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  1. DayZ

    Make sure your filters are set correctly in the server browser.
  2. We are shutting down Experimental servers

    Where did you manage to get the pw?
  3. We are shutting down Experimental servers

    There is 0.63 "THE TEST CHERNO" server running but it's passworded. Guess it's only for the devs for now.
  4. Just Smile Gaming: Recruiting

    Just Smile Gaming is a multigaming community. Don't be afraid and check out our website http://justsmilegaming.co.uk/ We are in the process of recruiting new 18+ members to create chaos and mayhem while also having fun in the process. Fill in you application, take up your arms and join the fight! http://justsmilegaming.co.uk/application Join us on TeamSpeak london4.teamspeak.net:22999 Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JustSmileGaming
  5. Stable Branch: 0.45 Discussion

    I have searched NWAF 4 times now and have not found a single AKM. Found around 10 SKS-s though. In my opinion Dayz Dev team really showed with this how incompetent they really are and forgot to add AKM into the loot spawns.
  6. Stable Branch: 0.44 Discussion

    What was the small update on stable? New version is 0.44.123802 any changelogs on that.
  7. SKS ammo?

    SKS is a is not military weapon so so it would be logical not to find it in military bases. I Have found boxes of 7.62x39 ammo in electro fire stations and school buildings.
  8. Happened to me as well. And I also fell over while running when I got the starvation message.
  9. SKS Feedback

    You can find the 7.62x39 ammo in fire stations and general office/school buildings.
  10. what does the cleaning kit actually do?

    It also won't work on ruined items.
  11. JustSmileGaming - New & Improved [UK] [EU]

    Applied. Thank you.
  12. Name: Karl Steam Name: creative5p Age: 20 Country: Estonia Playstyle: co-op, strategic. Time you play: After work 17:00-22:00 GMT and on weekends. Other information: 7 years of strategic military warfare games. Like to plan my moves 3 steps ahead.