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  1. delta5

    Official "Religion" Topic

    Wow, we agree on something.
  2. delta5

    Official "Religion" Topic

    Which is why I don't believe "god," controls anything, I always questioned the bible. In a way I view Jesus as a rebel and the bible written by men with their own motive; however, I still believe in a greater power, and to keep it simple and friendly with people I know, I just call it god.
  3. delta5

    Official "Religion" Topic

    I think it is at the point of if not being about an afterlife or not, but if you continue to be self-aware, because afterlife has become a trivial term. Philosophy would define in a broad sense that you still exist after death because information can not be destroyed, you live on through your children, the actions you set into motion, ect. So that leaves the question of, what about your mind? Quantum physics still can't measure your mind but only what it outputs. In a way quantum physics also strengthens my idea of what "god" is, because nothing is certain and the chance of something happening is never 0 or 100%. So how could "god" control events? Well my idea behind what I think "god/greater power" is something/someone that can give you guidance, the tools to do so. Of course quantum physics will probably evolve and/or I my application of it may not fit anymore.
  4. delta5

    Official "Religion" Topic

    If you apply quantum physics to it then singularity can allow stuff to pass through, or come out somewhere, because information can not be destroyed.
  5. delta5

    Official "Religion" Topic

    Humans are essentially data of the earth, earth is data of solar system, solar system is data of galaxy, ect. In theory data can not be erased, theoretically a building can be blown up, but if you can gather it back up into one spot and blah blah, you can make it like it never happen. Kind of like destroying an object, beaming it to another location and assembling the object at the end with it's data. The black hole is from the observer theory. IE: Person a enters a black hole while person B watches person A be killed; however, person A passes through and comes out the other side like nothing happen. When I read these theories it was over 2 years ago. Black hole / observer theory IE I got from how they described it on the science channel.
  6. delta5

    Official "Religion" Topic

    I started pondering the idea of an afterlife because of some reading in quantum physics. Data can't be destroyed and the black hole / observer theory.
  7. delta5

    Your Policy on other people?

    It boils down to probability. I don't think someone at Wal-Mart, Krogers, Micro-Center, ect is going to be beneficial to me.
  8. delta5

    Official "Religion" Topic

    IDK why people have to be so simple. Its okay to love science and believe in god. I don't think we evolved from monkeys or whatever, but I am open to it being a possibility. The idea we evolved from whatever organism to our present just seems to "lucky." Does anyone here believe in an afterlife?
  9. delta5

    Has Anyone Tried iCombat

    It annoyed me knowing that wannabes can dress in military clothing and act out their CoD obsession.
  10. delta5

    Official "Religion" Topic

    It just feels like one of those thing you don't bring up or say.
  11. delta5

    Your Policy on other people?

    I have quite a few friends from HS, Army, College. I'm talking about complete strangers out in public. With strangers in public I look at it like this, how is talking to you beneficial to me?
  12. delta5

    Your Policy on other people?

    I was the opposite. If you weren't a woman and tried talking to me, I'd kindly tell you to fuck off fag.
  13. delta5

    Breaking Bad Season 5 Discussion

    So where is my rep for spoiling the season from the 1st episode?
  14. A few videos and lite reading. The only thing you can plug in the wrong place is the case wires, but even that won't break anything. 20+4 pin goes on one way, 4+4 for mobo goes on one way, same for every cable. Don't sell yourself short, it really isn't that hard. IMO the most annoying thing is installing the Windows updates.
  15. delta5

    Official "Religion" Topic

    This idea that you should be able to ridicule someone's belief or make a stupid comparison to believing in god is the same as believing in the easter bunny, which is real btw(j/k), is just wrong. It would be like me mocking someone that thinks their PC is good and expensive because they spent 700 on it, when I could spend 3k on a new PC, then compare it to theirs and say their PC sucks.