp, since we had raided theirs (and shot three of them in it) just two days ago. We had stolen all their loot, the UAZ and the Ural. So I quickly hopped onto their TS an we got to talking.....and in the end, we had the groups (13 people..every person that was on the server at that point...) merged at one place, on a temporary truce. We shared the loot from the dead and talked some. The groupst were mixed within each other....and trust wasn't exactly high because of the mutual camp-raiding and prior engagements. People were getting more and more edgy....more and more people having their weapons raised. In case of a snap...the odds would've been in our favor (2 more people...and 2 medium machine guns) but it still would've been ugly. So we quickly worked something out. The two busses we had stashed a way off from our camp (didnt wanna move them through the woods) were quickly split, one bus for each group and we went our seperate ways in peace, not a single shot fired. We went to find antibiotics...no idea what they did....but we had two more bus-bourne run ins, both ended with a few friendly honks and no more shots fired. After that tho, we gave everyone in our group clearance to fire. We didn't want them following us anymore. We didn't run into them anymore, so all went quiet. The next encouter will occur on other odds and probably wont end friendly...but it sure as hell was nice to see that two groups, geared as they were, can NOT shoot at each other for once and instead come to an agreement. So to you HoT guys: cheers brothers, was a fun night, we had some laughs. And all ended good for us in the end. We're looking forward to repelling your next attempts to find our camp and get your stuff back!
  13. Hiding places for helicopters?

    Wouldnt that mean it resets when the server restarts? I'll check the other places...haven't even considered Zub yet....
  14. So, fellow bandits. Can someone share appropriate/good hiding spots for a helicopter? Me and my group got buzzed twice by one yesterday (he took off after we engaged with rifles both times). We found the camp of a group on our server, but they weren't the ones that have the Huey. We pretty much covered all the "helo-fit" clearings in the hills up north with ATVs and motorcycles...we can't find it..it's gotta be somwhere. Any ideas? ;)
  15. To all spawn killers out there!

    THIS! Take it up with Rocket, dudes. Or tell me what else I am supposed to do if I have all the gear and ten vehicles stashed somewhere (yes, me and my group have ten vehicles). Only thing I can do is hunt players.