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  1. Hi guys, i started playing again dayz after more than an year and i really like the improvements. I have 2 questions for you all : 1) Does Persistent work ? (tents , barrels etc) 2) Where are the animals ? I'm trying to play "survival mode" but i can find only chickens. Where are the other animals (farm and wild) Thanks Mattia
  2. Stable Branch - 0.58 Discussion

    I'm agree mate. The game at the moment is too easy. If you can find in Berezino (where most of the people go) all those things on an already looted city something is wrong. In my opinion people think they are playing CoD with zombies. This is not the case. For 2 reasons : 1) there are not zombies atm (sarcasm) 2) this game is about survival. Survival means that you should struggle to find even a pistol and you should make every ammo count. Instead people get angry if they don't found an M4 fully kitted in Elektro and this is driving me crazy. I hope the direction the devs will give you to this game will be a stronger PvE experience using self made weapons like a bow. It would be enough to reduce all the military weapons spawn around the map. My 2 cents
  3. Thx for the answer. Now the next question is : why people bother to hide their tents so well ? Just look for a statistically low populated server (there are dozens of them) instead of use the well know high populated servers and hide your things there. Then all you've to do is to log on that server, retreive your stuff and log back on an high populated server. You will risk less in this way. Am I wrong ?
  4. Hi guys, i've 2 questions about persistence : 1) barrels are persistence now ? 2) If i hide a barrel somewhere while playing on server X, will i find it on server Y too? Obviusly both server are on the public hive. Thanks
  5. Exp Update: 0.58 + Hot Fix.

    Hi guys, I'm playing on the exp and I've to say I'm quite happy about it. My question is where winchester ammo (.308) currently respwan because after hours of play all I had are 2 bullets that I found in a house on the floor. I also would like to know if there are animals around because i didn't see any. And also .... where are the zombies ? Thanks.
  6. Exp Update: 0.58 + Hot Fix.

    Could please someone answer these 3 questions : 1) Is there another way to ignite the fire excpet matches ? 2) Is there the carabine CR527 in the exp ? And the magazines for the rifle ? 3) I find a lot of trucks abandoned on the road. Usually i go in and the engine doesn't start. How can i understand what is wrong ? Like checking if there is fuel or the battery is missing .. and so on. Thanks
  7. Exp Update: 0.58 + Hot Fix.

    i just find out an hunting scope in a deer stand just norh of elektro. here on Exp ... The thing is I was starving. So just before go unconscious i was able to hidden the scope in the wood and retrive it few minutes later. LOL
  8. Exp Update: 0.58 + Hot Fix.

    No problem here with Win10. I'm using it since 3 weeks and the performance are ok. Update your video driver as soon as you can after the upgrade and you'll be fine.
  9. Exp Update: 0.58 + Hot Fix.

    Played some hours on this new exp. I've to say all in all was a really great experience! Well done devs! The time to enter a new server is decreased. The interaction with the objects is fast and responsive. I only have the same old glitch drinking while you've a weapon in your hands and then you cannot get the weapon again until you log out. Now the questions : Where are the zombies ? I went from berezino to nwaf to Novaya Petrovka to Vybor and finally to Zelenogorsk without seeing a single zombie. Well actually i didn't see a single player too....
  10. Really nice video ! I really like your style. I hope one day I'll meet you somewhere. On which servers and at what time do you usually play ?
  11. Exp Update: 0.58 + Hot Fix.

    Hi guys, yesterday evening I was on DE-02 near Berezino. I heard shots (as usual in Berezino:) ) and i went to check what was going on. It was dark and i saw flashes from the police station's first floor windows. I went at the first floor in a red house near the police station and kept an eye on the windows from there. Every few minutes this guy was shooting (i guess every time someone entered the police station). The fact is I didn't see him moving around the first floor not a single time in around 20 minutes. After he killed another guy someone wrote over global chat that there was a guy stuck in the wall of the police station killing people. I imagined something like you could do to in the military building at the airfield. Is still possible to do that ? Wasn't this thing fixed already ?
  12. Stable Branch - 0.57 Discussion

    Hi guys, i would like to know if all the helicopter crash sites are active on they are random. Yesterday i realized i was near one on this crash site and i had nothing to lose so i went there to check but there wasn't any helicopter at all. I thought i read some pages ago that all the sites active and were spawning stuff .... Thanks
  13. Stable Branch - 0.57 Discussion

    I think the problem here is to criticize "the ridiculous survival aspect" when the develop of the game is still ongoing. The invetory system is bugged because is a different system than the one we had on 0.55. If you introduce new lines of code you'll probably brake something else particullary in this case where the inventory system is the core of a lot of actions who reflect on the rest of the game (just count how many times you open the inventory in a game session). IMO the devs want to develop a more survival game or could you please me explain the need to introduce bone fish hook or the barrel to process leather etc etc. You just have to seat and wait. If when Dayz wiil be at version 0.95 you still see "ridiculous survival aspect" than that will be the right time to criticize. Just my 2 cents, Mattia
  14. Exp Update: 0.57128035*

    Honestly I'm not sure to understand all the things about CLE. Maybe is because I'm dumb but could someone translate it too me in simple terms ? I've also another question : I'm playing on exp and actually I cannot find anything to eat except apples. I cannot find a weapon or a bag. I cannot find an animal to kill. Actually i cannot find nothing. Is this normal ? If a server restart should the items respawn on the server ? If they don't respawn how could i find something if there are people who wake up early in the morning just to loot all they can ? Please tell I'm wrong ....
  15. Hi guys, I'm looking for a mature group to play dayz with. I hate KOS and childish attitude. My idea of Dayz is a survival oriented experience ... and to survive sometimes you have to kill .... I'm 36 years old, I live in italy and i can play usually in the evening but only few hours per week. Let me know if someone is interested ! Mattia