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  1. How to get my gun to semi auto fire

    no its because it is worn and it can not be made pristine again. you can only clean damaged/badly damaged weapons. to be honest i have no idea what is going on with your AK. but it sounds like it fails to cycle a new round so i would look for the problem in the magazines, they might be ruined or you might be using bad ammo, try pressing R to cycle a new round from the magazine. it might also be a bug, not too long ago when players were spawning in with a makarov there was a similar problem the makarov didnt work, but if u were to find a new one it worked
  2. No Vaulting ?

    no vaulting as of right now. it has been disabled because the devs are replacing every single animation with a new one. but i can confirm that you will be able to jump, vault and climb over walls that are just as high as you in the near futurre
  3. can't connect to game, 0.63 stress test

    same problem. tried connecting a car battery to the brodcasting station by opening my inventory, the game crashed and every time i try to join a server it crashes. tried deleting dayz folder from "my documents" it did not help. also i am getting some kind of error unlike you
  4. Post Your Gear So Far

    0.61 3rd person servers 0.61 1st person server
  5. Post Your Gear So Far

    Backpacks? Hah!!! For pussys!
  6. CPR

    once again CPR is already in game. and i'm not talking about defibrillators
  7. why doesn't the bipod fit on the mosion?!

    Yep 0.56 will be the day where you say Good bye to LRS but they said they will add a hunting scope and it should fit the mozin
  8. DAYZ SA HUD concept

    well. it would solve the broken English messages problem :D| i would love to have this HUD
  9. Killing fresh spawns ?

    the last time i met fresh spawn he tried to knock me out. i didn't kill him just broke his legs and left him there begging for me to kill him.
  10. Post Your Gear So Far

    This character has lived through so much. yesterday i was lying unconscious for mote then 20 minutes because i was dying of dehydration but my friend force drunk me and force fed me. and we thought that i was bugged but right when my friend found a saline bag and started running towards me. i got up because my blood was slowly regenerating
  11. Stable Branch - 0.55 Discussion

    chainsaw kills them in 1 hit if you have fuel of course :)
  12. Exp Update: 0.55.127129

    Found a crazy server with broken loot tables i was able to find assault and high capacity vests in berezino i also found a field jacket, a lot of AK and M4 attachments there, and then i found this.
  13. Post Your Gear So Far

    my and my friends game glitched yesterday. so my character was holding a hunting knife and he was treating it like it was an AK and my friends character was holding a fire axe as an AK too :D
  14. Post Your Gear So Far

    Some of my older characters i forgot to upload :) and my current experimental 1PP character