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  1. Wow you just underlined a post I made. The tag idea is genius!
  2. Yes this is exactly how I feel!
  3. So here we are, steps away from Beta, Im sat here watching through this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nX8XnO5LtZs While I was watching the video I saw how the game was and how newcomers to DayZ Standalone experienced it, what were their thoughts and got nostalgia in a sense. You see the player looking under beds and getting limited supplies to survive, today you dont see much of that anymore, I feel we get spoiled in a way with the loot, it excited me to have a challenge to survive with limited loot, fighting the infected with house supplies like baseball bats or kitchen knifes, encountering players with only melee as freshspawn, maybe having to group up to have a better chance, to feel the apocalypse, getting really excited finding a gun or something I really needed. I know I know, it makes it boring in the long run even after getting killed. But I do miss that feeling myself. I hope you understand that feeling. But thats just me...and Beta is getting closer...so lets talk about the main topic. I started to wonder what I expect from DayZ Standalone and what the developers will give us as a "main game" or "main structure". So I think it would be nice to have a detailed report from the developers in this critical stage talking about each bullet point regarding the main structure of the game, how it will be from that point forward. So we can give feedback and discuss, I want this game to be one of a kind as much as the next guy. We have had status report after status report but I dont have a clear picture. Talking about things like: -Loot (will we have loot spawning under beds, more spawn points in houses for players to feel immersed and feel they are scavenging? will loot be minimized or stay how it currently is? more questions that people might have...) -Infected (What will they be like? how much damage will they give? what types of attacks? Are devs still planning on infections from them? different types? more...) -Vehicles (Will they spawn working, random? What more types of vehicles for Beta (Aerial, bikes, boats)? more...) -Damage (Will the damage to items in clothing or backpacks be changed? more...) -Player (Will running speed be reduced or stay how it is? more...) -Health system -Map -Servers (Player count, more...) I know this seems like asking a lot, and dont know how they can explain such a vast amount of details, maybe pictures or videos will help too, but I feel like during this downtime toward Beta we kinda deserve this from the community part of the DayZdevteam, we have been patient, people rant because they still care about this game, we have loads of questions, we are close to Beta, and I really want to know how the game will be. (MAIN structure excluding modding) I just feel I want ONE special organized Beta report with all main bulletpoints of the game for this critical point in time, so we can start discussing and give feedback. TL;DR - Centralize all the info into one report as mentioned by "DannyDog" below. NalMac on reddit - "I would like this as well. They have talked about a lot of that stuff but it is quite outdated at this point and things change with development whether it be because of engine limitations or they just changed their minds so having an updated idea of what a finished DayZ is from the devs point of view would be nice." Thanks for reading, how do you feel about what to expect?
  4. I love DayZ, and hope it succeeds in all its glory as one of a kind. I have played DayZ Mod and play DayZ Standalone for a long time now, after playing for a couple of hours daily looking for players/loot/animals, it can become stale, so I started thinking of unexpected distractions to fill in those gaps. The best unexpected distraction I can think of at the moment is the Dynamic helicrash from the sky. Apocalyptically immersive and fun. Be it RP / PVP / or a random encounter, it makes for great stories. Whoever played the DayZ mods that had this feature know exactly what I am talking about, you experience it once and desire it more and more. The loot has an important role in this, so does the timing (how often it occurs), I think 2 to 3 times a server restart in random locations is good. Be it medical, military, civilian or even a actual survivor (player). You will have to question what it is (If the pilot was infected, if its aid from somewhere, military assistance/bandits, civilians trying to escape, players doing random stuff). The feelings this occurance brings is magical, you really have to experience it! I dont want AI, but if this feature needs AI to fly it then I am all for it, even if its just for this purpose, because it brings so much to the game. You find a heli already crashed on the ground its like (oh...), but if you witness the crash its like (oh my! go go go). Here is two video examples showing how effective it is at distracting players during gameplay- Dont doubt the fact that this gets your heart pumping, players from all over the area will see/hear this, there will be fights for the loot and survival, there will be stories told between groups and trading of the loot. Even the random good parts of the heli salvageable. Hearing its engine in the distance, making players run after smoking heli's then hearing them crash and boom, ending up in random locations, exploring more and more screaming "Get to the choppa!". I think DayZ needs this as a feature for its main structure. If anyone finds more videos or pictures post it in here, thank you for reading and giving feedback :)
  5. Hello, just letting you know I had a invisible zombie on this patch.
  6. Oops I totally forgot about that :X sorry :P Hope it helps tho as video proof if still occurs <3
  7. Deadly seems to be having the issue (1:34 into the video) -
  8. Just found double barrel and some pants with a couple of shells in them in type 2 barn, Im very happy :D For anyone interested, it was the barn on next to/right side of Pik Kozlova Elektro side. I found shotgun shells only in the same barn, the life before this one :)
  9. When 0.61 hits stable I expect the loot to have minimized compared to experimental and start to feel balanced, so I would like to discuss here your thoughts on the rarity of certain items and locational loot. Let me start with a few- Type locations: These barns need more love weapon-wise like in the mod (double-barrel shotguns, shotgun shells, maybe repeater's, maybe pistols, axe's etc...) low tier weapons, something a farmer would have to protect his animals. At the moment the bottom barn image spawns no civilian weapons or even loot as far as I have seen, It would be very refreshing to have the chance to find low tier civilian weapons and ammo in these locations. This was one of the magic tricks of the mod of the player progression. Please consider this devs. Its a nice touch. Type items: I hope high tier attachments like ACOG's and PSO's start to get more rare, the red dot's not so much (they spawn at heli crashes) as it will show more CQB than long range fights. And as mentioned above with the barns and civilian weapons, we should see more low tier civilian weapon gunfights play out. This is just thoughts that I have quickly typed out, I will update this with any more ideas I come up with for 0.61 stable loot.
  10. In 0.61 exp we have a hanging citizen/zombie at new town hall in cherno, I am very happy! Video: https://t.co/L3PAxzMoKp Maybe there are more throughout the map because people coud not get too far due to server crashes, im hoping for stary crane and green mountain tower. Look out for them survivors! <3
  11. How many servers we talking here brian ? :P
  12. I will help you devs, for the best game in my life! <3
  13. Heli crash events are one of my top "wanted" features for dayz. Fingers crossed
  14. Has the dev team discussed any improvements to the 1st person camera for the time until beta? Or anything you/they would like to improve?