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    I'm a 33-year-old Father and Husband and very much enjoy playing DayZ. I have a Youtube channel that features some videos such as my DayZ Series "Quinn Bauer's Story + Eddy Beck's Story + Tony Moretti's Story + Sam Bauer's Story"

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  1. DAYZ: End of the Road

    Great job. Amazing!
  2. DayZ FilmZ - All For Naught

    Another video for you all :) If you enjoy that video, feel free to watch the others from the series of filmz HERE
  3. FriendZ - A Friends Parody

    Aww thanks guys :) I speak for all involved when I say this of course. Cheers for watching
  4. FriendZ - A Friends Parody

    Hope you guys enjoy :D
  5. A Basic Guide For Roleplay in DayZ

    Thanks guys :D I appreciate the kind words.
  6. A Basic Guide For Roleplay in DayZ

    Thank you both so much :) It means a lot. Glad you enjoyed it.
  7. I usually make TV style cinematic series based of DayZ and Roleplay (Like THIS and THIS). This time I tried something different. I was approached by a roleplay community to make a "Guide" on Roleplay and general rules of Roleplay. The video describes what a lot of communities do in terms of RP on DayZ. Of course, always read and follow your community's rules and lore. I truly hope you enjoy it, even if you're not into RP.
  8. Sam Bauer's Story - (Cinematic TV Style Series)

    Just a little bump in case some missed this full cinematic TV style series. Season 5 with a new character will be coming soon :)
  9. Sam Bauer's Story - (Cinematic TV Style Series)

    ***SPOILERS FROM THE SHOW AHEAD - Watch after the season (recommended)*** BLOOPERS IN MEMORIAM (All those who died this season)
  10. OBS and 0.62 Patch

    Yeah I had tried that but didn't work :( But found an answer on another website that worked for me.
  11. OBS and 0.62 Patch

    So I am getting back into streaming. Every game I wanna stream works great... but then 0.62 hit. Wow, nice patch, wanna stream this... oh wait OBS don't work with DayZ anymore. All I am getting is a black screen (I wanna use OBS only cause everything's setup on there for me). Everything else like overlays or any other game for that matter, they all work. But can't get DayZ to work. What I've done: 0. YES I checked "Compatibility mode/anti cheat thingy) 1. Updated all video drivers and updated OBS. 2. Verified DayZ Cache. 3. Deleted old scenes in OBS and made new ones. 4. Re-installed OBS. 5. Tried window capture (It's all wonky on screen and won't fit it right). 6. Tried monitor capture but only where there is text on the menu is lit up, the rest is all black. KEEP in mind, I cannot run this game in window mode as I get half the frames I would get fullscreen (Max 30 in the wilderness and that's with no trees around me). So I won't do Window capture and monitor capture is just as bad for me with the addition that not everything lights up. Did anyone get DayZ working on OBS correctly and if so, how'd you do it? Thanks for the help guys :) Win7 - GeForce 1050 ti 4GB - 12 GB Mem - Athlon 750k 3.4Ghz
  12. 0.62 is coming to stable today.

    Character Wipes?
  13. Sam Bauer's Story - (Cinematic TV Style Series)

    SEASON FINALE EPISODES (13 + 14) are both LIVE It was an amazing season, to say the least, and one of the hardest to film and edit, but we made it. Enjoy guys! Thank you DayZ Team for allowing me to have a platform to film awesome stories and share in a way like none other. Episode 13: Dawn Episode 14: Dusk
  14. Sam Bauer's Story - (Cinematic TV Style Series)

    Season Finale coming up Sunday or Monday. Time to catch up. I promise it'll be worth your time :)
  15. Sam Bauer's Story - (Cinematic TV Style Series)

    EPISODE 12 - Ruthless Hope you all enjoy :D