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  1. xCAPx

    Realistic Animal Behaviour planned?

    Yes absolutely , it's planned. In one of the last status reports they talked about the tracking a bit, in another SR they talked about the life and day cycle oft animals. If you want to know where they want to go, play The Hunter (f2p) on steam. Behoemia bought the devs of The Hunter, so that should be a good sign :)
  2. xCAPx

    Stable Branch - 0.59 Discussion

    I think you can ignore it. I get the same message with the new ui, but never had problems with my char. I believe you even get the message with the old ui, but it's not visible for the players, it's hidden. But that's pure speculation.
  3. xCAPx

    Super map

    Yeah, the dream of such a massive map in DayZ would be nice. But with today's engines and hardware it's not possible to build a map like this with acceptable frame rates. Maybe in ten years we can think about it but not today;-)
  4. xCAPx

    Arma 2 Tents

    If I remember correct, Hicks said months ago, that they will be removed one time. And they won't come back as usable tents. It's a bit sad, because they are tiny and looking nice but maybe we will get some other, similar tents in the future. We have the medium tent and the devs (I would say) will add a smaller one for sure, but Idk:-)
  5. xCAPx

    MY PC and DAYZ.

    Yes, as Boneboys said, I bet you will need a new PSU too. I doubt it has enough power for a dedicated graphics card. The PSU is the most important thing of a PC, so please don't try to run the new card with your old PSU. Check it first, post it here and we'll see what's the next step :-)
  6. xCAPx

    Star Citizen

    I can't compare it to ED, I haven't played it. Your ship(s) can be destroyer, then you get a new one if you have an insurance, if not your ship is lost. But you can buy a new one with the ingame money which you will earn for missions, mining or pirating/stealing. I think some packages have a life time insurance, but I'm not sure if you can still buy it. I believe 43€ is a nice price - same as DayZ - you support the devs and get the full game later. Your choice.
  7. xCAPx

    Stable Branch - 0.59 Discussion

    I had the same issue many times when the patch went stable. Do you still use exp in the DayZ steam settings? I changed it from exp to stable and never spawned naked again. Also, my toon is now like I selected it in the main menu. Maybe that helps?!
  8. xCAPx

    [Clarification] DayZ Server Monetization

    I don't think there are items which not affecting the gameplay. Every item affects the gameplay, especially in DayZ. Yes some more, some less but over all I don't like it. I hope there will always be some vanilla public and private servers (1pp and 3pp) hosted by BI, otherwise the vanilla game will die...
  9. xCAPx

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out Of The Shadows

    They are super ugly :lol: I can't understand how someone can say that looks cool... Haven't seen the first movie,too...
  10. This is awesome, the other parts too, but THIS IS AWESOME! :D I'm excited for the future of the next few months. Looks so nice - can't wait. The teaser looks so great! Thx devs, have nice holidays :)
  11. xCAPx

    Exp Update: 0.59 (+hotfix).

    updating...1.0GB! What's new with this version? Someone know that? edit: update again 1.1GB :D
  12. xCAPx

    This suggestion will stop most Server hopers

    Yeah, but if I'm correct, then you can use server restarts to see when the crash sites changed. Because a server restarts every 12 hours, heli changes after 3 hours, so with every restart there is a new crash site. Or am I missing something?!But I be with the OP, no server time, no players (and no player list in game), but as others said private servers only would be the best solution.
  13. xCAPx

    Exp Update: 0.59 (+hotfix).

    servers are back online :) , but no update :( me and a friend got an error: BattlEye: Unknown Game Version
  14. xCAPx

    Welding / Welder

    I really like the idea of welders. Another possibility would be rivets and riveting pliers. This would be a little bit easier to implement and would need a simpler mechanic. Just a box of rivets like we have with nails now, and the tool. Ofc it would be less solid as welding when putting parts together, but still good enough for repair/maintain vehicles parts or base structures.
  15. xCAPx

    Exp Update: 0.59 (+hotfix).

    Really nice shot, but where is the spoiler Mr. Boneboys :-P