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  1. 0.63 Experimental Release

    I stumbled across a very nasty bug. I was stuck and blocking wasn't working... see for yourself:
  2. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    So... now that i have played the offline mode a bit (and the stress test) i wanna give some feedback. I really like the new movement. It feels just great. But please don't make it any faster. What i always liked about DayZ is that slow paced (realistic) gameplay. Don't turn it into PUBG (i'm just a bit worried about that). I also like the new controls. Especially that you have to hold rmb to raise your weapon and press mmb to ads. It's a bit weird at first but i got used to it pretty quick and it makes sense imo. Also the reload mechanics. What i DON'T like is the stamina bar. Stamina is a good thing but i don't like a bar at all. I would like to see that you constantly slowing down the less stamina you have. Not that abrupt slowing down as soon as your bar is empty. It's unrealistic and annoying. A little more stamina would be nice either. That's it so far. In beta we trust! ;) Cheers
  3. In Europe, Labor Day is celebrated on May 1 (May Day). ;)
  4. Players actually CAN steal tents. A friend of mine pitched his tent and i packed it (while he was in there). ^_^
  5. Oh yeah, i have nothing to do but wait for freshies to kill them. I don't even have a gun. I just wanted to do something nice, that's all. Having said that, i can not guarantee that no one else is camping the spot now.
  6. Since so many ppl have problems finding food, i came up with this: It's in Cernaya Polana on DE 0-8 :D P.S. Harvey Miller is my ingame name. I like naming myself after movie characters. :rolleyes:
  7. My tents are still there. Items inside aswell. DE 0-7