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  1. CaptainFist

    Experimental Update 1.02

    its not the first time i do this, and yes i have tried verify files... tried a different steam account, restart my computer.... the client updating . the server files not
  2. CaptainFist

    Experimental Update 1.02

    more than three times?
  3. CaptainFist

    Experimental Update 1.02

    Experimental servers? Steam shows no Change when switch to "beta"
  4. CaptainFist

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    The focus is on Xbox to earn Bonus Money. Pc Players evt. get a 14,99$ DLC for V3s, Sedan, and throwing. Then another one for 14,99$ with Littlebird and Dirtbike... My hope for DayZ is in the Modding Community. i think (i hope this is wrong) The developers, if they still exist focus on Xbox or other Projects...
  5. CaptainFist


    Hi, 45 Days is the max value? is it possible set i to whatever i want? e.g. 120 Days ?
  6. CaptainFist

    Tent damage

    Some Way to deactivate it server side?
  7. CaptainFist

    Admin For Dayz Standalone (Works)

    Ok works with latest version. Multiple Admins Possible? ref TStringArray admins = {"Uid1xxxxxxxxxxxx;Uid2xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"}; // Add your BI UID ???
  8. CaptainFist

    Admin For Dayz Standalone (Works)

    Thank you very much! Works with the latest Stable?
  9. CaptainFist

    Admin For Dayz Standalone (Works)

    @Groolsh I Have the same issue... Can you upload or Post the correct init.c ?
  10. CaptainFist

    Server Questions.

  11. CaptainFist

    Private Shard Shared Database

  12. CaptainFist

    Private Shard Shared Database

    Server Hoster do this today, the developers know how to set this... Private shard Hive Master and Slave....
  13. CaptainFist

    Private Shard Shared Database

    Anything new?
  14. CaptainFist

    Private Shard Shared Database

    Don´t belive this works. What happens if two servers try to Save in the same file at the same time... Ps: i know how to share folders and i understand your suggest, but what i want to know is how the real tings works... This Feature exist in the Program.
  15. CaptainFist

    Edit the init.c

    Ok, i think it´s a Bug in the Client. If you have multiple Steam Accounts you use in one Windows User Account the Charaktermenue gone Wild..... I edited multiple Time the Name to CaptainFist, every time i log into a server i was again SURVIVOR ??? *when use only one Steam Acc it don´t Happend... * Only for understanding, i mean not the Lootout, e.g. choosen a Black Female Charakter and spawn as a White Male, next time as White Female.... totally random...