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  1. What speaks against modding? If you dont like it, dont play it. It's as easy as it gets. On the other hand, if there is something missing on the SA you would like to have, you can always look for a mod that has it. Like more RPG elements or more PVP or what do i know. You can have features without ruining the original idea. And modding brings great ideas that maybe could be added to the SA as well. If it makes sense and does not ruin the main idea of DayZ (Surviving-Sim). And if there are fewer people playing the SA in the end, what is the problem with that? There will be less server so you wouldn't even care if there are 1 million or 5000 people playing simultaniously. greeets (sry if my english is not that perfect :D)
  2. two simple KOS resolutions

    Can you explain why you don't like it? I for myself think this system worked very good on the Mod. @Randy_Pie: Yes, like that. If you become a Bandit you start looking more "dangerous" and if you become a Hero you start looking more friendly. The System is called Humanity. If you give blood to somebody or bandage him your humanity goes up. If you kill somebody who is a hero/normal person your humanity goes down and so on. It had no impact on "skills" or anything. Its just "cosmetic" if you want so. And this humanity-lvl stayed even if you die. I did like this very much, but i don't think they will implement something like that. And there are other ways to deal with the KOS thing (:
  3. two simple KOS resolutions

    i really don't like that idea... it's totally random. Just hide if you see someone you are afraid of. And plan your movement, don't walk on streets and that stuff. I didn't get KOS in the SA yet, just because i know how to move. I got killed at Airfields and stuff, but thats just normal (: But one suggestion i have. Implement a System similiar to the DayZ Origins Mod. So you get a feeling who is likely to KOS (just by the way he looks) and you get rewarded for being a "Hero". There should also be benefits for being a Bandit though.
  4. how does respawn work exactly?

    i have spawned in Novy Sobor one time, is that meant to happen? the story: Me and my two friends were at the NW airfield, gearing up on some poor bastards dead bodys :D, we logged out to come back the next day. We alle started the game and one guys charakter got wiped (because apher). He respawned on the East Coast. So we decided to meet at Stary Sobor. We made our way to Stary sobor waiting for our friend when i looted a house, walked up the stair (you know these houses, with the stairs in the middle that lead to a closed door that can not be opened?) and just died... not frustrated at all (alpher u know) i clicked respawn and noticed there was no place i remember from fresh-spawning. No coast or anything... I figured I came out in Novy Sobor... so my question: Has this ever happened to you? Have you got this feeling that you always (fresh)spawn near your friends? greets