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  1. Mancomb

    Favourite place on the whole map...

    Seems peaceful.
  2. Mancomb

    Windows 10 Upgrade?

    First off, props on still rocking a G5 (I had mine for a long time, then I finally needed to replace it, so I got a G500, which is basically the same); second, I basically did the same as you, which was to reserve my copy, but decide to wait for a bit after launch. I'm perfectly happy with my Win7Pro install right now. To be honest, I would much rather try it out on my Win8 laptop first, since that is essentially my secondary PC, and I'm not really a fan of some of the changes they made for 8 (e.g. the Start Screen). Unfortunately, I have yet to see an upgrade notice pop up on there.
  3. Mancomb

    DECEIVED & AVENGED - Beating Him At His Own Game

    Aww, it ended right before the best part.
  4. Mancomb

    Basic Basebuilding system

    That is a good point; to be honest, in my opinion at least, the best way to achieve realism AND security is to allow barricading using existing furniture and other items, e.g. pushing a dresser & bed up against a door, or re-positioning an armoire against a window.
  5. Mancomb

    Basic Basebuilding system

    H1Z1 currently allows you to lock ANY door that YOU have created and/or placed with a 4-digit numerical lock code, simply by holding down the same button used to open it, clicking a button, and entering the code. Once you enter the lock code, only you or someone else who knows the code can open the door normally, and the code only needs to be entered once by anyone other than the person who placed it (whoever places it automatically knows the code), unless the code is changed. Granted, all of the doors are the same size, though they don't all fit in every doorway. I don't see why DayZ can't have something like this.
  6. Mancomb

    Robbery Confusion!

    Quite entertaining. :D
  7. Mancomb

    My luck :D

    Someone obviously dropped that stuff; I'm curious as to why. It's possible someone was carrying it and died, but I would think if a player had killed them, they would have taken at least the Mosin. I honestly thought it was a trap when I first saw the stuff, and was expecting someone to run through the door and pop you while you were inspecting everything. :D
  8. Mancomb

    0.56 adventures so far!

    Well, I don't see any potatoes, but I'm sure they're just fine, as long as they aren't rotten (did they add rotten food back into the game yet?).
  9. Mancomb

    What Have I Done?

    Sometimes, when you make a mistake and realize it, it almost seems like it would only make it worse to cop to it. I totally understand. This being said, I still think you should have said something once you realized what you did. Shame on you. :P :)
  10. Mancomb

    The DayZ world is like a Ride......

    But then we wouldn't have been privy to a wonderful 40-second clip of one of the most amazing comedians who ever lived telling it like it is. <---- This guy. :D
  11. Mancomb

    Battle Royale?

    Probably because they've been playing H1Z1 in the meantime (like me) and have been enjoying the BR mode in it, and can't wait to see something similar in DayZ. I would imagine they would at least consider it, though I hope they don't also consider having airdrops as well (a rather stupid idea IMO).
  12. Mancomb

    Whats wrong with my game?!?!?

    Did you try going into your Visual/Video settings and then back out? I know when I had visual & graphics issues before, that seemed to help; you don't actually change anything, just go into the options menu and go to the video or graphics tab, then just ESC back out. Not sure if it will fix that problem, but it's worth a shot. Beyond that, I would say GOOGLE it and see what turns up while you wait for more replies.
  13. Mancomb

    Hordes of Infected...Finally!

    I watched that video in the other thread you made for it, and it seems like the zombies are really hitchy when they run; have they been messing with the movement speed of them as well? I admit I haven't played since right after 0.55 hit stable, and even then it wasn't much.
  14. Mancomb


    Is this available to anyone who already owns Goat Sim? Or is it a separate standalone? EDIT: Nevermind, checked the STEAM Store page and saw that it's DLC for Goat Sim. YAY! :D Also, I love this from the News page for Goat Sim: Here's the add-on's parodic feature list: Mandatory crafting system because everyone else is doing itZombies that bug out. There s a pun here about actual living bugs, but we re not going to botherYou can craft anything in the world, as long as it s one of the half dozen weapons in the gameZombies, because this is a zombie game, remember?A pretty big new map with some stuff in itCompletely realistic survival mode where you have to eat every damn five minutes to survive because Dean Hall & Garry Newman said soGoat Simulator: GoatZ will cost $5.
  15. Probably looking to see if anyone else had run into this issue and figured it out already, so he wouldn't HAVE to contact BE. I do that all the time. That being said, I think you're correct in that he probably WILL have to contact them.