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  1. Mouse sensitivity

    The one in the menu (raw DPI) is fine but the one in game (aiming, looking ,etc.) is too high but the sensitivity slider is at the lowest
  2. Mouse sensitivity

    I want my mouse sensitivity to be lower in-game without changing my DPI. I like the sensitivity of the mouse in the menu but not when playing at the lowest sensitivity setting. Is it possible ?
  3. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    By default there is no "hold breath" key ?? Also in 0.61 i could set "zoom in" to "hold secondary mouse button" but in 0.62 it seems to be impossible to "hold" a key in key binding ... Anyone got the same thing ?
  4. Stable - 0.51 Discussion

    Find a jerrycan, fill it up at a gas station and refuel the truck. You have a gas meter in the truck (1st person), the one on the right.
  5. Same here , I crashed twice so far (played for only 10min)
  6. Lol, killed a guy for this http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=312080151 Hit a guy with it and he told me his vision was blurry :D
  7. Same , i keep eating beans (3 cans in a row) and im still hungry ...
  8. Stable - 0.48 Discussion

    Possible, but it would be stupid to have tents with only 3 days lifetime.
  9. Stable - 0.48 Discussion

    Yes they are , you just need to be on "persistance enabeld" server. My tents survived multiple restart.
  10. Stable - 0.48 Discussion

    OMG , this stupid game sometimes I had two tents , full of loot. they are both gone , in 20 min. Pretty sure they just disapear. It would take 6 guys to empty it that fast. (2 tents 6 backpack and 5 guns on the ground). It was set up 3 dayz ago. FML !!!
  11. I left 3 guns somewhere with a backpack full , after restart the guns and bags are there but empty (no parts on gun , nothing in bag)
  12. Ok it says in description "its magazine-fed" so i'm missing the mag. Can't chamber it
  13. I found the CR 527 but the ammo wont go in (7.62x39)
  14. http://www.dayztv.com/pic/dayz-0-47-ak-101-mag/ Can anyone confirm ?
  15. Some UK exp. servers are up but I still cant download it. Should hit soon :)