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  1. I love to answer to potential trollers, Well, I wasn't talking of the reasonable people here, but I've read a lot of hate everywhere since the SR (and since the beginning of the dev in fact), just look at the comments on twitter... For a simple reason: Most human beings are just violent p**ce of s**t ;) My own two cents... PS: What are you talking about ? I play videogames since 90's... Played the first Operation Flashpoint... And I said "BI is one of the best", not the best... Do yourself a favor and stop judging people... You're bad at it... You can't deny something on BI, when they make a game (have you played any of their games ? :P), they do it with passion, even if their games are buggy as fuck, they release patches for years after the initial release, they are just dedicated to their game... So yeah, I trust them when they say they are going to finish this game and continue to maintain it after 1.0... To conclude, you cannot deny neither that they apologized for the mistakes they've made during the dev, and it is their first early access game. I'm not sure they will make another game in early access anymore even if it's a success. PS²: https://clips.twitch.tv/ImpossibleTriangularSalamanderPRChase ;)
  2. Thanks for the SR guys, and good luck with the haters. We need at least to understand them, they aren't patient people... Patient people are quite rare in fact ! :) BI is one of the best studio I know, so, I just trust you... Period :) Cheers.
  3. Thanks guys, reading your status report is a ritual in my life ;) ahahah I'm still over hyped to try out 0.63 !! I want to fight coasters with combos and parade like Dragon Ball Z (lol ok I'm out) I'm asking myself from a long time how to force players to interact much more with each others, and the only answer I've always found was to play with the difficulty button. When the environment will be so aggressive that you cannot survive alone, players will be forced to cooperate. We need more Z and plenty of hostile wildlife. I just love wolves and cannot wait to be attacked by bears ! I know you have issues with performance and the number of Z, hope you will find a way to put 100k Z on a single server with hordes :P I will always remember my first play through on the Arma 2 DayZ Mod, I arrived on a GMT+1 server, it was so dark and the moon was in the same place than IRL, I've shitted myself so hard... Your work on 0.62 brought a lot of immersion, these kind of feeling with a much more hostile world will force players to shit themselves back ;) Cya in Chernarus
  4. Thanks for the report guys ! :) This new sound system and the upcoming new player controller are huuuuge game changers !!
  5. You deserve to be hired by BI ;) Nice dude. This gamma issue is really worrying. A while ago, I thought about a system where players should buy "live sensor calibration device" for their monitors, the calibration device will check the gamma of the screen and report to the server like an anticheat system, good idea ha ? ^^ I know, this will maybe happens in one century. ^^
  6. Suggestions for tents and storage

    Hi there, I agree with you Wili, You should be able to store 20 to 30 weapons in a single barrel, so the storage capacity of all the container in game aren't realistic, that's a fact, I hope they will increase this in the future but I have a doubt. Wow, 8 days for a barrel and a tent ? Are you sure ? If I remember correctly, in 0.59, it was 40 days ! DevZ didn't say anything on this (?) 8 Days, you've got to play everyday if you want to maintain multiple camps... it's impossible. (going to lost barrels :() cya EDIT: of course DevZ talked about it, don't know how I missed it... on the last status report: I like this new system, but 8 days is a little bit short for a barrel and a tent to me.
  7. I'm losing my latin guys... I know from the very beginning that this game is going to be one of the best game ever created, I said that to my friend even when they were like "nah, dev time is too long, this will never end blablabla", I've always remained positive about your job. I have to say that this 0.60 version is... !:;,ù*$^#{[#\|\^@`\]\] Can't wait to see what you are going to do in the future especially on the player controler's side. I love this status report, Keep up your good work guys, I really appreciate it. Cya :)
  8. Better (more realistic/hardcore) optics...

    Yeah ! +1 I kinda like the rendering of optics in insurgency:
  9. Weapon safety

    Cool idea ! :)
  10. Thanks for the post Brian, I think it's a good move too, your communication is getting better :) It's clearly a good idea to don't give release date anymore, it always fails with game dev. <- especially in France ^^
  11. Map expansion ?

    Hi GuyZ, do not watch this video if you have heart issues ...... I almost died watching it, everyman's dream... DayZ will clearly be the best game ever with a map like this... Vehicle will be useful... Choppers will be amazing... High mountains with snow, uncrossable rivers... (you could try but you will probably die) lot of predators, you've got to hunt to survive and you only encounter others human being from time to time, so rare that you don't shot them and just want to talk to them to get help ! A real survival game :P Ahahah ! I'm dreaming I know, but not as much as the author of this video lol... I hope modders will practise magic and create amazing maps ;) I know it is clearly impossible to have a single server running a map like this, but it would be so cool if we had multiple servers hosting the map as a cluster, so when you go from one map to another, you change server with a loading screen, and pooof you are on the next part of the map :D
  12. Of course, not everybody I think you should be able to loot your own body too. Especially while the game is in alpha/beta and you can die because you walked on a little rock... This was just a personal statistic I've maid, I read a lot of people saying you should not be able to do that.
  13. Well, this was not the first time it happened to me, and I think it happens all the time. How many times I killed a guy in a spawn area (like cherno) and he was back 5 minutes later to try to kill me... I don't have a number, but it is huge ! Everybody agree that you should not loot your own body, but you can spawn right next to it ? There is a problem here. When you die in a game like DayZ, you should not have a second chance.
  14. Hi guyZ, It would be cool if there was a system like: you die at berezino, you cannot respawn near this city for the next 30 minutes, even if you suicide to try to spawn there. I explain myself, last time, I was at Solni' when I started fighting a 4 man squad, I killed three of them, but in the mean time, one of them just respawn next to the city, so he came back and looted his own dead bodie to take back his weapon and his gear to fight me again. 4 guys to kill was Ok but not 5 ! Is anything planed on this problem ? Have a nice dayZ guyZ