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  1. Made some changes to the server, small bump again :)
  2. Mods, any chance this can get moved to Server Advertisements? TY!
  3. Chernarus, come survive if you can! Mods and other info- - Normal Vehicle Spawn Increased Animals for hunting Food/Drink is rare 4 Hour Restarts DayZ CCCP Sullen Skies Arctic Latitudes Weapon Redux Pack Classic Names/Descriptions Mass'sManyItemOverhaul DisableBaseDestruction BuildAnywhere Info for the server is in my signature, Or via the in game browser, simply search for RuthlessToothless as well! Strongly suggest the launcher from https://dayzsalauncher.com/#/home, as this launcher with automatically download the mods for you, if you don't already have them. Hope to see you in Chernarus!!
  4. RRP47

    Can't complile "Mission" script module!

    changed mine to this, and got mine fired back up. Simply switched out was commented out. if(GetUApi().GetInputByName("UADropitem").LocalPress()) //if(input.GetActionDown(UADropitem, false)) Working now, seemingly without any issues currently.
  5. Ghillies, soldier clothing, and hero/bandit skins will help keep you warm on those long cold nights...
  6. Edited original post to broadcast change for our NEW Vanilla DayZ server. B)
  7. IP: Filter for RTG We have opened a Vanilla Dayz server, with minimal scripting to keep the vanilla experience intact. FEATURES: Headshot Zeds Zeds do more damage...they're supposed to be a threat ;) Night Fog House/Street Lights at night Auto Refuel Custom Loot Custom Buildings Ghillies, soldier clothing, bandit/hero skins will keep you warm. Each has a different effect on temperature. Ghillie being top dog. Sector FNG with Military guarding an Mi-17 and lots of loot in the Sector. Skalisty Castle with Bandits guarding 2 special loot stashes, and a Camo Huey. That is the ONLY ai you will encounter (should you choose to attempt it) in this server There are 70 vehicles total in the server. This is the maximum we will implement. This is Vanilla DayZ, not 1000 vehicles Epoch. Server Restarts every 3 hours. Admins of this server are RRP47 and Days. Admins do NOT play in the server. If they are in the server they are performing Admin duties and will have an admin tag in their name. They will perform their duties, and log out. Simple as that. We do NOT play in the server. We watch from outside, need one of us? type "admin" in side chat, and DaRT will notify us. You can also use our Teamspeak to contact us, as we sit in the ADMINS channel. Just give us a poke. Scavenge, slay, and survive. Come join us for some OG Vanilla DayZ, we'd love to have you. As always with our servers, PVP is more than welcome. PVE players are welcome as well, we welcome all breeds of players. Please keep in mind that if you prefer PVE, do not complain if you are killed by another player. We do not run PVE only servers, never have, never will. You want to kill zeds and avoid players? By all means do so. But you are at risk of PVP at all times in our servers. The server locks itself 5 minutes prior to restart, and will remain locked for one minute after restart, after which it will unlock. So fear not if it appears locked immediately after restart, this is intentional. -RRP More information available on our website, ruthlesstoothless.enjin.com
  8. have a 3 day old dayz origins server hosted on an SSD in Dallas. great ping, little to no lag, only have had a handful of players so far and we're looking for more! restarts every four hours. active admins Zero admin abuse Come Join Us! server ip:
  9. Ruthless Toothless Gaming Presents Epoch Panthera!! ruthlesstoothless.enjin.com Features; NO Plot Pole Required To BuildSafe TradersEdited TradersDZAI, With Dynamic Spawn, Heli Patrol and Vehicle PatrolWAI Mission System With Edited LootWAI Paradrops And Vehicle PatrolsSelf BBTake ClothesBridge To Varta6 HR RestartsPVP is allowed at your discretion More additions to come! Server IP: Launch Parameters: -mod=@DayZPanthera Hope to see you in Panthera!!
  10. New Ruthless Toothless Gaming presents their weekly EVENT **** SABINA TANK WARS **** When: Sunday 22 Dec 2013, Check in between 8:00 pm and 8:45 pm PST (west coast). Event will start promptly at 9pm. Event Description: Sabina Tank Wars Prize: 8 Full Briefcases Rules: 1. NO PVP DURING EVENT STAGING 8pm-9pm. VIOLATORS WILL BE BANNED UNTIL EVENT COMPLETE 2. Name tags must be present during the event, choose "DISPLAY NAME YES" upon log in. 3. Teams may consist of 1-2 players 4. Each team will be issued a T-72 Tank 5. Exiting the tank by any player will constitute forfeiture by that player/team 6. Tanks will be pre-positioned by the Admins and may not be moved until the event officially starts 7. All weapons on the tank are fair game and may be used to defeat other players/teams 8. ai heli patrols will be suspended during the event 9. ai foot patrols will be present during the event 10. Last man/team standing will be declared the winner Once complete all players who wish to see the vehicle prize choices will be teleported to the staging point to witness the winner drive of fly away into the sunset in his newly won vehicle. BONUS PRIZE: A one man Admin team will be located in the center of Sabina in an M1 Abrams Tank. He will not fire until fired upon and will not be allowed to leave the center square throughout the event. The team who takes him out will win a BONUS GRAB BOX containing lots of EPOCH goodies. Engage him at your own risk. We hope to see everyone from last week again this week as it was a huge success and a lot of fun for all who participated. As always, Keep the Faith!
  11. NEWS: Our first event after updating to 1.0.3, The Manhunt, was a complete success and a ton of fun! The winner was [C-I] Chesty, he scored an L85 Thermal, MK17 RCO, EIGHT full briefcases, AND the grand prize, out of 6 available non spawning vehicles, picked an M113 Armored Personnel Carrier! He and his clan are a force to be reckoned with! Much thanks to all who participated, we look forward to the next event, and hope to see you all there! Next up, SABINA TANK WARS!!! Uber prizes and carnage await! Stay tuned for more details as they develop! RRP47 out.
  12. Ruthless Toothless will be running its first ever weekly event tomorrow Dec 14th at 7 pm pst (west coast) time. The event will be a Manhunt. The hunted will be carrying 8 full briefcases and an extremely rare weapon as well as supplies and ammunition. He will start on the Northern tip of the big island and will travel by foot to the racetrack on the small island.Along the way he will update his position via waypoints and if engaged will return fire. As he starts to run low on ammo and supplies he will scavenge the cities or kill the ai for their gear. intel reports ai heli patrols will be grounded in observance of shomer shavis which will give players freedom of the sky's for the first time. Whoever takes him out will be allowed to keep all loot as well as pick a vehicle from a list of 5 vehicles that do not normally spawn into the server.Hope to see you there. Tune in next week for Sabina Tank Wars.... More to follow.
  13. Ruthless Toothless gaming IP: TeamSpeak: MAP: TAVIANA Welcome to ruthless Toothless gaming. We strive to provide the best gaming experience we can.What you can expect from our server: A challenging experience. We try to make our servers rewarding as well as challenging by removing the hand holding. Very basic starting load out to get you past the first wave of AI. Custom Missions with custom Epoch loot spawns (Building materials and Gold). Default Epoch Electrical system with lights and fueling. Auto-fuel is a lazy way to play in our eyes. We enjoy the default system in the game and intend to make good use of it. Anti-Hack, with our custom anti-hack system we look to keep as many hackers out as possible, with constant updates it makes it hard for the average hacker to ruin everyone's fun. Take Clothes, remove clothes from the players you kill. Self Blood bag No Decay Bases. Modified AI to challenge even the most seasoned vet (We run both DZAI and Sarge). Day and night cycles with full moon. No 24/7 daytime , we enjoy the need for NVG even with a full moon. Dynamic Weather (Expect to see snow during December). Debug Monitor.We offer tons of vehicles with diversity. Over 600+ (including a few rare vehicles like the Jackal etc.). To play on our Taviana map first download the Taviana mod from the internet or DAYZ Commander. Next, click "Settings" on the upper right corner of DAYZ COMMANDER. Insert -mod=@Taviana; in the "Additional Launch Parameters" field and click done. That's it, easy as pie. As always we listen to our community. if you know of a mod that would improve the server just ask one of the Admins. We have a scripter on hand and can implement just about anything. Hope to see you on the other side.