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    : I KOS every KOS slimeball I meet. This is blood for blood and by the gallons. These are the old days man, the bad days, the all-or-nothing days. They're back! There's no choices left. And I'm ready for war.
  1. Old_Crow_Whiskey

    Stable Branch - 0.59 Discussion

    I haven't played in 7 months now and the game is still at this point? Legitimate construction companies have built skyscrapers in the amount of time it's taken them to introduce vehicles and what, holo sights? I'm guessing I can assume that the health/survival system is still completely broken. Have the developers released an updated timeline?
  2. Old_Crow_Whiskey

    All you Hardcore players packed it up and left?

    I prefer 1pp - I got kind of bored with the game and am waiting for more work from the Devs before coming back in. I'm not super into the latest greatest loot, really looking for more game mechanics refinement before dedicating more time to day-z.
  3. Old_Crow_Whiskey

    base building concerns

    You make some great points about building around points of interest - I didn't consider how building around a heli crash or spawn point could change the dynamic in a server. However there is a lot of griefing/trolling in minecraft multiplayer. I'm not convinced that building works better in minecraft than it would in day-z. Both games have server specific building so every incentive is there for players to pick a few servers and stick to it. One difference is that day-z inherently incorporates the evil side of people's desires. People doing terrible, stupid, and destructive things all across the map is IMO an essential part of the experience. Generally it's always easier to destroy something than to build it up so any way you slice it we are destined for a whole lot of user created chaos in day-z. It is possible that the loot economy may in effect have a self regulating anti-griefing/trolling side-effect. If you need some rare item like explosives or a helicopter to break down a building, that item will become increasingly rare as it's hoarded and expended. Technically speaking this should allow game designers to limit the misery or turn up the heat as needed.
  4. Old_Crow_Whiskey

    quick access bar freezes?

    I've been getting the bugs you both mention as well as weapons disappearing entirely - vanished. Not in inventory, not anywhere nearby on the ground, gone. The frozen hotbar is frustrating and seems to coincide with not being able to pick up some items off the ground (could be coincidence). It's frustrating because sometimes you have multiple bugs interacting at once and it becomes hard to determine causation.
  5. Old_Crow_Whiskey

    I have got to be the unluckiest player in DayZ

    I think people who repeatedly get shot blind without ever seeing the shooter need to examine their awareness levels and hardware setup. If your frame rate is bad or if you have a small or crappy monitor you're going to have a harder time spotting players at range. If you're on a laptop you're at a rather large disadvantage. Awareness and tactical movement is a topic too large to cover here, there are whole books on the topic.
  6. Old_Crow_Whiskey

    No Pants Spawning.. Anywhere?

    Finding pants shirts and coats in abundance in coastal civilian locations. Also tons and tons of hats.
  7. Old_Crow_Whiskey

    Emergence in DayZ; What is it? Is it good? KOS'ing?

    If the bullhorn has an always on mode we could see some really interesting offensive and defensive capabilities emerge. Set a trap with a bullhorn and a walkie talkie, or by putting a bullhorn next to a running engine. Use them to amplify the sounds of a gunfight. Use an array of them as part of a defensive perimeter to amplify the sounds caused by intruders. User created signage is an essential but missing communication piece at the moment. Anyone know if there are plans for signs or graffiti?
  8. Old_Crow_Whiskey

    Emergence in DayZ; What is it? Is it good? KOS'ing?

    Beyond networking and communication we only have to look to the world geopolitical climate to see what human construct has fostered a general climate of peace since WWII, and that's trade. When parties are able to more easily act in mutual self interest they become less interested in simple extermination. I believe that we would see more emergent game play with the inclusion of static interactive trade locations throughout the map, as well as other functional static places & items. This would change the importance of certain buildings and thus would make certain cities and towns more important places of interaction, not just places you go to loot or PvP. This would of course not remove KOS-ing but would allow diversity in player motives and thus variety in player behavior. Trade: if a player interacts with a kitchen table or a bar they can enter a trade screen with two or more players. This allows players to literally sit around a table as equals and work out deals. The trade table could have its own chat (on a piece of paper) where players at the table could write to each other to also work out verbal agreements and or trade goods for services.Trading goods and services would open up emergent game play to the extreme. The dense placement of tables could see the emergence of marketplace trading and all the associated side effects such as the need for law & order, criminal extortion/rackettering, and trade in illicit services. The value of certain goods and services would change depending on your location on the map. If they want to get real fancy, the paper trade sheet could be copied to each players inventory or to a special paper inventory, marking a record of the transaction or acting as a contract for providing services. Player occupations could emerge, such as contract killing, gopher (find this item), and paid medic, among others. Repair: work benches could allow higher level repair of machinery and equipment. The buidings and storage garages that hold work benches would become important places for hostile and non-hostile interaction. Special tools scattered throughout the map are required to be combined with the work bench to unlock special repair abilities, like repairing guns, engines, or for performing upgrades. The benches could be used to modify or construct building materials. Overall static work benches provide players the option to build, not just to destroy. Cooking: Propane powered house stoves, commercial kitchens, static campfires (like how wells are located). Food oriented points of interest are how people tend to bond in real life and could have positive effects on emergent play diversity.
  9. Old_Crow_Whiskey

    DayZ SA Modding: A New Map

    A great day-z map would be if someone could copy Michigan's Mackinac Island. It's a fairly small island with no cars, has a neat old timey town, TWO colonial era forts, and an airstrip. It's a combination of urban, suburban, and rural environments with a lot of rich features packed into a small area. With day-z nutbags running around it would be absolutely ridiculous. Since it's a historic area and tourist area there are lots of documentation and pictures for a talented modder to use. Island overview: Fort Macinac: Fort Holmes (currently being rebuilt to look like this): The town: The Grand Hotel:
  10. Old_Crow_Whiskey

    TIL the only trustworthy people in DayZ are nine year olds.

    haha nice! Day-z creates the most unusual happenings... Trusting people even a little is usually the start of something different.
  11. Old_Crow_Whiskey

    Whats the point of this?

    Cry more or try to solve the problem. Your choice I suppose.
  12. Old_Crow_Whiskey

    Whats the point of this?

    The devs switch things around to see how changing mechanics changes real world player behavior... you're right, as a game it's not worth 5 cents right now and that's because it's not a game, it's an alpha. If this were a finished game I would be pissed too. At this stage in development we can and should expect things to change drastically over the course of the coming months, partly as a result of our participation as supporters and alpha testers. If you're finding "you don't enough food to run north without dying" then maybe you should try and change the way you play instead of repeating the same failures over and over.
  13. Old_Crow_Whiskey

    problem with saying "friendly"

    People who type or who aren't on mic automatically can't be trusted. I learned that lesson the hard way. Anyone who suggests otherwise hasn't spent enough time around the mutes. Since you can't be trusted you may as well act like a crazed lunatic. I might suggest the time honored Day-Z tradition of running around in your underwear with a mask on, brandishing a magnum or sawed off. Since you do in fact have a mic you could also play some music through it via your cell phone or whatever - use your music to define just what kind of lunatic you are. Are you the heavy metal listening sawed off shotty flesh eating brand of crazy, or the clown music hack a guy to death with a hockey stick crazy? Or maybe you're a pink dress "all you need is love" bandage and apple gifting kind of crazy. You'll still have fun playing in crazy mode, no doubt about it.
  14. Old_Crow_Whiskey

    Does DayZ need aeiral transport?

    I think airships create more problems than they will solve, which is why I voted no. * First and foremost it will probably exacerbate lag and rubberbanding problems. In short I'm skeptical that the developers can make a clean helicopter/plane experience on a 50-100 player server using maps as large as this without severely dumbing down graphics and draw distances for everyone. * Second, helicopters and planes are far more complicated than vehicles which would in theory require all manner of parts to be created for in game use. I think this could clog up the already overcrowded list of in game items for players to find. Chopper parts could possibly crowd out items more essential to the survival aspects of the game if incorrectly implemented. On the most basic level, just think of the massive fuel (gallons per mile) and ammo (anyone found 10,000 rounds of 7.62x51?) requirements for a slightly realistic helicopter gunship. * Third, in a world where helicopters and airplanes exist, ground based countermeasures will also exist. Countermeasures could include AA guns, RPG rockets, stinger missiles, or SAM missile batteries. I haven't heard any plans for weapons like this, nor would I be excited to hear that Day-Z is becoming more like battlefield games by adding all these multi-use high powered weapons. Anyone remember all the RPG sniping from battlefield games? Worse still, if they introduce airships without counter measures everyone on the ground becomes insignificant, in effect subjugating and orienting the entire day-z struggle toward the helicopter/airplane endgame. * I don't think the developer team is thoughtful enough to implement some really nice details that would integrate a balanced and realistic helicopter experience. Handheld mirrors for signaling from the ground, scope/optics glint for accidental signaling, handheld laser pointers for distraction, buildings that can be destroyed (and rebuilt), and effective fuel and ammo resupply mechanics. Nothing about the dev team's implementation of ground vehicles has me excited so why should I be excited about airships?
  15. Old_Crow_Whiskey

    Is PvP & Atmosphere Dying in DayZ SA?

    game's not finished, play more private shards, ad infinitum, ad nauseum