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  1. Great SR ! A couple of things that are not clear for me (the "when" question) : The stach : https://trello.com/c/fWZ04OtE/80-hidden-stash The infected being able to smath the doors (is it include in "expanded behaviour" in "experimental release to-do" section ?)
  2. Is it planned to adapt the speed of walking / running animation to the inclinaison of the slopes to avoid the too sudden passage from one animation to another as currently?
  3. Is the head ScreneShot a new renderer one?
  4. WIP inventory sneak peek

    iantomasik, will we always need to scroll to access to the full inventory ? Good job, Great game !
  5. About the Environment

    Do you mean you have a long term plan to make the interiors less repetitive ? Can we hope movable furnitures for barricading ?
  6. About Zombies

    If I understood the last status report (05-14) Zombies will be disable for next stable branch update. What about animals, will they still be ingame ?
  7. DAYZ SA HUD concept

    I am very very disappointed I hoped rather a system of visual and audible indicators like blood and Health is (Breaking Point does good for hunger, thirst ...). The system that is proposed here is nice but cut much of immersion. Also it's looked like DayZ other games of the same genre. And then I found it interesting to have to learn medical skills rather than follow stupidly sliders as in all other games, it was giving a true value to medics. For me it is really a very big concession to the immersion (and challenge) for greater accessibility (or trivialization) of the title.
  8. Character neutralization and captivity

    First, sorry I know it is not the right place for my question, but there is no appropriate post open (but I think it deal with design ?) and I can't wait becouse I will be absent for a long time. Long ago, I recall that it was announced that no health status would be visible in the inventory (icons hungry ...) and would be replaced by visual or sound effects (such as blurred health present). Is still relevant? (I hope Breaking Point does it well). I hope you understand me, english is not my native language.