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  1. Ughn.. Fighting my OCD... Those are mags, not clips!!!
  2. I would agree with these sentiments with the caveat that very few trucks should spawn with fuel in their tanks. It would make sense to me that most of the trucks would either have been driven until they're out of diesel or siphoned dry.
  3. Quat

    Unconscious respawn delay

    Why would you want them not to respawn?
  4. Quat

    Can we agree this is feesable?

    So, just to recap, in this thread we've gone from cutting corrugated iron with a hacksaw (the 'dangerous nightmare') to creating ampho bombs and molotovs. Ok? Ok. Just making sure I was keeping up.
  5. Quat

    Can we agree this is feesable?

    You're wrong because thatch is the only sensible material with which to construct your post apocalypse shelter. You obviously haven't been following the thread. Throw common sense out the window and get on the thatch train, man.
  6. Quat

    Can we agree this is feesable?

    Ok man, you must be right. Thatch it is.
  7. Quat

    Can we agree this is feesable?

    I speak from experience. If you concentrate on what you are doing it isn't really dangerous at all. Tedious and tiring but not really dangerous. Especially when you consider the setting. Hypothermia, disease, starvation, infected zombie-like humans, homicidal cannibal bandits.. But careful with the hacksaw and the rusty metal.
  8. Quat

    Can we agree this is feesable?

    Dude, come on. I'm not trying to run down your idea but "a dangerous nightmare" is hyperbolic to say the very least.
  9. Quat

    Can we agree this is feesable?

    Thatching is a difficult, time consuming process. Why not use corrugated iron or plastic?
  10. Quat

    Can we agree this is feesable?

    I don't think that shelter would be appropriate for Chernarus tbh. Looks like more of a tropical island type affair. Note the dried leaves/grass that has been used for the walls and roof. I think maybe a more suitable shelter might be constructed from wood/corrugated iron or similar materials. The roof on that hut would collect water! I'd like to see tarpaulin sheets available to use with rope/sticks/rocks to easily make small 1-2 man shelters. Something like this http://www.survivalworld.com/shelters/tarps.html#.Vc5Sj5K9KK0
  11. Quat

    so much for the struggle

    I wasn't really referring to anyone specifically but cheers for the rant. I also I didn't say that cheating or exploiting are valid play styles. I thought that would be a given.
  12. Quat

    so much for the struggle

    Private servers really are the solution for all the server hopper complaints. Is there a reason why all you folks don't play in them? All play styles are legitimate. Server hopping might be cheap but it's still legitimate and private servers are readily available to offer a server hopping/ghosting safe haven. Complaining because someone shot you is a tad redundant. This is the apocalypse. Nice people are very few and far between and it's futile to try to impose some form of moral code on other players. If you want to avoid the nastier element of this game, stay in the boonies and don't covet military gear. It's pretty much that simple.
  13. Quat

    so much for the struggle

    It's weird because it's almost like you were doing the exact same thing that you seem to be complaining about.
  14. Quat

    A discussion on player mobility

    Quick question - I notice a lot of people making statements like this one. Where are you getting this information? Was there a dev post outlining a planned reduction in spawned foods?