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  1. How To Win Playerbase Back

    http://www.pcgamer.com/dayz-is-moving-to-a-new-engine-says-dean-hall/ Yes, years ago. Lol.... A quick google search would have shown u when the first work had begun on the Infusion engine. Here is a forum topic about it from the same timeframe from 3+ years ago. But hey, clearly I am making myself look stupid.
  2. How To Win Playerbase Back

    They started on this engine years ago chief, back when they had a player base, you know, well before you joined the forums. I am sure you could dig up some of my old topics from 2014 discussing it. Ill give you a couple more years before you understand what the rest of the playerbase that bailed on this failure of a game is talking about. Or do you just spew fanboism without understanding that even the new engine theyre "working on" has been part of the "EXACT same things people were pleading with the devs" about?
  3. ^^^ This....Just wrote basically this in a much shorter version in another thread. Many of us who bought EA back 4 years ago, fought, and waited, and were patient.....Low and Behold.... 4 years+ later.... its the SAME issues.... Same shitty zombies, same boring ass loot, no chance of finding any interesting weaponry, can run around for hours town to town out in the open without a care in the world cause it will be a cold day in hell before you see anyone, broken mechanics all over... Just....sad.... Like the quoted post said.... NO
  4. How To Win Playerbase Back

    I find it mildly amusing but a little disheartening at the same time, that the EXACT same things people were pleading with the devs to implement YEARS ago..STILL aren't in game... I was once the biggest DayZ fanboi.... But eventually the games lack of progress was just far to much... RIP Time to go play some PUBBBZZZZZ
  5. How To Win Playerbase Back

    Get out of Alpha and finish the game lol? But those of us players that left a long time ago know that's never happening. Ive tried coming back, and its the same, boring, unfinished, 60person huge map where everyone sits in Elektro and camps because there is literally nothing else of substance to do.... So you either go there for deathmatch or play for hours without seeing a single person. With no dynamic events, no interesting weaponry, a shitty buggy loot distribution, horribly designed vehicles, and unreliable persistence system. Oh, and wasn't this supposed to be a zombie game? I have on my facebook from almost 3 years ago an update about "zombie hordes, and new animations" ... Hows that coming along? Youd think in a zombie game, after FOUR years of development, the zombies would be finished or at least a primary focus of the gameplay as there is literally no other dynamic events or server side controlled things outside of looting a bunch of fancy clothing, oh and the packs of wolves that at least when I picked up the game again after a couple years, were completely broken af... Let me guess? "This is all being worked on and coming with the new engine!" Am I right? Theyve been saying that for 3+ years now lol. I'm sure a couple things have been partially addressed but its unfortunate I used to be one of the biggest fans, to come here a couple years later, and see this same shit. RIP PubG is only 30$ BETA as a side note to put in comparison, reaching almost 1.3 million players daily....Is insanely fun, and I even said to myself once... This is sort of what DayZ COULD have been if they didn't take all of our money and abandon the project to a handful of people that have no hope in hell of ever finishing it. Cheers
  6. Are these things being looked at?

    Yup, heard that like 2 years ago too :P
  7. Are these things being looked at?

    They've been saying that for years now :D I see the game hasn't made much progress... such a shame.
  8. Stable Branch - 0.58 Discussion

    Dayzless ever getting the z back? I'm pretty concerned this hasn't been fixed in quite a long time now.
  9. Stable Branch - 0.58 Discussion

    Spawned in berezino, 50/50 people... ran to vybor hitting every town on the way.. looted up easily.. food.. civilian weaponry.. Berezino - FACTORY- dolina - staroye- guglovo - Novy - stary - vybor... Saw two people along the way in two hours one in berezino and one in Novy ... not one zombie the entire time I assume they are taken out? Seems embarrassing to still not have zombies working to a certain degree. What a boring couple hours ... pretty disappointed after a 6 month break.
  10. Difference between standalone and mod?

    Has been a few years since I played it so Id hope by now everything "works". However when I did play...... You could break your legs opening a door. You could break your legs, even die getting out of a vehicle. You could die changing seats in a heli. Your items would dissapear into thin air if you didnt master the "oh so awful" arma2 inventory system. (Always add to the bag never take out of? I think that was the trick) Driving many vehicles was an absolute nightmare, AKA driving an ATV anywhere could get you insta killed if you went over the wrong bump, it also drove worse than the bicycle through ALL TERRAIN areas, and lots of times objects and blockades didnt render properly and would appear at the last second causing a crash and\or death. Zombie pathing, and auto walking inside was easily exploitable, they just could not enter ceratin areas at all (chopper spawn at devils castle for ex)... I actually just think this had to do with the vehicles themselves not the area, but even if zombies were working as they intended it was still "broke" imo.... Im sure there was alot more as well when I use to play it but it has been too long. Mod definitely had \ has its issues. Saying it "actually works" when comparing to the SA is a pretty misleading statement.
  11. Difference between standalone and mod?

    Everyone always forgets to mention the zombies in the mod WALK in every building no matter what. Huge conga line of headshots for you to safely escape any zombies any time. Although zombies are no where near polished or working as intended in the SA they are far more realistic and potentially dangerous.
  12. Sooooo...whens .58 going stable?

    When its done will persistence be working again?
  13. Stable Branch - 0.57 Discussion

    Persistence going to be back soon?
  14. Doesn't it seem fruitless to talk about performance when persistence is still off months after it was taken out? This aspect has kept me away for awhile... awaiting it's return and functionality.
  15. ARK: Survival Evolved

    I got bored of ark after the first 45 minutes of punching trees. Must be for those that enjoy apple picking. However the punching trees aspect would still be better in dayz than the current apple picking system. I've never enjoyed complex crafting in any game.