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  1. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    Loving the new update, But I keep cetting game crashes non stop when I log into a server or shortly after with the message "The instruction at 0x00000B211ED refrenced memory at 0x000000008. The memory could not be read" Does anyone know what this is? Is it something on my end or a bug? Cheers.
  2. Tried searching for this topic but I couldnt find an answer. Just wondering if there are any plans as of yet to add something like this into the game? ARK did a pretty good job at this, giving each animal a few commands and different abilities to help the player survive, although the taming process got fairly legnthy. Any official word on anything like this making it into the final game? Cheers
  3. Exp Update 0.61.136067

    Still feels like UMP mags & VSS ammo are left out of military loot spawns. Would be awesome if they could add them back in for stable if its not overly hard to tweak. Would love to try out the VSS with the new sound overhaul and see if its any good.
  4. Exp Update 0.61.136067

    True... and on a slightly damp day your shoelaces should bond together on a molecular level.
  5. Exp Update 0.61.135961

    I havent hopped into .61 yet, but I did have it happen to me the very odd time in .60 alpha though, maybe a persisting bug?
  6. Exp Update 0.61.135961

    Anyone know if theres any new weapons in this build? Like the Scout or Saw... Cheers.
  7. Exp Update 0.61.135961

    Hey I havent had time to hop on yet, but does anybody know if Vintorez ammo is spawning more frequently than in .60? Also that wolves video up above looks awesome! Looks like theyve done a great job with it.
  8. Three Things YOU Still Want

    - Too many infected. Infected that are a real threat. At least one INSANE horde roaming around the map ( at least 200 zeds), and some smaller ones at random (like out in a forest) - Ability to craft a supressor out of an oil filter + tape + wiring. Could be used on a bolt action for 5 or so shots and could be spray painted. - Taviana map! reworked like Chernarus + and a uh1y with door guns! Take all of my money.
  9. All Time Low Population

    I agree with all of you pretty much. I like this game, and will always have hope for it, but I cant understand the snails pace/seemingly grinding halt of development, especially after the new renderer has been out of the way for 4-5 months. I know you cant always compare development times between other studios, but at some point I gotta call a spade, a spade! Smaller, less experienced dev studios are passing this project by at blistering speeds. Things they implement seem to work for the most part, and community updates arent just kinda fluff that could be applied to any update. I dont know if the code this game runs on is particularly harder to write than other games, I can understand switching the renderer took considerable time etc.. But even tiny sub-sections of Star Citizen are churning out buckets of content bi-weekly, at an incredible rate, with real video logs from the devs, communtiy interaction, bug fixes etc.. Hope this game can pick up the pace soon and retain some players, I want to see it succeed.
  10. Seems about right to me... Spent a year driving a GSA1200 over the whole of Australia, and after spending 2 months getting through the desert near Wolf Creek and the Kimberleys near Darwin, it was possible to drink over 10L of water a day. Pretty sure I had some days where I got to 15L! I ended up running out of water for nearly two days and using a GEOS becon, getting airlifted out of the simpson desert with blinding pain, and found out that I had developed kidney stones from constant dehydration! Anyway, considering were exclusively marathon sprinting in full mil gear + vest + head protection etc... Id say a canteen means very little. Also, an average man would need to eat ~50 apples a day just to maintain the average calorie consumption. So sprinting for the best part of an entire day would probably more than double you calorie intake, as a stock marathon can boost calorie consumption by 2600. Apples are probably the worst survival food, peanuts are where its at! So if your "very thirsty" or "starving" near death, I dont think a few apples and a bottle of water will fix you. Ive never been "starving" in the survival sense of the word thank god, but as for "extremely thirsty" to a point of passing out, I dont think a canteen would really go as far as you think it would. Try like ~8 saline bags and 3 days of hospital rehydration! Half an hour to "cool off" in a swamp, neked, in the middle of the night though, is another story... Anyway, welcome to the forum.
  11. A doctor's suggestions for DayZ's medical system

    Great post OP. If I could add my .02 cents to your idea, id also like to see one or two other changes ontop of your idea. --- When fully hydrated/energised: I wish they octupled the time it takes to recover blood in this state, so a saline or BB is sometimes a smart idea, and worth seeking out. Alternatively, if you want to recover blood from food, make it so eating a piece of "fresh food" (ie. grown vegetables, freshly caught meats/fish) speeds up the recovery time (to approx half what it is now) for 15 minutes per piece of food. So its worth keeping better foods with you, and helps to promote some survival aspects and other game mechanics. --- The ability to self administer iv catheters and a blood/saline bag (if only taking much longer than having a friend do it, maybe even a full two or three minutes so it isnt abused mid firefight). Im in no way medically qualified, and ive been able to put a catheder in a vein, tape it, and attatch a saline after waking up from a loose wedding night (friends an EMT, free salines for everyone!) still drunk and beyond hungover, so im sure if everones life depended on it, they could do the same! Or give it the ol college try... save a few dingle berries who'd inject straight oxygen bubbles into their tube or something, or pump a full bag into muscle tissue... ( I dunno, maybe there is an extremely tiny chance of getting a septic wound from self administering OR a small chance or accidentally ruining your catheder, and if your very low on blood and dizzy, maybe that chance could increase?) --- Unrealistic one here, but it would be cool if the defibs had a chance to bring someone back from death! I know they dont work like that irl and only stop dangerous arrhythmias, v-fib etc.. but I think itd be cool to have it in just for gameplays sake. Maybe using a defib takes a full minute or two animation, is ruined after one full attempt at resuscitation weather sucessful or not, and only has a ~60-70% chance to revive that person. I dunno, could understand if people wanted to go with realism on this one, but seen as its in the game, and has no use since you can just carry an epipen, I think it could add in a cool mechanic. Maybe making a medic role a viable playstyle in a group of survivors.
  12. M39 EMR

    Im with Gews on this one, the M110 is much cooler. Classic from the mod too. Would also love to see the SV-98!
  13. Awesome, really looking forward to this update. Keep up the good work chaps!
  14. I hear you, and I agree with you that bullet damages should fall in line with real world values, and especially flight trajectories. I was just trying to say that bullets are lethal anyway, and that making a realism arguement with no wiggle room is tough considering there is such disparity between rounds in the game, and that in real life, you could easily survive a 6X 9mm to the gut, or get shot by a 5.56 that hits bone in the upper shoulder and wraps around the bone into you chest and kills you. I was just trying to have a sneaky dig at the realism arguement! I agree it would be brilliant if they could work on shot placement, so smaller rounds could be more lethal if it connects with vital organs, also expand the medical system and possibly some amimations for certain non life threatning shots, hand, foot etc.. (although I think I saw a limping animation coming up) Some interesting points on velocities there, gotta say I didnt expect the ump to be slower than the VSS. But still, it kina shows how you could easily classify this gun as a SMG, as many other games do. As for weapon legnths preventing certain guns from fitting into a backpack, it would probably be one of the only areas I would argue that we could make a small exception on the realism front to allow the VSS fit, even if it is bigger than an M4. As the whole concept of how the backpack works, and the fact some guns with attatchments are bigger than most stock guns in the game, I dont see it being a huge problem in the grand scheme of things. I just find it hard getting hung up on this one fact of it not fitting, or now having to allow most assuault rifles into your backpack because of the size, when the whole system is already heavily unrealistic, and there are already many weapons with attatchments that already break this logic. It acts like a SMG, with its own positives and negatives in comparison to the UMP, MP5 etc..So I just reason that it would be beneficial to the longevity of game if it got some use. Although it would be great to see all guns that have collapsable stocks have the ability to fit into a backpack.
  15. Ok ease up! You're assuming that im dealing in absolute's, and I dont like that, its not what im saying here. Also no... Boots are not a high end gun.... they are boots. Cmon... Weather im right or wrong here, I would make the assumption that the "M4, AK101, AUG, SVD, UMP, VSS" are all high end weapons, and that the Scout' SAW and probably a few others will also join the ranks of end game weaponry. Even if it isnt a high end weapon, my point still stands that it is not seeing use. Look, I believe the game should be as realistic as possible too. Yet if we can't discuss any minor tweaks in any single category because you feel its not hyper realistic, I would be inclined to remind you that this is still a video game. Why would we even have a forum if the answer to every possible solution is "no, because realism". There is also a debate that could be had on what you percieve as realistic, as opposed to what someone else views as realism. Every single possible aspect of this game is still, and will remain, grossely unrealistic in comparison to real life, bullet physics probably being the closest thing to real life. I wouldnt dare suggest changing bullet physics and velocities, unless it was very minor damage tweaks in favour of gameplay.There are probably 1000"s of unrealistic things that happen in every hour of play, so suggesting a gun the same size( maybe smaller) as a supressed MP5 K cant fit into the same backpack, seems like an overly firm stance to have. Im not suggesting we start messing with bullet velocities at all, or anything else that would be deemed immersion breaking, just trying to come up with a way to make all guns in this game an option, at least in some area of the geardness scale! Because itll suck if the only possible option is one or two high end or common weapons, while the other ~20 are just not used. If weapons can be collapsed or broken down in real life, then I also agree it should be an option in game. I know not everything found at a heli crash is deemed high end gear, but I am just saying that it is one of the rarest guns in the entire game at the moment, and only found at high risk locations and heli sites, so you could probably assume that it is considered somewhat high end. Anyway, to help rectify this, there are a number of options you could take that dont seem to be horrificly unrealistic, or unrealistic at all: Have the weapon break down or collapse, Allow it to fit into a backpack and take up the same space as a SMG or(possiby allign it vertically and have it take up just a few extra spaces over an SMG), Make it a fairly common gun with common ammo so it might be considered before you drop it for an M4, introduce the 20 round mag for it maybe...