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  1. Yep. That's one of the main reasons to use pedals. Forgot to mention the hotas on my desk... In the end that's why sometimes it's only mouse and keyboard - I don't want to plug in 4 devices, I want to play.. But I think with a special gaming setup this should be no problem for you :)
  2. I know that it is possible to lean in Rise of Flight, for example. And I'm pretty sure in Bohemia Games TrackIR only replaces the freelook option. You HAVE the option to Shift your head to the left and right a bit (microleaning :D ), but you can't fully lean with it. In the end, I think this guy knows best (27min video about DAYZ and TrackIR) Have Fun! Edit: Apparently this is about DayzMod, but should be applicable to DayZ.
  3. I got used to play Dayz and Arma with TrackIR4 and CH Pro Pedals. It took a while to get accustomed to both. The pedals are for leaning (default q,e).Pedal use needs some experience to get the feeling, but with this it is possible to change the stance fluidly... TrackIR also takes some time to get used to, especially without crosshair. It was a lot of fiddling around with dead zones and acceleration values. On the other hand it allows for more control and a more natural way of looking around.. And it makes things possible that wouldn't be possible without a lot of configuration on keyboard and mouse. Edit: 4. Track IR: I have one with reflectors on a cap, it's basically useless in direct sunlight, so I have to make my room pretty dark first. In ideal conditions it works fine. Theres another version that uses active sensors, but It's more expensive. You could look into other brands as well. Theres a lot of freeware on the market I think. 5. Price: Around 250 euros for TrackIR and pedals? I'm not sure..
  4. The horror aspect of Dayz

    I think if they implemented rustling/shivering bushes/grass/trees depending on the presence of a player, it would intensify the typical dayz paranoia.
  5. Map question!

    I'd do almost everything to re-experience the times when chernarus was new and unknown to me (in the mod). Those were the days!
  6. Any News on REAL Snipers?

    Mhm, waiting for 1 hour almost motionless in a single spot, listening to sounds, scanning the area, thinking,getting immersed in the environment is what makes "sniping" fun to me. Even if i only fire one shot. I think most people would be bored by this after 5 Minutes. But to each his own playstyle. I just don't like getting in danger all the time, roaming the cities, exploring hotspots etc.. only when im in the mood for it. I would like to have some variety in the dmr segment, but i think there's no place for .50 LRR with 400x optics in this game (MAYBE 1 per server).
  7. 1st person cameraview is to low

    at first i thought, maybe this type of house has sunken into the ground, but on your photos you see the foundation. mhm. but i think it's the only type of house that is built like this at the moment. maybe they fix it. or there will be a lot of danny devito impersonators in the future.
  8. 1st person cameraview is to low

    Looks a bit like cranked up FOV? (fisheye effect) And I only know of this one house and maybe 1 or 2 other doors that are too low and prevent entering a building. Do you have other pictures or housetypes that make problems?
  9. Is anyone in DayZ Standalone friendly?

    The only time i was killed after communicating with someone was when i was sitting in elektro church, singing "beautiful" by james blunt accompanied by guitar. He came up to me and killed me with his shotgun. Instant karma, i guess.
  10. I hate bambi

    frankie was the one who introduced this? because i was under the impression he used it in a rather derogative way. i'm shocked.
  11. I hate bambi

    I guess those things happen if you roam the coast. I think everyone has had this experience at least once. But what was your problem with him? Ok, he was annoying, but you were decently geared. So you've basically got nothing to worry about. And in my opinion, crawling along the coast with broken legs and not being able to commit suicide easily is a good punishment. I liked that. And remember: Not every freshspawn is a bambi.
  12. Players start with a map

    you have my beans. 700 hours in 90 days? this comes close to unpaid labour XD.
  13. Players start with a map

    Yup, i don''t use maps except the ones i find and combine. Sometimes it's a little bit complicated to figure out where i exactly am, but once i found some houses, crossways or landscape markers, i know where i am. combined with a compass, there are absolutely no problems. The only time i have used the online map was recently, when i was offgame and i wanted to know where novo and severo are located :)
  14. Experimental Branch: 0.50 Discussion

    Like i said, in emergency situations. Once i jogged from elektro to novi sobor, with apples as the only source of food. took me a while because i had to stop every km or so, then eat 3-4 apples and so on. When this happened i did not make use of the berry bushes because i was in a hurry and didn't know about edible/nonedible berries enough. :)
  15. Experimental Branch: 0.50 Discussion

    berries and apples give ~70 ccal. so you can eat them in emergency situations since they let you stay alive for~3-5 min longer. But i personally only pick berries, because they are always ready to eat. (while every second apple is rotten)