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  1. This is what I was hoping for, that the devs would be at least considering implementing this amazing feature into the game, after the work they did on .62 update, holy smokes... I could only think about what other environmental changes they would come up with, seasons would be the cherry on the cake, but for now, main goals are main goals, at least I know now that they consider implementing this beast of project into DayZ.
  2. I like your attitude!
  3. First of all, check this reddit Thread: To be plain and simple, Dynamic Weather is kinda of a must for DayZ in the mind of many, many people... It is something that would add greatly to the game as a survival game and most players would be astonished about it being implemented in the game, so I ask, fully knowing how hard it would be to code something like this: Why not put Dynamic Weather in game? DayZ dev team has since a long time been one of the most audacious and persistent devs I've ever seen in the game industry, even tho a lot of people take a piss on the game, I still insist to everyone saying crap: "You wait, and you'll see that this game is going to be a beast." You guys have done a new engine entirely, so as a plea from the entire community, add this feature in the near future, just like the overhaul and revitalization of vegetation in .62, do it, as Eugen usually says: "The only way out of this, is creating an insanely good game." (or something along this lines). I believe in you all devs! Thanks u/zombieland78 for creating the reddit topic!
  4. Well, whatever you say. The EYE* zooming is not a necessary feature for this game in no way and if removed would improve the controllers of it a lot, try removing the eagle eye zooming in Arma 3 and messing around with your controllers for a more "fluid" approach. You will soon realize that it only gets real fluid when you remove eye zooming. If they remove the eye zooming, and add a well thought mechanic for zooming while using weapons (I do believe that the PUBG approach on zooming only when holding breath is a neat one), the handling of aiming/target acquisition will be just on point. So I insist, remove eye zooming. Either way, I vow for the Devs to decide, do not simply listen to the community, have your own approach about this, only then, the game will really go for an unique direction. Keep focus on what you believe DayZ Devs. In beta we trust.
  5. I say: Remove the Eye zoom, so players have the NEED to use binoculars and other proper zooming stuff. It is not as you can't see stuff without eye zooming. This is supposed to be a legit harsh game after all.
  6. Yeah, all this talk is not in the scope of private hives due to their nature now, but talking about the official public server and linked hives. Even tho people would complain, it would make a fair ground for everyone, so the complaints would be absorbed by that point. I do believe that having this 2~5 minutes log-in timer after switching servers is not bad for the community and that's why I'm going ham into this topic, look at these situations. (before CLFix)Situation 1: Guy logs into the server for the first time, 20~30 seconds timer as usual, plays for 3 minutes, notice he was on a different server than his friends and log out going into another server of the same hive. Needs to wait 180 seconds (3 minutes) to log back in, no big deal since everybody is used to it. While all this goes on, his character is 20~30 seconds in-game then *puff*, vanish. (beforeCLFix)Situation 2: Unlegit player is playing for a few hours, has some neat equipment, hear gun shots, go after it, take aim on targets and end up getting shot before doing any harm, he's then in a overwhelming situation but still not dead. He then proceeds to run away a little bit knowing his targets were kinda far from him, and logs out near any bush or rock that is large enough to kinda hide him. Players chasing this guy finally arrive at the scene, 5 seconds before the end of 20~30, spot him, take aim, and when the breathing has finally been controlled, he clicks to do his shot. *puff* enemy vanishes right before their eyes. Nothing can be done here anymore. (after CLFix)Situation 1: Guy logs into a server first time, 20~30secs log in timer, play for a while, legit encounters, keep on surviving as it's meant to be, he gets tired after 2 hours, he knows he is going to take a break for more than 2~5 minutes, then... knowing about the new timers and log out mechanics, think about his moves, hide and log out safely after scanning the area surrounding him, locking the doors with lock-picks, etc... (after CLFix) Situation 2: New patch arrives, Unlegit player do his shenanigans again, and logs out... gets caught "hiding" from his foes while logging out. Well, now... This guy will be there, for 2~5 minutes before vanishing. Bye bye little fella the group(enemy) that once would be annoyed by your ways of "survival" have the go now. The combat logger learn a lesson and should have kept either fighting or running to hide better. Notice that in Situation 1 of either of the LEGIT scenarios, the user had to wait about 3 minutes to go into the game. But before CLFix, the character will be there only for 20~30 seconds instead of the full 3~5 minutes timer.
  7. Combat logging is definitely not sorted out. I play lone-wolf most of my time, have like 1.650 hours in-game and been facing a lot of people lately that will simply combat log whenever they even glance at me running around or I miss my long range shots. There was this case just a few days ago, where I saw a lone guy in Cherno he was clearly all geared, he was kinda far away from me down the street, he saw me too... The deal was, he ran away to the closest house his position, I dashed straight to the guy and reached the place he was hiding, could still hear him there, them when I decided to storm in... Guess what? No player inside. The guy logged out. This was under the frame of 30 seconds. Now imagine I'm sniping some dudes, 400~800 meters away, I miss my shot, dude run into cover, and logs out just for the sake of cheesy surviving the encounter. How long would I take to process his cheesiness and know that the guy is not simply taking cover to fire back at me, then after that, decide go full storm on him from this 400~800m position I was? Sure more than 30 seconds. I agree with you on that btw, but can't agree with the zombie horde flee stuff, most people that are fleeing from infected right now would lock themselves into houses first, so they can't be harmed in the process.
  8. You stay around 10~20 seconds in-game after logging out. Backpack persistence is about 3 hours if they didn't changed that. Zombies sometimes goes into the floor, you can't see the corpse but if you walk around the area it fell with "tab" open it will show up.
  9. Say you are fighting someone, he ran away and hide, well enough so you can't catch him in 20 seconds, then the individual logs out of the game, character is gone, the prey escaped from the hunter... Well... This sucks for either of the parties, the hunter will be pissed because the hunted is absolutely safe after abusing a feature of the game that can't be helped as of now, and the hunted will be taking himself away from a chance of telling stories of how he survived such encounter... Which, in the end, makes the experience of the game just bad, since encounters are not meant to play out like this. You shouldn't simply vanish from your world in order to survive, you can tho, be good and lucky enough so you will outsmart your hunter, hide and effectively escape. And as the hunter, you should have the ability to track down your foe, which in DayZ, can be pretty tricky sometimes. So as a solution for combat logging, I say: Players that log out should think about the location where they are logging out... Make it so after logging out, the player go into a sleep state, using the sleep animation or something else, for about 5 minutes (which is a fair amount of time for this mechanic), and then, vanish from the world like usual. This will make it fair and even for every player, combat loggers will then, have to actually run away and hide well before doing their shenanigans. This is, of course, alike rust's sleep system, but less brutal since we can't build crazy shit to protect our sleeping body, gladly. How does this also prevents server hopping? Well if you want to server hop, you probably are going to die, also the timer for re-logging being 5 minutes, I'm sure people would think two or three times before doing it. I strongly believe this is a topic that should be addressed with urgency in this game. Maybe someone already had this idea as I see some posts about sleeping in beds roaming around the DayZ community, but there we go.
  10. As we all know, bullets get eaten by bushes and spilled out on the other side of them when you shoot at them, so, if a player is inside said bush, the player will not be harmed because the inside area of that object(bush) is like a void for the bullet that is going through it. There is an "old" video testing this, show casing it and explaining better than me what actually happen with bushes as of now. Right now, after .62 patch there are still bushes where players can hide inside... And this is a huge problem. I can't count how many times I've faced a target that was inside a bush, and was unable to hit straight shots, point blank at their faces because of this annoyance. So when .63 pops-up, please... Let players use bushes only for hiding and not for cover, remove it's collision against bullets.
  11. I'm afraid about modding too... But we shall see how it goes.
  12. Thanks @smofi, this is not only about military tier gear, but all gear, in general, the deal with military weapon parts is just a way of explaining the ropes on how the execution of the idea itself should go. I believe you got the concept, and I can only agree with you that having a rare chance to find parts to build an SVD or the SVD itself on a really low condition in the apartment buildings after this "re-work pass on loot" would create a reason to go into them and check stuff there making them a worthy place to stop in your loot routes. After all it shouldn't be about concentrating loot in a specific buildings or areas, but more something a long the lines of a surprising reward to the player that is actively seeking every corner of this raved world to find what they want.
  13. Hi, I'll be brief over what I think would be the best way to open up more zones to human interactions, straying it away from the routes to Military areas, while also making Military areas even more rewarding then they actually are now and coastal towns a more interesting place to be in the beginning since most experienced players will run right away from these places when they spawn in-game, without further a do. Loot Zones as they are now should be changed, that said, loot should spawn anywhere and be controlled through quality and rarity, not only quantity and type. This doesn't mean, "M4 kids running around Elektro all day.", quite the contrary, check my line of thought on this one: You guys like how you have to go thoroughly an entire town to find burlap sacks and netting to create a Ghillie Suit? And how it has tiers for how much effort you put into it? If you do like this: Imagine if you could find pieces, parts of an M4 anywhere in Chenarus, with quality and chances dependent on the zone you are at. Green Coastal Zones (Super rare 1.0% chance → Badly Damaged ↔ Worn) parts; Red Zones up north (Rare 2.5% chance → Badly Damaged ↔ Pristine) parts; And also a Hyper Rare 0.01% chance of finding the full thing but always Badly Damaged ↔ Damaged lost at some random lone house in a mountain at some weird place for example. With this, people would have one more reason to search all the houses and places in this game even when they have gear, as people searching for burlap sacks do right now, they go everywhere in the game to build their Ghillie, this change would strongly reward the exploration of the world. Having a chance to come across anything while you loot, highly increases the excitement and will to scavenge all and any town you come across. I used the M4 as an example because it has loads of attachments, and as the devs said in the past Status Reports, weapons could in the future have more parts, so this system would be neat, also this rarity/quality control could apply to food and other items, canned food should have higher nutritional values and be really rare, hunting big game animals should have at least 5x the nutrition it has now (so it is worthier than the canned food, even after the little buff they did, it still not rewarding enough.), whenever they fix apples, and they will soon, hunting chickens, little animals should be the go, to survive in the beginning, and canned stuff should be a valuable asset to have with you (3x more nutrition, or something alike), thus, rare. Thanks for reading, please comment what you think would better balance interactions across all of the map.
  14. Sound feels really good at night time loot areas now on experimental branch, those unstopping crickets were busting my ears, they are way more "ambient" now, pretty good, I just think that the wind was a little too quieter than on today's stable branch, wind was loud some times due to pick up, but pleasant overall since it wasn't constantly loud all the time there, now at experimental, I can barely hear it, but of course, it still there. Night time is becoming more and more immersive now, thanks devs.