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  1. Stress Test vol.12

    Hotkeys are bugged, just open the game, equip the Makarov, re-arrange it on the hotkey bar and press the button to unequip it, the Makarov will vanish from the hotbar. It will be on your backpack tho.
  2. Start Walking

    The way I see it, people need to adapt themselves to this "new game" called DayZ 2.0 by the devs. And I agree with you, the game is now, what it should be, punishing and harsh, a real survival experience. I was really immersed when I played last stress test, and enjoyed the rainy mood that were present on the many servers, it was an awesome experience. What scares me tho, is the lack of attitude from the player base, to actually take this adventure and face the game's challenges. I played for about 5~6 hours, did a counter-clock run through the map. And up north/west, I didn't saw a single soul. Everybody was running up and down the coast and repeatedly dying like mindless robots... This was and still as of now, a shock for me since it is not so hard to get the grip on things, or ask questions to other players in order to survive better.
  3. Stamina system the way I expected...

    The first iteration of Stamina System in DayZ has been a strong topic of discussion here, so I decided to share with you all my expectations on it, but first, let me give you an example of the flaws I noticed as it stands right now. • Lack of intuitiveness What I mean by "intuitiveness"? Well... If you see someone carrying a huge backpack, a gun and some tools on their backs, and you were wearing light clothing, and a pistol or a rock, whatever... Who do you think that would run faster in a chase scenario? As soon as you think about this, I believe you would assume: "Okay, izi bro. The «light weight guy» would catch the «hoarder»!" This is what you expect when you first interact with the game (based on observations and thoughts of a friend's experience when trying out DayZ 0.63.) This is how it works right now... Even though the «Light Guy» has a huge stamina bar and the «Hoarder» a smaller one. As soon as «Light Guy» spends his huge stamina bar, he and the «Hoarder» will run at the same speed, and neither of them will be able to catch each other, because the stamina regens at the same speed. • What should be done if we need to keep stamina regenerating at the same speed? Make it so everyone have a huge bar, regardless of the amount of weight they are carrying. Instead of shrinking it, slow the player's running speed based on their total weight. This won't be detrimental if well designed and balanced, as players right now, on top sprinting speed can run like Usain Bolt. Hoarders should run a little slower than the actual sprinting speed, and that will be it... Well, by this point you got the idea, right? This is the way I expected it. Besides... If the «Hoarder» was in a "do or die" chase situation, he could effectively drop his stuff and be able to run faster again. Which right now, won't do much for our poor hoarder. Thanks for reading, comment whatever you think that is lacking or is faulty over this solution. (Remember, we will have vehicles "sooner than folks think".) Copy and pasted from my reddit's post.
  4. Stress test vol.5

    The only and most prominent problem I had today was people desyncing all over the place.
  5. 0.63 Attachments and Firearms Melee.

    0.63 is a patch that has so much potential! The new controller feels great and plays nice, reloading is super cool and tactical now, but I noticed a little lack of schematization for the keyboard and controller, so this is a suggestion on this side of things. 1 - Tactical Reload: Tap "R" twice, to drop the mag out of your weapon so you can rapidly reload your gun if you had not space in your inventory to do the natural reload. 2 - Weapon Attachments: Tap "Middle Mouse Button" (Since now it is not particularly tied to ADS) to activate your firearm attachments, Flashlights, Red Dots, etc... 3 - Firearms Melee (But-stock bash, Bayonets, etc...): Hold "Middle Mouse Button" while weapon is raised to perform the action. I think this would cover everything that I felt that is lacking for the controllers to be perfect. Also I believe that the loading screen of the game should give "tips" about the controllers, so it would be more intuitive for new players since the game has a pretty neat but different from the usual, OR, you guys could link a little video teaching people how to do stuff. Well, that's it, thanks for reading.
  6. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    I've never been so happy, my beloved devs... Thank you for taking this decisions! You guys rock! Finally we have a legit testing ground. ( ಥ∀ಥ)
  7. Stable Update 0.62.14463

  8. Exp Update 0.62.143751

    @Baty Alquawen I know this is probably not a possibility at this point, but could you ask the guys to add bolts to the Gift boxes loot table? Bolts for the crossbow, since they are kinda hard/centralized to find. I can only find them at West Lopatino Checkpoint car wrecks, the crossbow is such a cool weapon!
  9. Found One VSS with Mag 0_O

    One man, one legend.
  10. Stable Update 0.62.143640

    Whoever had the idea for these boxes, give the person a hug and some xmas cake! This has bumped my gas back up to play DayZ, I've played a lil bit in Experimental, found some boxes with really good stuff and now I have a good reason to go and scavenge the world instead of just going straight to military areas to fight for loot. Now is time for my stashed VSS to shine, it is now manageable to use and upkeep. Thanks devs, I really wish these boxes get ported in a form of supply boxes with more mixed up loot then the actual gift boxes when xmas ends, this will for sure make geared people go to random spots around the map creating fun and unexpected encounters and skirmishes.
  11. New player controller should have right & left hand slots.

    The way I see it, if you don't have any other item equipped on the off-hand slot, then the character will act the same way as it is now, two handing the item placed on the main-hand. So, if you want to two hand a pistol for example, just doesn't equip anything on the off-hand. The problem with this is that we can't go full gangstah like the revolver guy, using anything else on the off-hand. Since to wield one handed pistol, you would need to have something else in the off-hand slot.
  12. New player controller should have right & left hand slots.

    It is pretty complex when we think about it, I think we should have like, main-hand and off-hand. Every item we use right now, instantly goes into main-hand, then we can drag stuff to our off-hand manually, after we did this, the game should decide what to do with said combination, say we have a pistol and a knife... Dev's said that they plan to add melee combat to guns, like hitting zombies with the butt of our gun, instead of doing this, if we have a knife equipped, the game should then swing the knife whenever we use the melee button. There are many other applications, say we have a sword, and a shield. We press the fire button, then swing the sword. We press the melee button (for that melee x gun system), we raise our shield. Since they are doing that crazy middle mouse button usage for aiming, there are space on the mouse for more double handed actions. It will be surely weird in the beginning but we can adapt, can't we?
  13. Putting it simple, with the new player controller we should have two actual hands. One handed items should occupy a hand of choice and two-handed items should, well... occupy the two hands you have. Image the possibilities. In the future we could have shields and short-sword/hatchet warriors, people using riot shields and pistols to breach buildings, it would be insanely cool and I have no record of a single game that has a feature like this (where the character actually has two hands). I can only think of Halo which had dual wielding one handed guns, but it is an offline super arcady game, so there is no way to compare it to the massive mp game that is DayZ. I'm fully aware that a feature like this would take an insaaaane amount of time to implement since the game wasn't build to have this, even now with the new technology, engine, etc... I haven't seen a single question or talk about this in the Q&A's, nothing, and it is something massive for a game like DayZ with so many possibilities! I really feel like if this was implemented, it would be another strong point of DayZ, even if beta took a little longer to become real. I've been feeling that the beta update was missing something for a long time since the begin of talks over it, then the epiphany came to my head a while ago... "It is the two hands thing!" Also, right now as example, flash lights can't really be used well, I mean, why would you carry one if you can't equip it with other stuff like a knife, or a pistol. It is almost pointless as it is, there are lots of reasons as to why we should be able to carry two one handed items, one in each hand. I will leave this to you guys tho.
  14. Dynamic Weather is something everybody wants.

    This is what I was hoping for, that the devs would be at least considering implementing this amazing feature into the game, after the work they did on .62 update, holy smokes... I could only think about what other environmental changes they would come up with, seasons would be the cherry on the cake, but for now, main goals are main goals, at least I know now that they consider implementing this beast of project into DayZ.
  15. Dynamic Weather is something everybody wants.

    I like your attitude!