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  1. Boroda Thug

    Strange lighting (daytime)

    It's not about tv, I watch streams on my phone and pc , and I see same shit , it's game problem and u have it too
  2. Boroda Thug

    Dayz ps4 pro forced mode

    Does the quality of the game improve when the forced mode is enabled on ps4 pro?
  3. Boroda Thug

    Strange lighting (daytime)

    It's bug in game,it's not about tv, and u have same problem
  4. Boroda Thug

    Strange lighting (daytime)

    Same shit
  5. Boroda Thug

    FPS on PS4 and PS4 Pro

    Stop lying lil kid
  6. Boroda Thug

    Bow in Dayz

    ready to swear that today a player with a bow killed me, because they said that at the moment there is no bow in the game, how is it possible ??? how to create a bow?
  7. Boroda Thug

    Ok ps4 users, how is the game running?

  8. Boroda Thug

    PS4 release date confirmed in blog?

    U absolutely right bro
  9. Boroda Thug

    PS4 release date confirmed in blog?

    It's now official confirmed in Dayz twitter
  10. Boroda Thug

    DayZ on PS4

    We need more than "later this year " screenshots, maybe gameplay video , something new about ps4 version , we wait so long
  11. Boroda Thug

    Dayz | PS4 | 2019 |

    Where did u find that, screenshot or link?
  12. Boroda Thug

    PS4 finally release now?

    Later that year
  13. Boroda Thug

    DayZ PS4 Discussion

    Yeeeahh am so happy(no) because today 2018 December 26, and we still don't have nothing
  14. Boroda Thug

    We need information about Dayz on ps4!!!

    Any information about Dayz on ps4? After release 1.0 nobody talks about ps4?