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  1. Wow, congrats for boosting your e-penis on this beautiful day.
  2. Where is new status report ? Should had been posted yesterday ?
  3. wasnt 0.63 officially announced alrady to be delivered in worst case scenario till end of first quater of 2018 - so till the end of march ?
  4. On the good old DayZ mods like DayZero (best example) there were spawning various kinds of boats floating by the shore along it whole lenght. I always thought it was just pretty much a waste of their potential since all you could do with them was to sail along the shore or go to some trip to oil rigs in search for choppers spawned there or ammo for more rare guns in ammocrates at oil rigs. What should be done in my opinion is to modife/enrich the chernarus map in a way there are some option to sail inland with those boats - streight from coast. There should be like one main river crossing chernarus and some few smaller branches/canals coming out of it towards different directions of the land - so then players could not only drive inland by cars/bikes but also use those boats. There was one cool military boat with 50. cal machinegun on it :) Such move would add diversity to the terrain if thought out good in a way to not disturb the flow of crossing land by foot/pvp. Some bridges would be quite nice addition and novelty adding more value to the gameplay IMO. Think about it pls.
  5. Where are status reports ? Bohemia stopped making em ?
  6. rscl

    Status Report 7 November 2017

    I dunno its just matter of being professional I guess ? Its been postoponed for week already, previous was pretty dull... eh...
  7. About the idea of forcing ppl to use binocs and scopes as and argument for disabling ingame ZOOM: Its a negative gameplay design. You are scrapping good feature and sacrificing the most important parametr of the gameplay - (forcing players interactions) just to FORCE players using more binocs and scopes. I ask what is wrong with the usage of scopes and binocs now ? Both are extremly usefull and handy already now, ingame ZOOM cannot even be close to the usability of binocs and scopes. Both have a lot better/stronger zoom and only with them u can see details about players/their position in building close to window/their gear and actual behavior. Not to mention that shooting with scoped gun is always 10xbetter than with bear irons. This argument is totally false. U want players to scan each area with binocs/scopes, each open space/change of terrain before they make any move further ? Really ? Epic slow and camping game style promoting - very bad. Whats the most important is to ask yourself a question how to improve scopes and binocs in order to both have better value for players and therefore they gona be more likely happy to use it - not by forcing them by scraping other feature. So now problem with binocs is its very clunky inconvenient mechanic - ur char is trapped in few animations, cant move instantly with propper agility if get caught and getting shot while being bino'd in to runaway from danger, if player is double carrying using binocs is double pain since he needs to drop gun from hands and afterwards pick it up. So long story short you should fix those problems - which I hope is coming with new player controlling and make it convenient for players to use binocs - give it good xZoom and wide screen vision (so with wide screen view bino's have some advantage over gun scopes since they are more tunelled). It should work this way that player no matter if double carrying/having gun in hand can almost instantly by the click and hold down of one button on the keyboard (B) is zoomed in with his binocs and on the B key release he is "un bino'd" to orginal state. He should be able aswell to move while being bino'd in - ofcourse with the sacrifice of the "camera sway". This mechanic will solve all presented above problems and make binos a go-to tool for every player. This is called positive game design - making feature working good and appealing for players instead of forcing em to use semi broken feature by scrapping other good and needed feature. Scopes are fine as it is.
  8. For all "YEAH no dynamic zoom forum posters" No dynamic ZOOM = Less players interactions Cant see eachoter at bigger distance = miss eachoter and following their path without altering it in order to interact spotted player. How ppl cant understand this basics of logic thinking.
  9. OMG how ppl can make such bad game design choices. The most important parametr for game desinger when he is making a decision should be GAMEPLAY added value - not some ridiculous statements as "oh smth is not realistic, its a super power bla bla" - it doesnt matter ITS A GAME its not a REAL LIFE simulator for this we have ASG paintball and wars. From the gameplay perspective taking into account graphical and FOV limitations, ingame view isnt even matching real life view ur a handicapped kid in comparism to real life. Decreasing zoom-in from the level of A2 DayZ to current DayZ SA level was a mistake alone but this ? Really ? What is ingame zoom ? Its ability to focus on fly on some really cutted down piece of view to actaully see anything on a distance (worth to notice by this ur intentionally decresing your field of view so its risk/reward factor not a free candy) - its thanks to graphics and FOV/technology limits. U saying ppl being "kinda blind" is creating more players interactions because they gona see eachother in closer ranges ? OMG its totally logically opposite! If you cant spot player from a distance YOU CANT NOTICE HIM - therefore there is no interaction! He cant see u, u cant see him u both running in ur original directions missing eachother. Its the A2 DayZ zoom focus level was what was good allowing players to spot eachother at the distance and make their moves and THIS was bringing players interaction which should be promoted by any cost since its MMO and not some single player game. How can u be so blind ? Your conclusions are exactly opposite to reality your diagnose is totally wrong. Going further with exactly this logic why not remove free camera looking around with ur head ? In real life ppl are not running heaving their head pointed backward on 70% degrees as we have it now ? If u cant lookaround freely its causing bumping into other player at closer distance since u cant spot them in a lot more % of the scenarios so following your logic its should "promore close quater interactions" - how silly does that sound ? I can say you only this, players are already passed being hyped about this game but still some of them are hoping u gona provide propper engine so the modders can do the DayZ how its supposed to be. With removing ingame eye zoom you just litreally nailing last nail to your cofin. My last appeal for your common sense - if you gona at the end make this huge mistake and disable ingame eye zoom - at least MAKE IT NOT HARDCODED so the modders can make their mods the way they like, same goes with those wierd new controls aiming etc ideas - OMG its a game u should aim and shoot with mouse ALONE really ? Keyboard ? Maybe few keys at once ? omg Doesnt really no1 notice for example simple fact that neccesity of having right mouse button cliced down to be aimed in is inconveniant for the player and is making his real life aim worse ? have u player any other FPP game (succesfull one) which has such mechanic ? - NO - because its inconveniant and unnatural for players. I am a game designer myself and when im reading those changes and its justifications/thought process behind them - im just grabbing my head and yes this post is emotional but its because DayZ and to be more clear its specific mod (DayZero) gave me the best gaming experience in my whole gaming life - this is where from the emotions come.
  10. rscl

    Exp Update 0.61.135961

    Brain pls respond if you could. I have only one really important question on my mind: When you gona allow modding of DayZ SA ? Its the crucial thing, which IMO could help you guys out aswell with faster progress. Thx in advance for your response.
  11. rscl

    Info game and modders

    Cannot find this post of Boneboys with links for some tools to modify the map already. Any1 have it ?
  12. rscl

    Info game and modders

    Different ppl has different definition of word "fun". For me all this "survival" elements in PvE world is just meanigless and usless things which I have no interest whatsoever. Its like playing against bots in CS and solving fake just scripted problems. "Fun" for me is high skilled 1st person team PvP focused DayZ experience which provides great adrenaline rush, high dose of competition etc. best mod which delivered such factor was Arma II DayZero (best mod ever!). Big discussion but still no1 answered to my original question - do we have any info about when the modding will become available ?
  13. rscl

    Info game and modders

    Did Devs made some official statement about the ETA of adding modding ability for DayZ SA ? Currently the game is unplayable for me, its rather character managment simulator than good old north PvP squadplay known from DayZ Arma II mod. The only chance and hope I see is opening the game for modding.
  14. rscl

    Stable Branch - 0.57 Discussion

    Ihad very bad bug yesterday - gamebreaking bug. I had sooo strange and bad encounter yesterday, I got into a firfeight with 2 opponents, killed one, exchanged fire with second, we both got hit and bleeding, so I run behind cover and used rags to nadage bleeding, at the same time while animation of bandagind was running - at the same time inside my inventory i deatached clip from ak74 and insert new bullets, then animation of bandaging finished and my character automaticly pickied up ak74 to his hands again, so i pressed R to reload, char did it but ak74 somehow dissapeared from hands. I tried to take smth else to hands but it seemd that server was thinkinh I have ak74 in hands but client doesnt. So my hands slot was blocked with some virtual item, couldnt take anything to my hands, no method helped me so i must relogged and onbly then problemd got fixed.
  15. rscl

    Gun Sway Poll

    In a game design, the only point of smth being "realistic" is to provide enough level of immersion, which in case of gun sway is medicore thing very easy to achieve. Still, going back to the "realism" thingy - current sway has nothing to do with realism - its another story. What is realy important with every feature game developer is creating and tuning is its impact on the GAMEPLAY itself. This is the jewl in the crown and here should put 99% of focus - i'm speaking this as a game dev myself. That being said I must point out that current gun sway has just terrible impact on gameplay. Ridiculous sway, appearing after "few steps", which makes aiming even on medium ranges nearly impossible (and aiming in close ranges precisely either) has only cons. Its cutting sooo many opportunites for players interactions, you can just guess how many times ppl didn't engaged into a firefight because of gun sway, just sadly and hopelessly watching other players dissappearing in the treeline or behind the horizont. Yes this game is about players interactions (otherwise dayz wouldnt be such a succesfull mod, more succesful would be some singleplayer zombie games) and by this I mean in most cases shooting eachother (so surprising in a game where all the time you are carring a gun in your hands huh ?). - and promoting/ecouraging players interaction should be one of the biggest devs goal (who likes to run on full servers seeing noone for few hours ?) Somehow on ArmaII DayZ Mod, sway wasn't an issue (still wasnt perfect because pattern wasnt totally random - but overall was just great in comparism to SA), it was a good balance between realism/immersion/millsim/adding some game complexity param versus gameplay factor. I have no idea what reasoning is behind to keep sway like we have now in SA. Would be cool to hear from devs their point of view here and their argumentation. Same rules I mentioned above applies to other things in game - for example ridiculous aimed thru scope mosin recoil which prevents from seeing bullets impact spots etc. etc. Hopefully SA will turn into right direction until then I will have to enjoy DayZ experiance in... DayZero mod :)