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  1. General Discussion

    What the fuck? Are you serious or is this a joke? Moving and shooting at the same time was always possible in DayZ, and a crosshair is really not needed in DayZ.
  2. General Discussion

    This really sucks. Toggle raise weapon is goddamn important
  3. General Discussion

    Finally got to play for a few minutes. Gunplay is completely fucked. I love the manual cycling and shit but the recoil is basically non-existent, the crosshair is retarded and should be removed from DayZ in general (is it a placeholder?) and the reloading doesn't work properly. Seems like 0.63 is still far from being anything close to finished and honestly I'm starting to doubt this game. Feels like one step forward (movement, engine) and 3 steps backward (stability, performance, gunplay, recoil, etc.) Also experienced a crash while in the inventory.
  4. General Discussion

    I can´t download 0.63. Neither on Stable nor Experimental. Nothing updates
  5. oops nevermind, Lol! sorry

  6. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    Damn, this looks awesome!!!!!! new muzzle flash / smoke from the guns looks fucking AWESOME. I can't wait for the new weapon mechanics (jams, etc.)
  7. Introduce yourselves

    Welcome back, bro!
  8. Introduce yourselves

    Will u marry me, Alexa?
  9. Also, I want to ask the devs something that has been on my mind for some time: Can we get randomized wells? Some wells should be dried out or maybe filled with contaminated water which can give you cholera. It really sucks right now that you can just look at the map and run to the nearest well and you're never gonna be in danger of thirst. I know it's kind of a big task to make the wells dynamic basically, but it would really really benefit the game. Water would be a much more important resource.
  10. I really really hope that the weight you are carrying will have a big effect on your movement speed and stamina.
  11. I agree with all your points. I believe recoil is getting a re-work though. I don't believe that the current state of recoil in the stream is the finalized state.
  12. I'd rather see base-building implemented in a way which utilizes existing structures. Being able to reinforce houses or apartements in the big buildings and make them your home. Epoch-style basebuilding destroys immersion. I don't wanna run around in the wilderness and find ridiculous structures all over Chernarus. It just seems out of place. Why would anybody sleep in some makeshift-shacks when there are structures all over Chernarus which you could make easily inhabitable, plus it's probably easier to implement than free base-building.
  13. This definitely needs to be adressed. I would go as far as saying dynamic lightning needs to be removed from player chars if we can't fix this issue.
  14. Okay, didn't hear that about the HUD, that's good news. And yeah, I'm aware there's multiple ways of changing gamma, but removing the option from the in-game options makes it at least more annoying to constantly switch gamma. Also I'd like to ask about the draw distance: Why is it so incredibly low? There's so much fog, DayZ didn't always look like this. I guess it's a performance choice, but I never had performance problems with the higher draw distance in 0.60 for example By the way, I don't want to sound negative. I appreciate all the work done on the game, I was just bothered by the HUD and draw distance.
  15. Also, one of the most requested things in the live-chat was fixing gamma exploits in the night. Many people are asking you guys to remove all gamma settings from DayZ.