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  1. Attempting to host Namalsk

    had to look into this and ended up in the struggle of loading the mission on the map. Simply changing the mission name and .cfg file doestn seem to do it, as it always runs into a crash on "reading mission", Any ideas?
  2. I need help

    this part is enough "-config=serverDZ.cfg"
  3. Attempting to host Namalsk

    Can be done, but it's a chore and a half to setup the lootspawns and audio environments manually. Might be because Enfusion is built off of the A2 version of VR rather than A3's
  4. This is a DayZ Mod discussion. No pointy sticks or .22lr
  5. DayZ Modding

    No cashings since it is prohibited in the server monetization of DayZ SA. So most likely no OP kits either and if the server admin abuses, switch server.
  6. ya using the Rmod is good idea but it makes alot of scripts fuck up. and too if players want to play on your server they have to install Rmod, and even then Rmod is only available for Chernarus.
  7. this post might help you out with adding the vehicles that arent in DayZ. you have to add them through arma2 editor (alt+e in main menu) thohttp://dayzmod.com/f...-dayzst-server/