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  1. MetalHead2112

    cooking food

    I've always cooked the meat I shoot, it's force of habit due to my server having working diseases. There are quite a lot of small shed type buildings that don't have windows and only one way in/out. I use these buildings to light a fire and cook my food as they shed no light to the outside world once the door is closed. Another option I use to cook the food/boil water is too do it in plain sight during the day. No one expects this and no extra light is emited from the fire as it's day time. When I say plain sight, I don't mean in the middle of the main highway on the coast etc. Never had an issue so far 😉
  2. MetalHead2112

    DayZ Server Randoml Crash/StopWorking

    @FantWings OS : Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 10.0.17763 will more than likely be the issue. Windows Server 2012 R2 x64 or higher is the recommended version.
  3. MetalHead2112


    They don't take very long to grow to be honest. Maybe and hour to an hour thirty to fully grown. kinda spoils it really but I bet Asda or Tesco would be interested.
  4. MetalHead2112


    Water them once when you plant them. They will be gone at the next server restart, they're not persistent.
  5. MetalHead2112

    Stable Update 1.03

    @liquidcactus I can't confirm it's working on a vanilla server but it sounds like your playing on a modded server, in which case they are probably running a mod that has introduced the various illnesses. I run a hardcore server and I run a mod that has all the illnesses working that should be working in vanilla.
  6. MetalHead2112

    Stable Update 1.03

    @liquidcactus Try a pond or stream to wash your hands in. Maybe the water pumps are bugged ?
  7. MetalHead2112

    Stable Update 1.03

    @liquidcactus Antibiotics to cure the sickness and I would suggest wearing gloves if your not.
  8. MetalHead2112

    Will my laptop withstand DayZ?

    Dayz SA will probably not even start with that hardware and if it does, you'll be down to around 1 frame per hour.
  9. MetalHead2112

    Stable Update 1.03

    @Reaper TDO Change and save them one at a time 😉
  10. MetalHead2112

    Fire Barrels

    No need to destroy it. Just pick it up like any other barrel and move it. Make sure it's empty though.
  11. MetalHead2112

    Base Building Issues

    Remove the posts with your shovel from the inside. The same for any other parts to remove, use a crowbar to take down wood/metal panels and wooden frames etc.
  12. MetalHead2112

    Have anyone been driving the Olga?

    Check the gauge on the dash for the water level. it normally takes around 5 canteens to fill it.
  13. MetalHead2112

    how to read server crash logs

    The ones ending in RPT will tell you what is happening on your server with regards to actual crashes. Use Notepad++ to read it.
  14. MetalHead2112

    Cant find pliers anywhere!!??

    Check all the sheds you come across in gardens, I've found lots in those.
  15. MetalHead2112

    Server Crash logs

    If there not interfering with the running of the server I wouldn't worry about them too much. If on the other hand they are causing the server to crash or become unstable then I would investigate a little deeper to find the cause. Looking at your mod list, it's more than likely one of those causing the issue.