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  1. modis002

    Traders and Spawn selections ( Suggestions ).

    uhhhhhm... you should be writing this to the guy who made the mod on steam workshop. not here in forums.
  2. modis002

    Returning DayZ player thoughts

    welcome back!
  3. modis002

    Car stuck in building roof, please help

    might work. or it might kill you. if anything you could at least scrap it for parts when you can reach it.
  4. modis002

    Car stuck in building roof, please help

    was it something like this? what i did was i shoot it up with my AK alowing it to respawn
  5. did you post this on a feedback tracker?
  6. modis002

    Stable Update 1.0.149923

    I play on a Roleplay server so i spend a lot of time shooting zombies and not being afraid of getting sniped by someone. i dont realy know how hit detection works on players but i know how it works with zombies. for some reason zombies are completely immune to bullets when indoors or standing very close to a building outer wall. but if you shoot them outside it works just fine.
  7. modis002

    No Walk Toggle?

    unfortunately double tapping doesn't work right now. it worked on 0.62 but when they introduced new player controller on 0.63 it stopped working. i really hope it will come back. your an RPer i take it, i know your pain i'm an RPer my self :)
  8. modis002

    Sewing Kit Question

    oh damn. just realised this is for Xbox :D 2nd time now.
  9. modis002

    Sewing Kit Question

    i know it might seem weird but now you need to drop the sewing kit on the ground and hold the damaged clothes in your hands. then by looking at the sewing kit you should have the option to fix it. (tested on experimental)
  10. -So, are they going to be updating into beta during server maintenance tonight ? Will we wake up to beta ?? its been beta since they added basebuilding. thats why there hasnt been any new features added only fixes and balancing. the uppdate today will be a full release but after that we will still get more uppdates with new features.
  11. modis002

    Got a newly started DayZ instagram

    just realized i have 300+ pics :D im following you.
  12. modis002

    Jesus there are some snakes in this game

    i know it might get hard to trust ppl but whatever you do, do not become one of those KOS guys who don't care about anyone else but them self. keep trusting people and soon you will be able to tell by the tone of their voice whether or not you should trust them. and those that you should trust might become one of your best gaming buddys.
  13. are you using a regular fence kit or a watchtower kit? you need 4 sticks 1 rope to make a tower kit
  14. modis002

    My first base raid

    your'e a total savage prick