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  1. Survivor GameZ before 0.63 stable

    Over the last month or so, I've been watching twitch stream, youtube videos and reading what the community has to say. Yes, some people are complaining because they are not really aware what those stress tests really are about, but this is normal, when a person is misinformed and what not, but the positivity outways the negativity tenfold! DayZ is once again raising our blood pressures and literally killing us from excitement over the setup of a gunfight or just the general player encounter. Last night something beautiful happened. "Summit1G" and "Shroud" were playing DayZ Stress test 11 and they were having a blast in the game. They managed to get to the NWAF, but they died by the hands of "Smoke" ( my favourite DayZ/Tarkov streamer, he is amazing in what he does, check him out) who died minutes later trying to recuperate from the fights he had prior. Hours later, Summit1G managed to get himself to NWAF and kill Smoke and some of his allies, but one of them got Summit. Yes, Summit really bitched about DayZ and how rigid the game felt and how slow the development was going, but boy did he have fun last night, you could see it in his eyes. We need Survivor GameZ just before 0.63 stable releases. It will hype up the community immensely and it has been far too long without one. "Survivor GameZ" is the World Cup of Twitch. Make it happen, Bohemia!
  2. 0.63 Developer Live Stream - 14th March 2018

    Hello Survivors, I bet everyone is as excited as I am. Last night was massive for DayZ and for everybody that cares for the game. It took me quite a while to digest what I've seen last night, but now everything came together as one solid picture. DayZ is going to be better than I thought. I will be completely honest here, I was starting to loose hope about the game prior to the renderer update, but after testing it on experimental and seeing how insanely different, and well it worked for such an early implementation, I told my self "Well, they fuckin did it. This is it, no matter how long it takes, they will do it, they love DayZ as much as we do." What we have seen last night, was nothin short of spectacular. DayZ is at he point, from where the devs are properly working on everything they've ever wanted, because the technology is in their hands. The only thing I am kinda worried is the Survivor GameZ tease of sorts. My honest opinion is that the Survivor GameZ mode should be only available for competitive/tournament enviroments, so that it won't loose its appeal. I don't like BR games, they loose their tension/suspense/blood boiling moments after several wins. DayZ Survivor GameZ is the Superbowl or the World Cup, etc. Survivor GameZ every 3 or 6 months is perfect. 2018 is the year of DayZ!
  3. 0.63 Developer Live Stream - 14th March 2018

    I am speechless, so are my friends. What a stream, my friends couldn't believe the progress of the game and how different the player character is. "What a stream! What a lovely Stream" Survivor GameZ 7 on 0.63 Stable release and Survivor GameZ 8 on 1.0 would be insane!
  4. Humanity in DayZ - Concept Video by "uncuepagamer"

    While I don't really want this thread to focus on KoS, I understand that this particular discussion is a HOT one amongst the community. Killing on Sight (KoS), should remain intact in the vanilla DayZ. No one can punish a player for killing another one in Chernarus, where there is no law that stands against KoS. The only thing that should and will punish KoS is the raw enviroment, nature of DayZ and of course other players. If the DayZ concept had a definition it would be a "Survival Race" - every person defines how he will engage in this race to survival but the finish line is all the same for everyone - death. I will tell you my first DayZ experience, that was in the early DayZ of SA - yes, I haven't played the mod, but I have watched tons of content on both youtube and twitch, but never played the Mod myself. So this was my first DayZ experience unedited: "All of my friends were playing the game when it launched in late December 2013. I didn't like anything about the game, it was clunky, buggy, stiff, the character models looked really bad, it looked "ass" from videos and streams. Maybe a month passed and my friends were still playing the game and I was getting really confused and slightly interested while this is happening to them, when I know that their attention span is not that great. A few more weeks passed and it was February and they were still playing... One night, while hangind out in Skype, I asked for the steam account of one of my friends and I started downloading the game. I asked my friend, what I should do now, in game, he told me to log in to a certain server, where they were playing constantly and so I did. I spawned in Solnechny, knowing nothing about the game, I started running around trying to find anything to eat, drink and for self defense(weapons, etc.) I was running around mindlessly in the town, but managed to find a Lumbering Axe and a few canns of food, but now I was thirsty, so I asked my friend where I can find water, he told me too look around the town, because there is a water pump somewhere. There I was trying to find a water source for probably 10 min and finally I did. I drank as much water as I possibly could and head back to the main road and in like seconds two "gentlemen" came out of nowhere and asked me if I knew where they can find water, of course I told them that I will show them exactly where the water pump was. All three of us went to the water pump and the two gentlemen had their share of water and when they did, one of them went behind me while the other one was trying to keep my attention on me, they knew I was new to the game. While they were keeping my attention focused on a single one of them, the guy behind me jumped on me with his fists raised, in that moment I knew that they were after my axe. My adrenaline spiked insanely fast, I was literaly shaking, but I was as focused as ever! I managed to instantly kill the guy behind me with a single swing of the axe, but the guy infront of me managed to hit me a few times with his fist, then we started running around in circles trying to hit each other, but eventually I managed to kill him too. I was instantly relieved and insanely scared at the same time, I never thought that this will happen to me on my very first every DayZ experiennce, but for good or bad this wasnt the end of my story. While I was recuperating from this experience, I heard a voice in the distantly asking for help, I had no idea what is going on, so I immediately went towards the sound of this voice. I saw a man crawling on his hands on the main road and when he saw me he asked me for my help... he wanted me to kill him. He was crawling for miles after some bandit broke his legs, took his blood and even fed him rotten food, he didn't want to live anymore. I tried my best to help him out, but he wanted to die. I never thought this would happen to me in a game, but it did. I killed a guy out of mercy and by his request. After that I logged out in the forest and I tried to recuperate my real self, because the events that occured in the game really shook me. The very next day I bought DayZ." DayZ is not a simple game, it's an experience that we, the players, shape in ways we can't predict. KoS is a part of the game and it should remain as it is, in the vanilla DayZ. When modding hits, people can start enjoying different variations, "Fast Epoch", "Slow Epoch", etc. If KoS had negative impacts on your character, maybe my initial experience of DayZ would have been different and I might not have bought the game... Lets keep the discussion going, please share your thoughts, ideas regarding mechanics like Nutrition, Addiction, Comfort or any other you might think of that can work in DayZ.
  5. Humanity in DayZ - Concept Video by "uncuepagamer"

    Exactly, having a general system like "Mentality" isn't needed, because the idea of DayZ is to get involved in the game, to "transfer" your consciousness in the world of DayZ, in the vessel of your avatar/character. Having such a system will take away from the experience and this is something we do not want. RPing is a massive part of DayZ and even if we do not RP as strictly as specific communities, we have done it a few times ourselves. Trying to build story around your character is something that makes the whole experience slightly more enjoyable and immersive. About Nutrition and Medication: Let's say, you are unable to afford cooked food for you character for whatever your reasoning is, lack of ammunition, lack of proper tools, RP reasons, etc. Using canned food as your primary diet with the addition of vitamins, should be a way to get similar effect to cooked food with good meat/veg diet, but the over consumption of vitamins should lead to negative effects like, nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain and eating food while in this state should make the effects of the illness even stronger and lead even to death if not properly take care of. I strongly believe that hunting, cooking and agriculture should be the end goal for character maintenance, not the canned goods. Drinking water should be the most important task that your character has to do constantly, I understand that atm. the reason why our characters require less water that usual, is the lack of proper transportation around chernarus, but when the game is ready and this is no longer an issue, water should be the most important thing for your characters survival. Like in the wild, most of the places you are most likely to find animals are the ponds, rivers, etc. It should work the same way in DayZ, for both animals and players, water is the key to survival. This will lead to more character interactions, both PVP and possible trade or just general meet/greet situations. In the video, clothing was discussed for a bit and I would like to share my ideas as well. Clothing: Different types of clothing like, water proof, water resistant should work the best under their specifications. Rainy weather, Stormy weather. Clothing like Bomber jackets, Coats or simply clothes that are providing a certain amout of thermal insulation or simply thick layers, should work the best in a cloudy or cloudy/sunny(mixed) weather, even light rain. But wearing worm clothes should make your character loose water faster and if not properly addressed, your character might feel dizzy, experience blur vission, etc. Using non water resistant/proof clothing in heavy showers, storms should have a negative impact as well, possible cases of hypothermia if not properly addressed. Shoes: - Running shoes/Sneakers, Leather shoes, etc. should be good for urban areas, but if you go on a hike or a long trip through the woods, etc. They should start degrading faster and even have the chance for a sprained ankle. Faster walking/running speeds in urban area and on uneven grounds, but with a way faster degradation speed and higher chance for traumas if used in a not ideal area. Almost no water insulation, very bad for rain/storm weathers. Over exposure to water should lead to hypothermia if not properly addressed. - Hiking/Working shoes should be ideal for, of course, hiking, but not as good in urban area, less running/walking speed more noise generation. Better water insulation, than sneakers, but not ideal, over exposure to water should lead to hypothermia if not properly addressed. - Military shoes (Combat and Jungle as well) should be the best and most balanced of all - Great Heat/Water Insulation. Really well build, very slow degradation speed compared to other shoe types and balanced walking/running speeds. The Best shoes in Chernarus. If the weather and temperature systems change in the future and we can have proper temperature drops after long rain showers, storms or long sessions of sunshine and heat, then we can have more complicated clothing effects, but for now simple mechanics like these are more than enough. What do you guys think?
  6. Humanity in DayZ - Concept Video by "uncuepagamer"

    I am myself not a huge fan of forcing a certain playstyle. Killing on sight will always be a thing and it should remain this way, what should change is the pre shooting mentality of people, there should always be a pre thought before you take a shot at a player. I never shot a player just for the kill, I have hunted players for literally hours just for a single opportunity on a clean kill shot, but they have either been expressing hostility towards friendly survivors or just playing mad. Having systems like Nutrition and Addiction are needed in DayZ, I believe. I am not certain how a "Mental Health" will work itself out, but having certain animations tight to soft skills, is something I can see working. Lets talk about Nutrition: - Eating canned food should remain a valid nutritional option, but not the best. Overeating canned food or food in general should hurt your character, less energy, stamina, etc. Even sickness. - Eating cooked food (different meats, vegetables, rice, bread, etc.) in a healthy diet, should be the best way to get proper nutrients. Eating good should benefit your character, more energy and stamina, being able to carry more stuff while loosing less stamina. - Drinking water should be even more vital to a survivor in the vastness of Chernarus and combining water in a health diet should be as crucial as it is in real life. - Drinking carbonated drinks should be just a quick boost of energy, but overusing them should harm your players health, just like overeating bad food. Energy drinks should world similarly, but with a bigger effect and even more punishing if you over use them. (Trying to keep your character healthy and on a good diet will lead to hunting, agriculture, etc. and doing such activities will lead to more player interactions, because atm. people are neglecting most of the wild life. Shooting an animal can reveal your position so people avoid doing such things.) Now Addiction: - Over drinking energy drink should be addictive and doing that should lead to harmfull effects on your character, just like in real life. ( I have myself been addicted to caffeine and it isnt pleasant) - If we ever get alcohol in DayZ, it should work just like in real life, consuming small amounts of it should be ok, but overusing it should be really harmful. - Cannabis/Shrooms - smoking it should lead to euphoria, just like in the video, everything should look more vibrant, but also it might lead to paranoia, which will make your character hear things that arent happening and overly exaggerating sounds like gunfire, wild life, weather, etc. - Drugs: Morphine, Epinephrine, Painkillers, antibiotics, vitamins - Huge effect on your character positive and negative. ( some might have similar effect to cannabis and even greater and more immediate/strong effects) Addiction can have associated animations with the state, like nervousness, over alertness, even mumbling without reason. Lets keep the discussion going!
  7. Dear Survivors, In the SR on the 27th of February, our great CM BatyAlquawen, showed the community a great Humanity System Concept Video by a fellow DayZ survivor and youtuber "uncuepagamer". The video illustrates what his vision for such a system looks like and how it might work in DayZ SA. This is probably one of the best videos I've ever seen regarding DayZ mechanics and I truly believe that it deserves more attention by the community and developers. While not everybody can say that they are 100% on board with everything that "uncuepagamer" suggests in his video, I think that his idea with a bit of polishing can work out great in DayZ. I understand that such mechanics can make the game a bit more "difficult" for some people to comprehend at first, but DayZ is not a game which you can just play for 30 min like PUBG and be like "I am done for tonight". I am also aware that the devs are hesitant to add more complicated mechanics in the game so that they won't alienate the community, but if we really think about what we have seen in this video "Humanity in Dayz", we can easily understand how these new mechanics can work with the ones we already have in DayZ SA. Just like Ms. BatyAlquawen asked in the SR, What does the community think about this Humanity Concept? Please, share your thoughts.
  8. Status Report - 27 February 2018

    "uncuepagamer" defintely stole the SR with his video "Humanity in DayZ" Concept. I absolutely loved his ideas and I believe that they must be thoroughly looked at and if something like this is not already in the works, then now is defintely the time to start brain storming possible integration of similar systems. What makes DayZ fun for many survivors is not just the pvp experience, but the whole character life span of your "guy/gal". The decision you made during your journey and this Humanity system concept will definetely add another level of interesing character building which can lead to more RP scenarios. Being addicted to a supplement will probably lead people to scavange different areas than their confortable ones and it might even lead to player trading. "2 Morphines and a pack of cigaretts for a full clip of 7.62 or 5.56 nato rounds." Uncuepagamer's video made my mind work overtime with all the possibilties that can come from implementing his Humanity concept idea in DayZ. Absolutely lovely!
  9. Hello Brian and Team, - Can we expect a more agile, fluid character movement and animations sequencing, with the new system? - As you have shown in the last SR, animations for injured states are already being worked on. How far are you guys going to go with them, can we expect animations for not only broken bones(arms, legs) but also for painful parts as well? For example, if you have a sprained ankle, your character will start limping randomly? - Status messages: They are really subtle compared to other games, but the immersion still suffers. Are there any plans for making specific animations and sounds to replace the status messages completely?
  10. Weapon sway and the general heaviness of the weapons is something I'm not fond of, I get the idea behind it, but it just makes the game more frustrating then it already is. Pointing a gun should not be as hard as it is in DayZ atm. It feels like you are moving a 50 kilogram machine gun. Being out of breath, scared or panicked are good mechanics for DayZ, in my humble opinion, they can add to the frustration and fear of the Apocalypse in a more realistic and plausible way. Weapon sway is important and it must be affected, by the characters vitals. If you are injured, sick, scared, panicked your weapon sway must be affected accordingly, the same thing goes for the feel of heaviness. If you have a broken arm, broken rib, dislocated shoulder, the weapon can feel heavy and difficult to control, but when you are all healthy, the heaviness must be gone! PvP is an important aspect of the game, just as important as Survival. I love the devs vision for the game, survival must be difficult, scary and unforgiving. It should be so difficult that you will ask yourself, "Do I really have to risk it with shooting this guy?", "Is it possible that this guy has what I need to survive?". Brainless PvPing will always occur, its inevitable, but punishing the player with just the sheer difficulty of surviving in Chernarus. For a big part of the community, the PVP experience is the most important aspect of the game. The thrill of the hunt is invigorating and the adrenaline rush you get from it, in Dayz is, unprecedented. Just like Break have said, there are some really bugging elements in weapon mechanics department and because of them, the PVP experience suffer dramatically. Maybe, having more advanced weapon mechanics is something that isn't possible with the current tech and hopefully the new system that the devs are working on will help this issue. Survival is the other important aspect. In time, when the infected are working as intended, they can be a huge threat to us in Chernarus, but as of now, they are nothing more than a obstacle and a frustration. Diseases with a complex systems are needed. Treating a cold, must be important, because it can lead to a more severe disease, such a pneumonia, quinsy or bronchitis. Three different conditions with different treatments. Walking for a long time with unsuited footwear on a rocky terrain (mountains, hills, etc.) should be able to lead, sometimes, to injuries such as sprained ankles, bruised feet and if you are sick, unhealthy and injured, maybe even fractures. Infections should be able to occur when we are traveling barefoot for a long time and treating them must be of the utmost importance for the player. Food poisoning, from badly damaged food is another plausible condition. Hopefully, in time we will see more advanced systems. Hunting for food must become a very important aspect of survival, food should be scares! The animals and infected systems are true challenge for the devs, but they are of a huge importance. They must feel right and work perfectly. Bears and wolves should be a threat just as big as the infected and killing an animal should attract the predators. I've the utmost faith in the dev team and the challenges that they are facing are huge, but the passion is there! Having followed most of the team in twtter and seeing the inspirational trips they are having is nothing more than reassuring. Thank you, Devs and please keep on working as hard as you have, I honestly can't wait to see what you've been up to in every status report, trelo post or even tweets. P.S. Break pointed out most of my things, regarding weapon sway, earlier in the thread and he is right, a lot of things must be taken into account with weapon sway, but the current one is truly makes no sense.
  11. DAYZ SA HUD concept

    Clean, informative and as complex as the game needs it to be. Great design!
  12. Central Economy

    Survival of the fittest! Thank you so much, guys! 0.55 is simply a joy to play.
  13. Central Economy

    Thank you for taking the time and explaining to us how the new Loot Economy actually works. Patch 0.55 truly shows the direction of the game and the dedication of the team behind it!
  14. 3PP Camera Position: Fine tuning

    I'm on board with this, maybe we can test a few different 3PP camera angles in a future exp build. The current camera is too damn exploitable.