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  1. Hello everyone, Been searching in the forum and couldn't find any entry talking about the mouse wheel. I may have post the idea a long ago (we most likely talking about years ago) but with all the change in the forum, seems I can't find my message neither. Now we gonna have the new player controller so it seems to me the perfect time to post that suggestion again. Anyway... So, right now the mouse wheel is used alone to open the action menu and select your action. My suggestion is quite simple.It would be nice and convenient to be able to configure the mouse wheel in combination with the keyboard when doing your controls. For example : Left Ctrl + Mouse wheel = Change your stance from "standing", to "crouch" and then "prone". If we could have the different Arma3 stances as it has already been suggested, it would be even better. Left Shift + Mouse wheel = Change your character speed from "walking slowly", to "walking", to "jogging", to "running" and finally to "sprinting". That's just an idea. It may be clunky in reality, especially if combine with the stance change explained just above. Left shift + Mouse wheel when inside a vehicle = changing the gear. Now a last one. Caps Lock + Mouse wheel = Raise or low your voice intensity from whisper to loud shout. This are some ideas I got, maybe the mouse wheel + keyboard could be use for other things too. Hope, dev will read this and consider the idea with what they are working on now. Have a good day and see you in the wild, folks!
  2. WIP inventory sneak peek

    Hi iantomasik. Why not completely remove the vicinity window ? Give an easier control for taking object from the floor in your hand, then move them, then drop them and remove the vicinity window. I remembered Rocket talking about the fun in searching a house, looking under the bed and on tops of shelves. Make this real without an artificial vicinity window. What you can get is what you can really see (it is especially true at night). Strong change in the design, but alpha is the perfect time for this.
  3. Critical hits and fumbles

    Yeah, sorry for not being as good as you in english... I didn't use the right words in my search... :D Second things, I don't see anything there talking about dropping your gun when you get hit in the arm...
  4. Critical hits and fumbles

    Got a suggestion here. Sorry in advance if it been proposed yet, I made some research but can't find anything. So, I was thinking it would be pretty cool if critical hits could be implemented. I've heard about important organs may be add to the character chest's hit box and hitting them could cause critical hits. Head shot as well are critical hit and kill you right away but my suggestion is about critical hits when you are not shot at a vital part of your body like arms and legs. For the leg, we already got the chance to have a fracture. It is perfect and the only thing missing is an animation of the character falling down (and not the default animation of going crawl) but I perfectly understand it is not needed right away. It will be needed. For hits in the arms, it would be very cool that you have a chance to drop your weapon (maybe, the closer the hit from the hand, the bigger the chance to drop your weapon). It should be with any kind of hit (melee or range) incoming from players or zombies. It would be both interesting in terms of game-play (zombies could be more dangerous, especially in groups, making you drop your fire axe) and tactics (if you have the chance, you can decide to disarm your opponent instead of killing him). In my opinion, this feature is a must have. What do you think.
  5. About the Environment

    Coming here with a suggestion inspired by the thread of Viktor about how we want the zombies to be like. As long as Viktor's thread is about animation, I'd rather send my suggestion here (sorry in advance if it was suggested before... can't spend my life on the forum). Is it possible to have doors (which are some interactive element in the game) and maybe windows to have some kind of condition status (pristine, worn, damaged, heavy damaged and ruined) making them easier or harder to destroy ? And then the other thing that has been suggested already : In the future, will zombies gonna be able to break inside houses by destroying doors and windows ? Thanks for answer. Keep the good job flowing.
  6. What I love in the "Life is feudal" inventory idea beside the weight system, is the way the item are stacking one on top of each others. It really make sense, especially for a bag pack... The way some items are on top and some items are in the bottom makes sense and feels like in real life. In order to get your gear packed at the bottom of your bag, you must first remove and drag the items that are on top of it.
  7. Life is feudal have a interesting backpack system in my opinion. Here's a screenshot : http://www.google.co.th/imgres?imgurl=http://cdn-g.tecnogcdn.com/images/articulos/2013/10/life-is-feudal-03.jpg&imgrefurl=http://lifeisfeudal.com/forum/realistic-weight-carrying-capacity-solves-many-issues-t782/&h=768&w=1024&tbnid=MqUcvQWW-wfRiM:&zoom=1&docid=R6B43LqBjmYKmM&ei=6Ma_VMWAEcLM8gXgqYHICw&tbm=isch Everything is base on weight of item (I think both weight and dimension at the same time is a better system by the way), but their is no grid and items can pile up one on top of each others. If an object is at the bottom of your backpack, it will take you time to move other items and find the one you need. Something that many people have asked for (animation needing time to check your backpack instead of a instant access to all your inventory) and that is quite realistic and make sense. This system could be extend to any containers (pockets on trousers and jackets, vehicles, etc.).
  8. About the Environment

    Your post made me think of another suggestion I had a long time ago when people was complaining about the increasing number of cities. I personnaly think that the new cities of the north are looking awesome and must be keeped. On the other hand, Dev's were talking about some new design and rework of the southern cities too. One easy thing possible in my opinion to both rework southern cities and reduce the global number of cities in the game at once, is : replacing some south small cities by ruined cities. Not only deserted like any cities, but really in ruin (like Kurmina). Maybe some small cities (like Pavlovo, Myshkino, Pulkovo, Pogorevka, Rogovo, etc...) could be replace by ruined building without loot and a lot wild vegetation. A good place to visit, or build a base.
  9. About the Environment

    Another good stuff looking like it's chilly out there is fog. I don't know if it is easy to create fog in the engine, but fog in the morning is not something that really happen in summer when the weather is warm... I know many people suggest fog before, but we didn't have a statement about it from the dev's (or if there was one, I missed it).
  10. Simple Yet Amazing Ideas - DayZ StandAlone

    I quite like your ideas. About the ghosting idea... What about : if you disconnect and you haven't been carrying any weapons in your hands since 5 minutes then you won't make any sound. By the way, the sound doesn't need to be very loud. If you disconnect in the middle of a forest you won't care about it...
  11. Trading Backpack's in a Flash

    To answer the op : No. It needs to take time (whatever by swap or a timer), because Dayz is not about simplicity and convenience. It is about paranoia and choices. If you want to change your worn backpack for a pristine one and you decide to do that in an airstrip, you take your choice, and you take your risk. That's all.
  12. Give Us the Option to "Give" Players Items

    It is a must do, and the sooner the better. I don't know if it is that hard and long to implement. Btw, I think instead of giving from backpack to backpack, the player should take the object he want to give in hand. Then if there is a player near enough the message pop up in the action menu.
  13. Sean Connery Voice actor looking for serious RP Group.

    By the way, be careful with your character... Once he died you must do another one (there's a tolerance during the alpha if you die because of a glitch).
  14. Sean Connery Voice actor looking for serious RP Group.

    Not sure to understand what you want to do, but this is a serious RP community I'm making part of. http://www.falcondayzrp.com