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    The post he copied from was the one he made, you dumb
  2. JohnFromSteam

    Walking F2

  3. JohnFromSteam

    LF Mature US Hardcore Players

    Hello! I'm looking for some people to join a group that I'm forming. We are looking for mature US players that play on Hardcore servers. My friend and I both have experience in the mod, and we play often. We are not a group that plays all the time, but we won't mind if you venture off if we are not online, so no worries if you need to help another friend. All you have to do to join this group is PM me your steam name/alias or post it here and I will add your name to the list. 16-18+ ~ required age List: John Morpheus Burd
  4. JohnFromSteam

    Walking F2

    Hello! My friend thought of a new F2. Suggestion: Pressing F2 allows you to also walk with your hands up, but slowly. Reason: To take someone off the road if you do not have handcuffs. It's far more effective to have that than telling them to walk slowly. Friend: Morpheus
  5. JohnFromSteam

    What's the current hacking status like in DayZ:SA?

    120 hours in and I've yet to encounter a hacker on a BE server. I found hackers in the experimental servers because there was no BattlEye protection, but all they could do is move loot from a nearby place and see all players. Nothing more as I've seen them die.
  6. JohnFromSteam

    Rolling Update Rev - 0.43.116251

  7. JohnFromSteam

    Rolling Update Rev - 0.43.116251

    I was hoping some news for the experimental branch. Like the known issues fixed/physics released. Old patch is old patch though :/
  8. JohnFromSteam


    Teleporting and server hopping are different things. One hit punch is true if you hit correctly and you have no protection. Experimental has no protection, but stable does. After 100 hours, I never found a hacker on stable, but I've met so very chill hackers in experimental. You are dead could have been a sniper or you died of starvation. I've met so many nice people playing DayZ, more than the mod. I never KOS, nor do I become an idiot and go straight through a town without checking it out or waiting till I see someone.
  9. I started when I first saw PewDiePie's first video about DayZ. Even though I DO hate PewDiePie, at the time, I thought he was awesome and that game looked so realistic. I got a new rig and bought the game and the mod in june-august-ish. I kept playing the mod, then the sub mods, and now, I play the SA. I do not regret putting 100+ hours in DayZ, as I have met some awesome people and I had a lot of fun. PS: Still havin' fun :D
  10. JohnFromSteam

    Where are the updates? **crickets chirping**

    Mods, close this topic. For the idiots and cynics, here is some information for you about the update that you have been bickering about: http://dayzdev.tumblr.com/ Go play Experimental if you want stuff to do.
  11. JohnFromSteam

    Hey...I see you....put your hands up.....

    I keep my distance but if they have a fire arm, I tell them to put it down behind cover, and if not, they die. From all the hold ups I've done, people have successfully complied to my commands. You just got to be careful and coherent when holding up people.
  12. JohnFromSteam

    How to fix server hopping and combat logging!

    It's fine as it is. The avatar already stays there for 30 secs after log out.
  13. JohnFromSteam

    Rocket standing down from Dayz by end of year

    This isn't news. He has said this multiple times and I also believe he said it some where during PAX or E3. It's on YT of him answering questions.
  14. The pots are already in. The walkie talkie also is in and works. I haven't tried it with a friend tho.
  15. If you get session lost it's probably a set of server restarting. Usually the servers in location do it and they have a delay for each one.