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  1. Live action movie

    Really great, the actors did amazing!
  2. Optical Short Range for AK Family (Kobra RDS from Arma 2)

    would love to see the kobra, its my favorite optic by far!
  3. Best luck ever

    My friend carries all our food, but it is a good idea to get some for myself
  4. Best luck ever

    Found a tent near Balota airfield with all this in it... What else do I need??? (I have a friend with a backpack full of food we found as well)
  5. Question about dayz

    Performance wise dayz has improved substantially, Dayz isn't bug-free but honestly its not as bad as most people make it out to be. "Lag" in Dayz now is usually due to sucky internet rather than the servers being bad. Im not 100% sure how it will run for you but just from a quick glance you should be able to play at a pretty decent fps on low graphics settings Which still looks pretty damn great. There is room for improvement in the loot dispersion in Dayz. You rarly find loot on the cost (which is how it should be) but also you find too much up north its too easy to get geared in the game.
  6. Dragging bodies!!!

    I can already see the body piles
  7. Stable Branch - 0.60 Discussion

    LOL I once found 12 glock mags in one of the closets in the cherno police station
  8. Has anyone seen a Smersh Backpack in .60?

    HEY!!! for all those things ill give you bullets!!! lol jk I'm the naked guy running on the coast with a Glock and one full mag
  9. DayZ Ideas to reduce KOS

    Kos will die down once more zombies are added to the game and loot spawns are reduced; these things will force players to work togeather and as we have seen with .60 exp it is much harder to acquire ammo.
  10. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    "unconscious sleepytime" can I borrow that?
  11. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    I don't like messing with my gamma when I play; it takes out all the immersion. When Its night I close the blinds and turn off the lights.
  12. WHEN IS.60 coming to stable

    Its done when its done
  13. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    almost at 100 pages on this thread GG
  14. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    if your gonna camp and have a bbq with guitar then go up to the north east in my opinion I rarely see people there.
  15. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    then a 4 man team stumbles on your camp and kos's you.