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  1. Same topic , new thread

    Im mostly on here while at work .. but i will check into putting TS on my phone so we can defiantly do that
  2. Same topic , new thread

    build new one
  3. Same topic , new thread

    UHG .. I am so outdated on all this stuff.. trying to use that pcpartpicker.com site suggested.. to piece this thing together .. .
  4. Same topic , new thread

    this is what i've put together so far - Intel - Core i7-870 2.93GHz Quad-Core OEM/Tray Processor $168.99 - be quiet! - Pure Rock Slim 35.1 CFM CPU Cooler $23.88 - Biostar - T5 XE ATX LGA1156 Motherboard $108.50 - Corsair - XMS3 12GB (3 x 4GB) DDR3-1333 Memory $93.99 - Corsair - 850W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply $69.99 Total: $465.35
  5. Same topic , new thread

    i'll look over that site now.. I think if i budget out a little better i can spend a bit more , and just focus on a barebone i5 or i7 to get me started and add parts over the next few paychecks
  6. Same topic , new thread

    sadly no home insurance .. sadly , the storm that produced the lighting that took out my pc , is the same storm that caused lighting to strike my mothers upholstery shop across the street and caused it to burn down.. took us a while to rebuild and recover from all that chaos ..
  7. Same topic , new thread

    the original game system ( $2,500 a few years ago) basically is scrap metal now.. everthing but the case pretty much melted or burnt .. could smell it .. pwr supply, HDD , mother board .,.. all of it , even the outlet, batteryback up and surge protector fried.. .. the media center pc i will get specs when i get home since i just havent looked at it in a while.. thank you guys for the offers.. I may take you up on them ..
  8. Same topic , new thread

    amazon does not seem to have very good pricing on PCs
  9. Same topic , new thread

    media system is a old dual core 2. ghz.. 80 gig hdd , i think 4 gigs ram .. windows 7 .. ( at work so i cant recall all specs) .. one of those compact case .. no extra slot motherboard.. had to chop it all up and take everything apart just to fit a newer vid card .. its a paperweight honestly .. I'll take a pic when i get home.. I would up my budget a little high .. if I could make payments.. might look more into like a OEM rig or something .
  10. Same topic , new thread

    So I've been offline for about a year.. Since my high end rig died by lighting strike ... Visited a few times on my low end media pc rig.. But all that aside . Im back now.. And I am in need of a new PC . Desires .. VR , Recording, Streaming Restrictions.. Budget ..technical knowledge on new hardware.... I'm in the US ., basically i need suggestions on what DayZ needs now to run well with the new engine.. and ideally maybe a few links pointing me to some good sites to shop on ., ( U.S ) My Budge is currently $500 .. unless you guys know sites that may take payments on a new pc ..with crap credit ..
  11. My attempt at DayZ ghillie suit

    Lol screw you guys . I had fun making it .
  12. Still no love to the survivalists ?

    hunting scopes i find mostly in tree stands. and now in houses on other rifles like the trumpet
  13. What all got nerfed in 60 ?

    You know... i might have screwed up on the fishing hook.. too late now since i tossed the pole after finally finding the steel wire to make my fish trap. But I'll go get another one just to check it out.. but your saying a 308 wont 1 shot cattle anymore either ? WTF ... Thats not going to be the same for the bull elk too is it ? getting a 2nd shot into the same cow isnt really a good balance considering most hunting rifles are bolt actions ...or just have slow cycle times between shots .. this is disappointing info... guess I'll have to start looking for a blaze and double fire for a while.. refuse to go with a assault rifle to hunt ... guess they really wanted to make that low recoil M4 a necessity ... FML