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  1. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    You completely lost track of what the core-community wants. Great, we got fucking half-assed base-building that nobody needs but core features aren't working. At least you're giving us modding support, so that more competent hobby-developers can take care of this mess. 0.50 played better than 0.63 does, I'm dead fucking serious.
  2. Status Report 3 July 2018

  3. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    Also I have to say that I don't like the new death animation. It looks very static and 2005-ish. I'd rather have the ragdolls back. But that's just a small criticism. Overall I'm enjoying the new version, except for that I feel I have less control about my weapon and the state of my weapon, which surely isn't intended to feel that way. It feels like we are forced to NOT use iron-sights in close combat because it would take extra time to enter the iron sights and hipfire with the crosshair is almost exactly as accurate as aiming with iron sights - I really really hope this will change and the crosshair will be removed from the game. Also also, drawing the gun currently still works instantly, same with raising the gun and shooting, you can instantly raise a gun and shoot and be perfectly accurate without entering iron sights.
  4. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    Yes, but it does not work while running or jogging! You can't open the inventory anymore while running, so there is NO way to remove a magazine while running which is absolutely stupid and unrealistic. Please, devs, I need to know if this is intended or something that will be fixed, because removing magazines while jogging or running is DEFINITELY possible in real-life! Switching magazines works fine with the usual hold quickslot, but just removing a magazine doesn't work.
  5. General Discussion

    It's currently impossible to exchange magazines while running, or even remove magazines from your gun while running. Very very bad and unrealistic. I also dislike the keybinds and the need to hold buttons to reload. Also why can we put things from the backpack into the quickslots? Seems stupid and also unrealistic. We should only be able to put things from the vest into quickslots.
  6. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    Asking again because I still haven't found a solution - Can we not remove magazines (at least remove and drop them, or put them in the vest - not necessarely put them in the backpack) while running or jogging? This is highly unrealistic. Keybinds also seem really stupid, imo. The need to have magazines in the quickslot really bothers me, it should be enough to have them in the vest and press a button to exchange mags. Also why are we able to put a magazine from the backpack into the quickslot? It's not realistic. Magazines should only be insta-exchangeable if you have them in your vest, not in your backpack. I love the way reloading bullets into the magazines works right now, but I absolutely hate that we have to put mags in the quickslots.
  7. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    How can I remove the magazine of my weapon while running? Is it not possible? If so, why? Makes no sense.
  8. General Discussion

    I just tried the Singleplayer build and I'm wondering, why the hell does the character grip the UMP in such weird way? He's like spreading his thumb away from the gun, nobody grips a UMP like that with his fronthand, lol. Looks very weird. Also the hand is kinda floating during the recoil-effect.
  9. General Discussion

    What the fuck? Are you serious or is this a joke? Moving and shooting at the same time was always possible in DayZ, and a crosshair is really not needed in DayZ.
  10. General Discussion

    This really sucks. Toggle raise weapon is goddamn important
  11. General Discussion

    Finally got to play for a few minutes. Gunplay is completely fucked. I love the manual cycling and shit but the recoil is basically non-existent, the crosshair is retarded and should be removed from DayZ in general (is it a placeholder?) and the reloading doesn't work properly. Seems like 0.63 is still far from being anything close to finished and honestly I'm starting to doubt this game. Feels like one step forward (movement, engine) and 3 steps backward (stability, performance, gunplay, recoil, etc.) Also experienced a crash while in the inventory.
  12. General Discussion

    I can´t download 0.63. Neither on Stable nor Experimental. Nothing updates
  13. oops nevermind, Lol! sorry

  14. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    Damn, this looks awesome!!!!!! new muzzle flash / smoke from the guns looks fucking AWESOME. I can't wait for the new weapon mechanics (jams, etc.)
  15. Introduce yourselves

    Welcome back, bro!