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    Headset suggestions

    got a Logitech G533 Wireless few months ago, pretty nice (especially for the very moderate price)
  2. This is dope, thanks ! Also settings to disable personal light on private server. Looks like dev team hear community when they want to ^^ As said by few, not really survival oriented sadly, but looks like a good patch anyway. Just hope it will not introduce as many bugs as 1.01 and 1.02...
  3. matiman

    Have anyone been driving the Olga?

    Not sure about Xbox, but on PC version their is no oil on the current build (for both ADA and OLGA), and it works fine without it. You sure the completly filled the radiator with water ? If you have less than 2/3 of water, motor will get damaged pretty quick (first yellow motor sign, then red sign, and boom.... motor is smoking and the car is destroyed). Fewer water you have, the quicker the motor will be damaged
  4. matiman

    Stash help

    yup, it looks the same (kind of mini garden plot) for pots and boxes, didn't tried with sea chest yet bu I guess it's similar
  5. matiman

    No loot after editing the types.xml

    you can paste XML code and it will tell you if it's valid or not (no syntax or structure errors). Usefull in cas you made a change a broke something by mistake (forget to close a tag for instance)
  6. matiman

    Stash help

    trees respawn on server restart
  7. matiman

    Vicinity Issues

    I'm pretty sure it's linked. It was also lots of UI bugs when several stashes, fences or towers were close together On PC version we got the same vicinity issue too since 1.02, when these UI and walls looting bugs were fixed. It's a lot more picky now sometimes.
  8. matiman


    I have a vanilla server too, 2 restart a day (it's the minimum forced by GSP, I can't remove them), and the server is very stable, no crash since mid-february, no persistence wipe either. I have 3 larges bases (with 3 to 5 towers each and 1-2 dozens fences), and 6-7 working cars accross the map. BUT, it's a very low pop server. I have a couple of regulars that login once or twice a week for 2H-3H sessions (I know some of them have a car and few tents), and mostly hoppers that just stay few minutes and leave. As I experienced massive persistence issues/wipe on others vanilla (public hive, so no mods) servers before having my own, I suppose mods may have an impact on stability, but even without mods there can be issues so it's not the only reason. So I guess players numbers, general activity and the number of bases objects on the server are the main reasons of instability
  9. matiman

    New item: Empty can

    and they were also attracted to light at night, so throwing a flare was a very effective way to aggro half of the infected in a small town, preferably away from your path I really miss that.
  10. matiman

    HUGE Stamina mechanics improvement

    nice work on this post man, a pleasure to read I like the concept of fatigue, i used to stop and sit few minutes during long run a while ago. i love the idea of closing eyes when tired But fatigue should also reduce based on temp/food/water levels, not weight only (but it could be harder to balance/tweak)
  11. Reminded me lots of old memories, thanks ^^ for those who don't know the old GM Radio transmission mystery thing back from the mod. This is after hearing about this I went to GM for the first time, more than 6 years ago.
  12. matiman

    Stable Update 1.02

    yes, thats what I was trying to explain. The fences I interacted with (by removing/adding camo net in my case, which is basically the exception that can be done from outside the camp) are still there. I guess adding nails or plank would have do the trick as well, but didn't tried it yet. The ones I didn't interacted with at all (for test purpose to validate this behavior) disappeared after 45 days without interaction. I reproduced that with fences only, as I don't want to try and despawn a full tower (to much materials to lost just because @Impulz is too busy to help us on this one, yes I'm a bit salty ^^)
  13. matiman

    The Ultimate Exploit

    it's a visual glitch that makes almost all the player model disappear, just part of the torso is still visible. So the player looks pretty much like it was compressed into a floating ball. Of course it makes it harder to spot / aim at them
  14. matiman

    Stable Update 1.02

    by the way, reproduced this on my vanilla server last week. I confirm fences currently have 45 days lifetime if untouched, not tested it with towers yet. One of my camp had few fences with camo net only to hide my car. Some others fences were builded later. Oldest fences has disappeared after 45 days, fences builded later are still there. All others persistent items (barrel, tents, wire mesh etc) that I interact with frequently are still there, even if they are older than the missing fences. I understand this is probably done this way for performances optimization, and prevent to keep things indefinitly on the server if no one are using it anymore. But a basic lifetime limit since construction is the dumbest way to implement that... I go around my base almost daily, but to prevent fences to be deleted I need to remove-readd a camo net or something... meh IMO it should be based on player traffic (if player come in a xx meters radius of the object, it extends his lifetime of xx days. If no one come accross during xx days, it disapears).
  15. matiman

    Stable Update 1.02

    farming and fireplace have no persistence not sure if you can tann leather, i dont think so. but sure you cant craft leather clothes. doors status (open close) and locking not persistant combolocks are broken as hell since 1.02 actually 1.02 is just barely fixing inventory display bugs introduced in 1.01 and is also introducing shitloads of new issues or previously fixed issues
  16. matiman

    Stable Update 1.02

    https://feedback.bistudio.com/T137710 3888000s / 60 / 60 / 24 = 45 days
  17. matiman

    Stable Update 1.02

    @eno okay, this is the post I was thinking about. But it was about barrel/tents/burried objects Reading this, I expected the same logic for bases, but I'm not sure if it's the case, and if the lifetime of a fence/tower is the same or not. @ImpulZ may be you can clarify this for us ? Thx EDIT : I knew I readed this 45 days thing about bases items, it was on Reddit. "How it should work: All items have a life time period. Base items like walls, tents, barrels should have a lifetime of 45 days. This timer gets reset once you interact with said item. BUT! Allot of servers have issues with persistence." A confirmation from Impulz would still be nice ^^
  18. matiman

    Why is it so difficult to drive?

    Internet lag is a possible reason for client/server desync, but I supposed you could have same kind of desync with performances drop on server side (that could explain that it happens more often in large cities).
  19. matiman

    Stable Update 1.02

    I readed somewhere (Reddit I think, or may be here) that walls/fences/barrels have a 45 days lifetime if they have absolutly no interactions with players (but not exactly sure what is considered as an "interaction"), but this was not an official information from DayZ team. I have a couple of fences I don't touch for a while to try to reproduce this, for now they are more than 30 days old (don't remember the axact date but they were build begin/mid-march) and are still there. I'll keep you folks updated if they diseappear. Do you remember when these walls were build @eno ?
  20. matiman

    Why is it so difficult to drive?

    it is a known behavior unfortunatly. I repaired 9 cars since beta and crashed 3 because of these kind of lags. And I'm pretty sure everyone else that drove a car experienced these lags at some points. My understanding of the issue is that cars are managed on server side in SA (instead of arma/mod where they were managed client side). That means any desync between client and server could cause this. So if you have a slight internet lag, server will continue to move the car forward, but client will freeze (as it can't reach the server for few seconds), and when the client resync with server, your car will be teleported forward (may be in a tree or a wall if your unlucky..) I confirm this happens a lot more in large city, or near camps, probably because the server have more objects to handle and is more likely to have performances drop. That said (and if I'm right of course), it will probably be a very difficult issue to adress, because this is not just cars that needs few improvement, but the whole client/server sync layer that must be optimized, and server performances more globally. That sadly makes me beleive we will never have working helicopters in SA, at least if they are managed the same way cars are today...
  21. matiman

    Favourite place on the whole map...

    good to know, thanks
  22. matiman

    Favourite place on the whole map...

    not at all, the lake is at south east of severograd 9521/12222 buttpack found at the small 3 tents road block west of severo assault backpack at the 2 tents road block west of Gvodzno (just south of the lake) tent in a garage in Gvodzno also as I know you look for it, just seen plate pouch and carrier at Bashnya camp (north of NWAF)
  23. matiman

    9v battery question

    nope, this don't work since beta
  24. matiman

    Favourite place on the whole map...

    Thanks a lot for this post @eno , because of the detour to take these picutres, I found an assault vest, a buttpack and a medium tent 😛
  25. matiman

    Hey there!

    Well, judging random people and tell them to get a job isn't the most classy thing either, isn't it ?