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  1. Had some good activity on our server lately, come join us! www.thefirstcav.com/enlist Discord - https://discord.gg/qFwBcZT
  2. Bump, our server is popping! 10th in the world www.thefirstcav.com/enlist to join Discord - https://discord.gg/G9n55QM
  3. Enjoying our server move up to 13th in the world, now on .63 experimental! Always looking for friendly people to join us www.thefirstcav.com/enlist Discord - https://discord.gg/sgGyEPV
  4. PC Community: We've moved our server to 0.63 experimental! Come join our server, filter "CQF" in community to find us! We are a large gaming community, with a strong DayZ side. www.thefirstcav.com/enlist (to join) Discord - https://discord.gg/gt5fU9A
  5. Excellent activity on our DayZ Server lately, we have been helping a large amount of people survive, whilst also ridding the world of the bandits who kill new spawns! Join our DayZ Server, filter "CQF" in the community tab. Join us & make a difference - www.thefirstcav.com/enlist Hop on our teamspeak (ask an admin for permissions) - ts.thefirstcav.com
  6. Still looking for people who want to join, come hang with us on our server!
  7. Plenty of events going, we have been squadding up and helping people along the eastern coast! We have our own DayZ server and Teamspeak. Accepting all friendly players with any experience! 17+ www.thefirstcav.com ts.thefirstcav.com (teamspeak) Or add me for more information!
  8. Still looking for like minded people to join us! www.thefirstcav.com/enlist (to join) ts.thefirstcav.com (teamspeak) - ask an admin for permissions
  9. Cant seem to join this server?

    Near Krasnostav!
  10. Having a blast on our server, some dupers decided to start killing people at Berezino so we took care of them! Duped gear into the sea :D www.thefirstcav.com/enlist (to join) ts.thefirstcav.com (teamspeak) - ask an admin for permissions
  11. Cant seem to join this server?

    Just an update, after a month I was able to rejoin the server & I got all my gear back!
  12. Cant seem to join this server?

    Sad times! Typical the one server I decide to pick!
  13. Apologies guys, I was on vacation. To join follow this www.thefirstcav.com/enlist Join our teamspeak ts.thefirstcav.com (poke an admin for permissions)
  14. Cant seem to join this server?

    Nah doesnt say I need to white list nor that I am being kicked
  15. Cant seem to join this server?

    Ive just verified my files and still no luck. No idea who to contact, but not sure if it lets other people join it or not!