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  1. DayZ Modding

    Modders vision example Modding during Beta DayZ Beta milestone is HUGE, not just what is being added from the dev's to complete the base of the DayZ stone, but modding on top. People might not think much of modding right now but if you think of it enough, it will allow endless possibilities of imagination for new experiences and fun/immersion! To my understanding things like: -New guns -New clothing types -New vehicles -New buildings -New structures -New environments -New threats/AI's -New maps -New items and their functions in the world New objectives/ideas -New dynamic events New sounds A new vision on DayZ in general in each mod... List goes on and on... Each modder will have their own vision and ideas that will create new communities, yes it might seperate a lot of the players but people will deffinetly try out all the new mods for fun/curiosity, which should give DayZ a good longevity. Modders out there might have their tools and ideas ready, but others may not...so get ready. They are hoping to release Beta this year if all goes well and modding during Beta phase. If you like write your new ideas or stuff for DayZ in the comments below.
  2. GamesCom Pics/Vids

    Thank you for the response! Im going through various occurances that happen in 0.62 and might not happen in the new combat system, for example: -When someone is uncon, I will not be able to aim at their legs to break them, or at their head to kill or add shock damage. (Unless the new system detects they are laying down and there is a different attack animation for that, but then might conflict if there is a standing person next to the laying down person and I end up dieing from the standing attacker.) -From what I saw with the swinging attacks, if there is two players with same health stats and weapons, would it be considered RNG for who to die if they both just swang at each other in terms of forced swing movement? (The first one to attack and dodging might take away that RNG feeling) Of course I will need to play it to have the "feel" of the new combat system and the improvements in the future. :) Looking forward to it!
  3. GamesCom Pics/Vids

    I wonder how they will make it so you can be able to hit players laying down or choose where to hit on a body with the "mellee" weapon, because right now all I saw was a forced front movement animation when attacking a player/zombie. Will there be a attack with no forced front movement? Can we choose where to hit, because they are random swing animations combos? (maybe there is cause I did not play the demo so...)
  4. Status of 0.62 on Experimental Branch

    I understand and im patient, but lets say it did go well...weekends are good for acumulating bug reports for the following week :P
  5. Status Report - 16 May 2017

    Why not randomize starting gear each player/spawn? (be it radio/flare/rag/ any other basic supply) Would be fun in a way and people wont feel the need to abuse the respawning for this due to being basic gear.
  6. Status Report - 16 May 2017

    I wonder how big (GB's) this update will be...Kappa ;)
  7. DayZ Standalone-What to expect?

    I cant stress this enough. I am seeing so many posts questioning what DayZ will be. Of course modding will enable us to do anything we want in the engines limits but we sure do need an updated view of what a finished DayZ is for the devs excluding modding. It will be refreshing to see.
  8. Wow you just underlined a post I made. The tag idea is genius!
  9. DayZ Standalone-What to expect?

    Yes this is exactly how I feel!
  10. (TL;DR at the bottom) I started to wonder what I expect from DayZ Standalone and what the developers will give us as a "main game" or "main structure". So I think it would be nice to have a detailed report from the developers in this critical stage talking about each bullet point regarding the main structure of the game, how it will be from that point forward. So we can give feedback and discuss, I want this game to be one of a kind as much as the next guy. We have had status report after status report but I dont have a clear picture. Talking about things like: -Loot (will we have loot spawning under beds, more spawn points in houses for players to feel immersed and feel they are scavenging? will loot be minimized or stay how it currently is? more questions that people might have...) -Infected (What will they be like? how much damage will they give? what types of attacks? Are devs still planning on infections from them? different types? more...) -Vehicles (Will they spawn working, random? What more types of vehicles for Beta (Aerial, bikes, boats)? more...) -Damage (Will the damage to items in clothing or backpacks be changed? more...) -Player (Will running speed be reduced or stay how it is? more...) -Health system -Map -Servers (Player count, more...) I know this seems like asking a lot, and dont know how they can explain such a vast amount of details, maybe pictures or videos will help too, but I feel like during this downtime toward Beta we kinda deserve this from the community part of the DayZdevteam, we have been patient, people rant because they still care about this game, we have loads of questions, we are close to Beta, and I really want to know how the game will be. (MAIN structure excluding modding) I just feel I want ONE special organized Beta report with all main bulletpoints of the game for this critical point in time, so we can start discussing and give feedback. TL;DR - Centralize all the info into one report as mentioned by "DannyDog" below. NalMac on reddit - "I would like this as well. They have talked about a lot of that stuff but it is quite outdated at this point and things change with development whether it be because of engine limitations or they just changed their minds so having an updated idea of what a finished DayZ is from the devs point of view would be nice." Thanks for reading, how do you feel about what to expect?
  11. DayZ Distractions

    I love DayZ, and hope it succeeds in all its glory as one of a kind. I have played DayZ Mod and play DayZ Standalone for a long time now, after playing for a couple of hours daily looking for players/loot/animals, it can become stale, so I started thinking of unexpected distractions to fill in those gaps. The best unexpected distraction I can think of at the moment is the Dynamic helicrash from the sky. Apocalyptically immersive and fun. Be it RP / PVP / or a random encounter, it makes for great stories. Whoever played the DayZ mods that had this feature know exactly what I am talking about, you experience it once and desire it more and more. The loot has an important role in this, the infected from the crash (pilots and crew) make it high risk high reward, the timing too has an important role (how often it occurs), I think 2 to 3 times a server restart in random locations is good. Be it medical, military, civilian or even a actual survivor (player). You will have to question what it is (If the pilot was infected, if its aid from somewhere, military assistance/bandits, civilians trying to escape, players doing random stuff). The feelings this occurance brings is magical, you really have to experience it! I dont want AI, but if this feature needs AI to fly it then I am all for it, even if its just for this purpose, because it brings so much to the game. You find a heli already crashed on the ground its like (oh...), but if you witness the crash its like (oh my! go go go). Here is two video examples showing how effective it is at distracting players during gameplay- Dont doubt the fact that this gets your heart pumping, players from all over the area will see/hear this, there will be fights for the loot and survival, there will be stories told between groups and trading of the loot. Even the random good parts of the heli salvageable. Hearing its engine in the distance, making players run after smoking heli's then hearing them crash and boom, ending up in random locations, exploring more and more screaming "Get to the choppa!". I think DayZ needs this as a feature for its main structure. If anyone finds more videos or pictures post it in here, thank you for reading and giving feedback :)
  12. Stable Update 0.61.137813

    Hello, just letting you know I had a invisible zombie on this patch.
  13. Exp Update 0.61.136505

    Oops I totally forgot about that :X sorry :P Hope it helps tho as video proof if still occurs <3
  14. Exp Update 0.61.136505

    Deadly seems to be having the issue (1:34 into the video) -