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  1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Live Zone

    Boy oh boy, if it gets finished and released in any form it will be THE BOMB! (And it will be probably the only DayZ mod I will be playing). My best wishes and support!
  2. SparkyBoy, I'm talking about "Game capture" option. Not "Monitor capture". If you stream DayZ, you should know that "Monitor capture" option eats you FPS like crazy. It's very CPU-intensive. That's why (and considering other reasons) "Game capture" option always has been the best choice for streaming DayZ and many other games.
  3. The bug is still here. I really hope it will be fixed before pushing the patch to stable, 'cause this issue (alongside with Shadowplay issue) makes DayZ-related content creation harder than ever.
  4. Doesn't work for me. GeForce Experience is up and running every time I start the game for 6 months already (not in desktop capture mode, tho). OBS 0.656b. Actually today I've seen a streamer who accidentally turned on AA setting during the stream, and the video feed stopped almost immediately. And that streamer has a very decent Nvidia card and GeForce Experience always running.
  5. Works in my OBS Classic, just streamed with it. This workaround seems highly unstable, I had to restart DayZ 2-3 times and to play around sources and in OBS before I got a picture.
  6. I've updated first post with this workaround. Thanks to Le_yakitoid, he really helped a lot of people (and good streamers, btw! :).
  7. Thank you for the tip, but I want to use antialiasing and it actually worked in previous patches. Well, you're... well, not quite right here, 'cause if we take DayZ 0.59 in out-of-box state, OBS game capture works, but if we take 0.60 in the same state – alas! So no need to mess around cfgs, it's just a DayZ problem, not user's.
  8. OBS Classic (Open Broadcaster Software) "Game capture" function doesn't work with 0.60. Drivers, updates and other info is irrelevant – if one reverts back to 0.59, everything works again. A lot of evidences from different streamers across Twitch, Twitter etc. For example, from here: Please, fix it, because Game capture method is recommended for streaming and it was the more convenient way to stream DayZ. P.S. I know about windowed mode (window capture) and monitor capture. Game capture is still better. UPDATE: There is a workaround for this problem: disable Anti-aliasing in the game to get game capture feature working again. Big thanks and respect to Le_yakitoid, who told us about it. :)