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  1. What is your honest opinion on the future of DayZ

    ~2 million copies were sold in the first 6 months since EA release. ~1 million copies were sold in the following 6 months. ~250,000 copies in the following12 months. It seems that most people who are interested in the game have bought it already. There may be a few stragglers who were waiting for beta or final release, but that's not going to be millions of additional sales. Based on the swing towards negative reviews on steam it may not even be in the hundreds of thousands unless they heavily discount the game post release. Are they still claiming they're going to raise prices as we get closer to release? Based on those numbers I don't think it would much sense for BI to throw any more money than they absolutely have to at this. All they need to do for the foreseeable future is keep on a skeleton crew pushing small updates here and there, which fits in with the trend of updates over the past year or so.
  2. My Game is stuck in 480x640

    I had the same happen. Configure > Video > Rendering Resolution - Set to 100% Configure > Video > User Interface > Resolution - Change to desired resolution then restart the game.
  3. My Quick Opinion on Future Development of DayZ

    It depends on the severity of the bugs. Silencers for weapons not working, for example, doesn't make the game unplayable. They're sailing close to the wind with the current regular CTD's and characters being reset though.
  4. My Quick Opinion on Future Development of DayZ

    Playable to me means the game is in a state where can be enjoyed. A tech demo, or other pre-alpha release isn't bound by these terms.
  5. My Quick Opinion on Future Development of DayZ

    It's not possible with an early access game, as it requires the game to be in a playable state.
  6. Has anyone noticed mouse movement speed has been tweaked again? I had to increase the sensitivity slider a little to get it back to where it used to be. There's what looks to be a scrap yard with a bunch of fuel pumps to the south west of Novo. I had a lot of rubber banding and lag (doors not opening, inventory unresponsive) last night on the one Aus hardcore exp server. There were never more than 10 people on, so it shouldn't have been under heavy load.
  7. Need to talk to a DEV. Or someone like that.

    No guarantees he'll answer, but I think your best chance is probably asking Brian Hicks on twitter: https://twitter.com/Hicks_206
  8. is this game dead already?

    Indeed. There's a lot going on behind the scenes currently and it's a mammoth effort to rewrite most of the engine in place while trying to keep the game in a playable state.
  9. The regular crashes to desktop + character resets have stopped me from playing for now.
  10. Dayz on Sale

    Player numbers are steadily declining, this might give them a bit of a bump. Those who received global bans in the recent wave will benefit from this also.
  11. FYI Dean is project leader, not the CEO.
  12. I'm sure that in the next few weeks we'll see a wave of players getting global banned by BE. In the meantime, stay away from NEAF and Berezino or take a break for a while.
  13. Game Breaking Bugs

    It's here: http://dayzdev.tumblr.com/post/79960438354/weekly-report-a-step-into-survival I'm guessing the reason for this is that despite the alpha status, the Steam early access FAQ states you're getting early access to a playable game.
  14. If it bleeds....

  15. This might seem like a strange concept to some, but rather than complaining about bugs that crop up from one build to the next, has anyone thought about how it might just be forcing you to adapt and improvise to survive, which in turn makes you a better player? There are two in 0.44 that immediately spring to mind; Bullet impacts and blood not rending at distance and the changes to the melee system which made body shots to zombies do (almost?) no damage. I've been playing the sniper role for a while now and prior to this patch it was easy to zero by using feedback from bullet impacts. Without that feedback I've had to really think about distance and with practice I've now become much better at estimating how far away a target is before I take my first shot. The wood splitter was my melee weapon of choice (didn't stand out as much as a fire axe and could fit inside a courier bag) up to and including 0.43 and was always high on my list of things to grab while gearing up. Having to aim for the head of zombies was somewhat tricky with an axe, so I started trying machetes, bayonets, combat knives and so on as they allowed for more precise strikes. Again, with practice, it became a lot easier to deal with zombies with the smaller weapons. In experimental I've gone back to using a wood splitter as zombies are back to being one or two shots anywhere on the body again and an axe is needed for cutting down trees for firewood etc. Not needing to adapt to change is one thing I'll miss when the game is finished.