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  1. Stuck under the green house

    I am freee!
  2. Stuck under the green house

  3. Stuck under the green house

    I have gotten stuck under this house many times before, but always under the kitchen part of the house. Now I am under the living room part and can't figure out what to do to get out.. I have tested all kind of well known tricks to glitch the wall but nothing seems to work anymore. Is there a way out from under the living room?
  4. How old are you?

    34 years old swedish wooki.. 1047 hours as of right now and 1 kill. I like to be sneeky
  5. PSO-1 reticle

    Hi. I am having problems with basically all the russian scopes. Is there some kind of trick to make the reticle clearer at night? It is even hard to se at day time if I am aiming at a dark spot. Thx, Arckanum
  6. .308 Rare?

    .308 also spawn alot at American crash sites in FAL mags.
  7. Hypothermia Issues?

    Died a few minutes ago to hypothermia. Went from normal to dead very quickly. Had warm clothes and a full ghilie. Was actually looking for a water hole so I could cool off as the ghilie makes us hot. Started sprinting and got the "rapidly warming up" message but the red hypothermia just continued spamming. Im new here and don't know how or where I can repport bugs like this.