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    In 1981 my dad and mom got together *insert Barry White music* 9 months later a new gamer was born... skip ahead to the present I'm a freelance illustrator/graphic designer who enjoys coffee and sigarettes and staring at a screen for many many hours...

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  1. Artist Alley

    Hi Rusty, So sorry for the very late response! I thank you for taking the time and reading it. It was some time to finish it but in hindsight, I am glad I put myself to it. keep the good work coming !Greets,
  2. Artist Alley

    Hi all, It is Saturday... and yes I have coffee... and well let's lead you into this softly... today is special, as today I post the last page of Game Night: Adventure. First of all, I thank you for taking the time every week for a couple of years and reading the comic. This has helped me a lot to finish this project and I am so glad to see it and show it! In the beginning, I named this comic Game Night: Adventure as this was sorta a continuation of the former gag comic Game Night. But halfway through and certainly towards the end, I don't know if I am still very sure of the title. So suggestions are welcome. So far someone suggested a title which I sorta like " The oddventures of Melvin and Kaya". Let me know what you think. So without further ado here is the last page of Game Night: Adventure! Game Night: Adventure 173 - The end. For those interested in having a read from the beginning. Game Night: Adventure 001 - In the beginning... So what is next, for Game Night: next month I will try to get my book published, this would be a dream of mine, we'll see if a publisher is interested. I will keep you updated on that process. But for a while, that will be it for Game Night: Adventure. I am working on a new project which will be a little different than this one, but that is far from concrete but it is getting there. You'll see an update on this as well but first I am taking a little break. I am so happy for your continued support be it in reading the comic, your feedback, your text editing or corrections, this has helped me a lot. Thank you! Kevin
  3. Artist Alley

    Goodmorning all, Aah with my trusty old old cup of coffee in hand I present to you a new page of Game Night: Adventure Game Night: Adventure 172 - But how... Enjoy your weekend! Kevin
  4. Artist Alley

    Hi all, It is Saturday morning and we continue our story where we left of... Game Night: Adventure 171 - Out of control Enjoy your weekend! Kevin
  5. Artist Alley

    Hi all, It is Saturday morning and a new page of Game Night: Adventure has arrived! Game Night: Adventure 169 - Smár Enjoy your weekend! Kevin
  6. Artist Alley

    Hi all, This week I inked the last three pages of our story... and I have painted the last page already, and I am happy to finally see it :D Now a question to you would you like to know when it all ends? Which will be the last page number? Let me know :D Game Night: Adventure 169 - Aaargh! Enjoy your weekend! Kevin
  7. Artist Alley

    Hi all, Here we are again it is Saturday morning and I have a new page of Game Night: Adventure for you! So take your cup of coffee and open up your newspaper, I mean webpage :D and have fun. Game Night: Adventure 168 - This isn't going to be that easy! Enjoy your weekend! Kevin
  8. Artist Alley

    Hi all, I don't know if you noticed but a new page went online yesterday. I had to head out very early this morning. If you hadn't noticed then here is the heads up :) Game Night: Adventure 167 - Explosive... Enjoy your weekend! Kevin
  9. Artist Alley

    Goodmorning all, I just had my first cup of coffee added the text for today's page, and here it is hot from the press, the new page of Game Night: Adventure. Game Night: Adventure 166 - This can't be happening... Enjoy your weekend! Kevin
  10. Artist Alley

    [*insert heavy movie trailer voice*] In a world... This morning a new page of Game Night Adventure has appeared. The action is ramped up, will our party of heroes fall... Check out Game Night: Adventure Game Night: Adventure 165 - DIE!!! The end coming soon to a site near you! Enjoy your weekend! Kevin
  11. Artist Alley

    Good morning, This week we pump up the excitement! enjoy :D Game Night: Adventure 164 - Punishment?!? Have a great weekend! Kevin
  12. Artist Alley

    Good day, Today is the first day of a gorgeous weather forecasted weekend. So before I run out to our garden, I leave you a new page of Game Night: Adventure. Enjoy! Game Night: Adventure 163 - Let me educate you! Have a great weekend! Kevin
  13. Artist Alley

    Good morning or good night, Due to circumstances last week I was late on the upload on the website of Game Night: Adventure... so as compensation this week I am early :D Enjoy this weeks installment of Game Night: Adventure! Game Night: Adventure 162 - At last! Greets, Kevin
  14. Artist Alley

    Hi all, I have been uploading Game Night comic pages for a long time now, and I have been uploading Game Night Adventure pages since the 14th Feb 2015. If you are still here I thank you for your invested time :D. I have held myself to a certain tight schedule of work and an upload schedule not to miss a beat... Regretfully Murphy's Law saw that he hadn't messed with me for a long time and came knocking... The Game Night website is having technical difficulties, so I have to apologize, and say we are working on it to get that resolved! But it is Saturday... Ofcourse I couldn't leave you hanging I will be posting through the different fora's to keep you all up to date! Here is this week's Game Night Adventure page ... THAT's MINE Greets, Kevin
  15. Artist Alley

    Hi all, It is Saturday morning and our heroes pick up their weapons and try to fight back. Find out what will happen in a new page of Game Night: Adventure. Game Night: Adventure 160 - Careful guys! Greets, Kevin