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  1. Micro Stutter

    SOLVED BUT FIX IS SHOUDY: Had to turn clouds down from max to medium, and when i do it from the config screen there is a major flicker on the screen between each setting...something not right with the clouds management in DayZ
  2. Micro Stutter

    Tried 3 different 1pp servers, seems like after 5 mins they all start to micro flicker. Is there any Bohemia people that can answer questions? Seems ARMA has no issues like this for me.
  3. Micro Stutter

    Yep, I'm running a last years Sansung 750 or 850
  4. Micro Stutter

    Is that just a guess?
  5. Micro Stutter

    On further inspection, I disconnect second monitor and started game again...ran fine...UNTIL i went into config screen and tried to adjust HDR, re appeared/ Uninstalled Nvidia drives, and did a fresh install = Same Unplugged Track-IR = Same
  6. Micro Stutter

    Hi there, I experience a micro stutter every 2-3 secs, minor but there. I have: ASUS STRIX GTX 1070, i7 running at 4.4 Last years Mobo 16GB RAM Asus G-sync 1440 The stutter has been there for a long time, months and months. I seem to recall this is normal now, is that true? Symtoms are: All good for 2-3 mins in forest then micro stutter as I jog along So FAR: Deleted Dayz and docs folders, re-installed and it is there again. Help apprioeciated Cheers Greenie NZ
  7. Exp Update 0.62.140525

    Good news, I re-switched to EXP and tried it again...whamoo! its perfect again. Phew, Trackir just makes the game super extraordinary imho..cheers for the nudge.
  8. Exp Update 0.62.140525

    Interesting..I just ram Arma 3 up again to make sure I wasn't dreaming and it is perfect. I'll try again.
  9. Exp Update 0.62.140525

    Just curious Baty, is the Trackir functionality still being worked on i.e. sluggish movement of head, I literally fell like my character is drunk now.
  10. Exp Update 0.62.140525

    Sorted the Trackir via a refreshed cfg in DayZ, but man, even with all of the smoothing turned to ZERO the Trackir is like looking through a drunk guys eye..sloppy and not precise enough to play effectively at the moment. What's happened to make it go from being precise to the current state? Cheers
  11. Exp Update 0.62.140525

    Good point! nope...will do.
  12. Exp Update 0.62.140525

    I still haven't managed to get Trackir back up and running? Uninstalled it etc etc..device tracks perfectly in their own software not not working in DayZ since 0.62, I'm running current exp 0.62.140525
  13. New Zealand and Australia please read!

    Brother Kiwizi Your fate is in your hands and we respect that...I will leave you with this: No doubt you will have seen the warning each day when you awake " Don't go near the Army bases or be shot" Are the people not allowed to protect themselves now? With no police around, we need weapons to save our families. This group NZF, who's national Army are they? NOT OURS! We are the people of Cherarus, the survivors..the army is dead with the rest of our brethren...NZF are marauders. Each day we grow, and soon we will sweep this gimmick army off the face of the earth, pray that you are not with them. Greenie CLCMIL
  14. New Zealand and Australia please read!

    Kiwizi Savage Lands NZ Hardcore server group called the Militia is us. The Concerned Local Citizens Militia formed in response to the NZF clan of invaders who are pillaging our lands. We're careful, play most nights and like are casual..no ranks or squads...we are the people of the land who take joy in seeing the NZF eat the earth. We usually use a HIHB TS channel Cheers
  15. Tried everything, NO LAUNCH

    Thanx IAmGreiG worked...went into directx and vcredist folders and just ran the setup progs in there again..instant fix. Cheers mate Greenie Savage Lands