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  1. Stable Update 0.61.138957

    The game looks and sounds great. And seemed less desyncy. Loot was scarce but not hopeless. I got dying of starvation and hypothermic but could overcome both with loot I found. Problems though: There are no chickens anymore? This makes it hard to find food as a newspawn. Its also quite annoying to hear birds, squirrels and rabbits chirping away but there are no animals? Memory crash is still in. People are still shit? I got shot twice by the same person, who was running around Kamyshovo killing newspawns. Then by another guy who shot me while I was picking apples. I mean, who is really this shitty? Met one nice guy running around with a barrel though so 1-3. No spawns to the west is not so good as the repetition of running the same roads between deaths is quite boring. I thought the devs would have understood this by now? Its not doing any good either. Just a longer stretch for plebs to run. Otherwise, keep up the good work.
  2. CLE still a mess

    Its still quite random. I've spawned in Berezino and found a gun or two almost right away and also gone to the gun houses outside of elektro and come up with nothing. Its not a problem at all as this game doesnt have mandatory shooting when youre a newspawn. Loot up first, kill bambis later.
  3. How was your Day(Z)?

    I had a few things happen the other day. I found my very first SVD after 2100 hours of gaemplay :) I also found a magazine for it with 4 bullets. I almost got to use it too but the guy who attacked me ran away. Y-day I went to NWA and saw a bus on the hill so i went to it. As I'm checking its content I hear rustling behind me and a guy in a red beret pops out and starts shotting. I shoot him twice with my shotgun and am pretty sure I got him. Unfortunately he got me too. Later I get to Stary tents and I notice a guy already there looting. He attracts a lot of zeds and start shooting them. After a bit he has a veritable horde behind him so i decide to help him. I shoot a few with my shotty and lure them to a house and trap them there. I don't see the guy again.
  4. Stable Update 0.61.137871

    This version doesnt work at all for me. So many crashes. And not just memory thingy but random lockups and stuff that I've never had before.
  5. Suddenly started to have low fps?

    My fps differs from day to day and depending on what server I am on. Its weird as hell. I can be on one full server and get 65 fps, then it restarts and I go to another full server and have 120 fps in the exakt same spot.
  6. Lets post some screen shots (Standalone)

    Why are texture son items so shitty? It didnt use to be like this, just look at the screenshot fo the the lootsplosion up above. Things look way better. Its not my settings, I have tried everything. But for some reason items in your inventory have no high resolution textures. Strangely if i put the item on the ground it seems to have this.
  7. Stable Branch 0.61.137517

    I played for several hours tonight with no crashes so that was great, balance of food and items was good, my chracter got wet, cold, hungry and sick but it was containable. Though, blackface is still a thing, so is superfast crawling zeds, lightning with no clouds in the sky, zeds glitching through doors, the radio tower at Altar is still unclimbable after lvl 2 and the thing where a weapon doesnt go into the slot it came from but into the main weapon slot, causing your fully kitted m4 to drop on the ground, never to be found :( And a wolf ate my hat.
  8. Lets post some screen shots (Standalone)

    I think this HAARP array is new:
  9. Where is SMERSH spawning?

    Ive found two vests but no backpacks.
  10. Lets post some screen shots (Standalone)

    Woot! I hit the motherload!
  11. Reserve inventory space for item in hands.

    Thousands of guns go missing in chernarus every year. This is the reason for it. It would be much easier if your character had a slot for melee, a slot for rifle, a slot for handgun etc. That way they wouldnt get lost so easily but it would make it more like any other game out there, which is bad.
  12. Trees at distance looks TERRIBLE!

    I believe you need edge smoothing on high to get proper trees. But a lot of things look like crap at a distance. When you look through binos or scopes its like no surfaces renders, everything is just big blocks.
  13. Pink fog and shadows ingame

    Same thing here. Sometimes the pink is blue.
  14. from fun to pretty much unplayable

    It would be interesting to hear how you play the game since what you are describing is not exactly what I'm experiencing. Example: Y-day I spawned outside of Solnichy. I picked up a stone knife and stick and ran south. By the time I got to Kamy I had found some food and my first gun, a chambered p1. In elektro there was shooting so i kept to the outskirts but found burlap so i made a backpack. I also found a shotgun there and later a chambered scoped sporter. I continued on south finding some better clothes and outside Cherno a waterproof backpack. I went into cherno and found a 1911 with mag and some bullets, an sks and more food. I fell in the water and had to make a fireto get dry. I continued towards balota and found a tent in the woods next to the airstrip and picked up a blaze and some ammo for it and swapped out the 1911 for a cr with mag and silencer. At Balota someone moved outside the hangars while I was there but never attacked me. I found a corpse in a house outside but no good loot. Continued on to pavlovo mil base where I found some military clothes and boots and a few bullets for the SKS. Unfortunately I got cornered by some zeds and had to run to the roof. Now I'm down to 4 blaze rounds and a stick :/ Ready to go again tonight.
  15. Stable Branch 0.61.136821

    Does anyone else have issues with patches of blue ground near certain areas? Particularly the new tent camps dotted around the map. It seems to only affect certain types of grassy spots.