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  1. I Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists

  2. Shotgun changes.

    I honestly do not think they should add any more shotguns until the pellet/buckshot damage and pellet/buckshot penetration are fixed with reasonable %'s. I'm a super fan of the saiga I cannot wait for that zombie soaker
  3. Suggestions

    So first off these are purely suggestions 1. Barrels should be able to be sealed using correct tools such as a screwdriver or a hammer, maybe even broken into with a sledge hammer to defeat the lock in a raid. 2. Helicopter crash sites should have dead bodies with loot-able clothing also dealing with the issue of clothing taking up spawn locations at the wreck.( I feel like it does no make sense that sometimes more clothes or boots spawned then equipment and I feel as though bodies that you could acquire the clothing from rather then it being on the ground next to the wreck makes a lot more sense and would add the the realism feel. 2.5. They should also add more detail to the Russian wrecks because it makes no sense that I'm acquiring pristine clothing and item from a wreck that has burnt up and the rusted and i have a feeling that rust did not happen over night so its kinda of funky. 3. Tisy military base should have a static helicopter wreck on one of the helicopter pads or some where in the base(I know they are still adding a lot to this base it will be cool to see it evolve) 4. The abandoned military base East of tisy that has no name needs love it would be cool to see it turn into some kind of under ground installation like a missile silo that is empty or some sort of features, once the holes in the ground were removed I was kinda bummed no progress has been made with it since, It has so much potential! 5. The North East airfield, There is so much space to add maybe a wrecked civilian jetliner like a 707 or maybe a jet that never got to take off because the military stopped in on the run way with a blockade of armor, could even add in dead bodies to make it seem like they cleaned up the "infected" passengers to prevent the disease from spreading continent. Or a crashed C130 with humanitarian supplies and medical supplies with very little military spawns in side the actual crash itself and a ton of zombies attracted from the sound of the crash. ( I'm sure they have something planned for North East Airfield due to fixed wing craft being in the controls list and knowing they want to add a possible civilian fixed wing plane possibly.) 6. The ability to drag a dead body so you can move it out of a doorway or path to escape(we all know how frustrating it is getting stuck from dead bodies) or hide it with out making it vanish. EDIT: 7. Filter for private and password servers sifting through the amount of private servers is hard some times especially when looking at the main list :) Thanks for the read
  4. Does no one else share the same concerns??? This makes shotguns worthless in so many situations!!!!
  5. Yes I've seen that video and its great and all but that is not my issue, my issue resides in the fact that 00 bucks penetration power is gone at completely at 0%. Why does every other gun but the shotgun penetrate materials. I thought realism is a goal? Is it not? a .22 having more penetration power then a shotgun with 00 bucks is unrealistic on all level i hope they do fix this before the Siaga comes out. I found this comparison of bullet penetrations keep in mind #4 buck is about the size of a .22lr http://www.theboxotruth.com/the-box-o-truth-3-the-shotgun-meets-the-box-o-truth/it
  6. I have a video to show my frustration with the shotgun and its ammo having zero penetration through glass even though a .22 can go through two panes of glass/doors.... please rethink this. for bug purpose. video is loud http://plays.tv/video/573a89d184ab32affa/-dayz-bug-report-pullet-pen-on-certain-materials-not-working?from=user
  7. Same thing man it seem to have wiped a good % of the population a lot of the servers are going 0/60 and people trying to connect are getting kicked by battle eye for a memory corruption #12 or #13
  8. Sir i have the same problem but i just got in to a server so i want to say were just really unlucky admphi
  9. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    hate me for wanting more server so i can help test it out. pure hate im here to help like ever one else so dont be such a dick
  10. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    Please Add More Experimental server they have been full for two days straight, how about giving those who have lives a chance to test drive .60 by adding more servers to help stem the demand :(