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  1. The other players Mic On Icons could Fade in/out depending on how close they are to you as well. There is also the concepts of different mic modes like Whispering / Talking / Shouting etc... that all work on distance from each other etc... I don't think the Always Open mic / Voice Detect mic is a good direction to take this either, it has too many issues. But knowing that a player has their Mic On when you are working out if you trust each other really solves the issue I believe (Crappy mics and internet connection issues aside), at least you know they are trying to communicate and they can't possibly cheat this method via talking to their teammates at the same time via some other communication tool. And if your just running with your friends, away from other players, you are still free to use Skype / TS / Mumble etc.
  2. While I applaud the OP for his thoughts/efforts on this tricky subject, I'd have to agree the 'open mic' method has many issues. I propose this idea. An onscreen icon that represents that a player you are talking to has their mic ON. Much like the white icon you currently see when you open your own mic to speak. If you were talking to 2 players at once and all mics were open, you would see your own White icon and say 2 Green icons. This way you would know they have an open communication line to you in game and they would not be able to speak to teammates via skype etc. at the same time as you would hear it simultaneously in game. If you see their mic indicator disappear (for lengths of time during your interaction), you could suspect they are conversing with other players outside of the game....and you would become suspicious they are plotting against you. BTW, I'm totally not for more onscreen indicators/cluttering the interface etc...but I think it could be useful to tackle this in game communication issue.
  3. This next update should be awesome. Thanks for the hard work on this.
  4. Ok the goal of this idea is to increase the odds of player interaction (for the most part) out in the wilderness of Chernarus. Currently it's quite rare to run into other players outside of towns/hotspots etc. Assuming the Arma3 audio has been fully implemented, which will help nearby players hear gunshots/explosions/vehicles etc. And allow players to more easily pinpoint a direction from where the sound came from. (Can't wait for this!). This idea goes beyond the hearing distance/radius of a player. Events and Actions being performed by players in your 'general' vicinity (but beyond your hearing range) can be indicated to you via a very subtle onscreen indicator. This concept will give you 'clue' that some kind of player activity is occurring nearby and would provide a rough direction from where the event is occurring. Some examples of a very quick subtle visual clue that I can think of might be. A quick Arma2 style Peripheral Dot flash / or mini Directional Screen flash (using colours to estimate distance). A simple one time message via the status message system ("I sense voices on the wind somewhere to my North" or "I sense startled animals in the grasslands to the East" or "I smell smoke/(death?) on the wind from the West"). A player idle animation, 'Head Turning that Listens towards a direction' that only occurs when you stop and stand still for a moment (or sitting at camp etc.) Perhaps it's an Audio clue or some type? (A buzzing in your head / a spidey sense?). To go with this, the longer your player has survived, the more attune they become to their environment. These clues might become easier to recognise with your character age/experience. This adds more incentive to care about your player (it becomes like a learned 'soft skill' mentioned by the devs). This idea is not to be implemented immediately with fresh spawns on the coast, it starts very subtly once your player has survived for a set period of time (a few days or more / perhaps gained some kind of experience / up to full health etc.). To be totally clear, I am all for immersion! This method of relaying the information to the player needs to be very clever / hard to catch, and only recognisable by the experienced Dayz survivor. I'm not for cluttering the interface, hand holding or spamming the player with visual indicators etc. Some of the most intense / long lasting / life threatening etc. interactions I have had, have been out in the Wilds of Chernarus! I just wish they occurred more often, and I think it's so rare (for me anyway) because it's so hard to find players when your away from towns/etc. It's just an idea, anyone care to add to this ?
  5. Yeh I've had that happen where I noticed the drop to 30fps solid. But it was just the one time, I un-zoomed, lowered weapon, etc and on my next zoom in all was good again. Good you mention it though.
  6. Atmosphere

    Came here to post a suggestion on Atmosphere / Ambient Sounds in DayZ, found this thread right at the top so I'll leave my thoughts here. I understand the Audio in DayZ is soon to be upgraded using the Arma 3 Audio - Great!! The combat / situational awareness side of things really needs this. When it comes to Ambient sounds throughout Chernarus, It would be great if there was a massive increase in variation to the usual 'bird tweet' and 'gate slamming' etc... that is currently present. This variation in ambience could be dictated by many factors other than that of Location / Vegetation type of a particular area (within Chernarus). Such as... - Time of day/night Quietness of dawn / sunrise - Morning animal chatter as animal life wakes up - Afternoon transition from day animal activity to night active animals - Night predators howling at moon - Bats and Owl's Bears? etc. - Weather events Wind - It's impact on vegetation, swinging gates, slamming doors, whistling sounds through large cities vs small villages etc.. Rain / Storms / Lighting - impacting on roofs vs roads vs grassland vs other surfaces (large steel roofed industrial / military areas etc.) Heat and Cold - The stillness of a cold frosty morning vs the activity that warmth brings to a forest / grassland etc. - Predominant Animal / Predator habitats / locations. Obviously different animal / predator calls that vary with time of day / location. etc. - High Risk / Infected / Radiation / Poisions Gas / High Death / Dead body Areas. These areas need a real ominous / creepy ambience to them. Low animal activity. Ambience that puts you on edge, sounds that freak you out and make you glad to leave these areas. Again, worse at night / during weather events. - Other Locations. Train yards / Swamp lands / Island Prison / Dams or Areas of Water / Mining areas etc. Unique areas to have their own ambience. I'd love to see the ambient sounds / atmosphere cleverly and smoothly transition as you traverse throughout the map. I'm sure this is probably in the works but hopefully the Devs really put some time into this, more so than just applying a single Ambient Audio loop upgrade to the entire map.
  7. Network bubble for sound.

    I came on here to make an audio suggestion, I guess it kinda fits into this topic so I'll lay it out here. "Echo's on the wind" or "Whispers on the wind" is the concept. Think, Namalsk map and the ambient children sounds but take the concept and apply events actually happening due to players on the map. If you lone wolf it a lot then you rarely come across anybody in the wilds of Chernarus. Hearing distorted ambient sounds based on actual other player interactions (direct chat/gunfire/vehicles/startled animals etc..) in a given extended radius around the player would help to guide players towards each other. It would create/increase possible player interactions/tracking players in the wilds. Even if this concept was applied to the status messages, like, "I can hear voices on the wind from the North" etc...or "I hear running animals close by on my left". Just an idea, I think having it as actual audio "Echos" or "Voices on the wind" would be most immersive but the status message updates would also be a good 2nd choice. Thanks for reading.
  8. Hi all. Long time DayZ mod player and now SA. First up, really liking the SA so far, well done to those guys for getting it out. I'd like to talk character movement in SA compared to the Mod. I'll try to keep this as brief as possible and still get my point across. In the Mod the main movements we have are... Crawling - Sneaking - Running - Sprinting. In SA we have. Crawling - Sneaking - Jogging - Sprinting. In the Mod, the Running felt like a good 'Striding' speed. A speed that a person could maintain for long distances(irl as well, like a long distance runner). The Sprint was only used really when under pressure and could not be maintained for long. In SA, I feel it needs the 'Striding/Running' speed back as a movement option. Right now we go from Jogging to Sprinting and I don't feel we can Sprint for long distances given the effect on your character (as also in real life). The Sprint feels like it's use is for when under fire or dealing with a pressure situation. I really like the Jogging, the animation is nice, I do feel it's a tad rigid but overall it's good and functional for various reasons. But think it would be great if the Striding/Running speed from the Mod was also included. It felt perfect for covering distance when not under pressure and I believe it's more of a real life movement if you had to cover long distance in a hurry. It should fall somewhere between the Jogging and Spriting speeds in the SA. That's my suggestion briefly, I undertand all the movements have a 'slow' option as well but left mention of those out to try to keep this short. Thought's anyone ? Cheers.