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  1. MetalHead2112

    I Have A Dream

  2. MetalHead2112

    Game crashes on startup

    @BetterDeadThanZed it's probably because it has sensitive info on the maniphest. But I can assure you that it has been fixed and will be available on Steam in an upcoming update. Last entry from the log.. Geez closed this task as Resolved.Mon, Mar 11, 10:11 AM Geez claimed this task. Comment Actions Hello MetalHead. The issue has been fixed internally and will be fixed on Steam in the future. Regards, Geez
  3. MetalHead2112

    Game crashes on startup

    @BetterDeadThanZed Here you go.. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T137422
  4. MetalHead2112

    Game crashes on startup

    There is an issue with the launcher at the moment. I have submitted a crash report etc to Bohemia Interactive and they told me they were aware of the issue and that they had fixed it. Just waiting for the fix to go live on Steam now. You should still be able to join servers by using the ingame browser but you'll probably not be able to run any mods at the moment as there is no way to load them without the launcher. You could thry DZSALauncher by Maca but I get the same issue with that one too.
  5. MetalHead2112

    Unable to Force Mods

    @C4-timah It could just be something really simple. For example, it could be the order in which the mods are called.
  6. MetalHead2112

    So... 4x4 car. Lets talk about it for a tiny bit.

    The 4x4 is still dodgy on PC and it's at v1.01 😴
  7. MetalHead2112

    Ban Appeal

    You'll need to appeal your case with BattleEye.
  8. MetalHead2112

    Database connection timeout?

    I hope she was worth it 🤐
  9. MetalHead2112

    Unable to Force Mods

    @C4-timah Check inside the @BaseBuildingLogs folder to see if it has a file called "meta.cpp". If not, it's probably this causing the issue.
  10. MetalHead2112

    Unable to Force Mods

    @C4-timah I'm with GTX Gaming and can verify that all 3 option above work correctly as I use them on my server without any issues.
  11. MetalHead2112


    @Guy Smiley It's located in the scripts.pbo file in the folder named 3_Game called Weather.c
  12. MetalHead2112

    Multiple client crashes today

    At the moment I cannot use DZSALauncher or DayZLauncher to run the game. Crashes to desktop immediately. I've sent BI a full report on the issue and it's been fixed, just waiting for them to upload the fix via Steam.
  13. MetalHead2112

    Dead by Dawn | Hardcore 1pp

    @Guy Smiley Go into cfgspawnabletypes.xml and find the line <!--START OF ZOMBIES --> Remove the line from each zombie that's related to food 😉
  14. MetalHead2112

    How to restore a backup

    You don't have a Restore Server icon on your Admin control panel for Vilayer ?
  15. MetalHead2112


    @Sqeezorz Gave it a try but the mods are not loading. Thanks anyway for replying. @ImpulZ Will do.