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Hello All,

I am a 21 year old college senior who will be commissioning as a 2LT in May. A fellow cadet introduced me to the game and I am looking for some companions to play with and learn some tricks. I am new to the game but am already figuring stuff out pretty fast.

Due to an interesting encounter with a bandit, I have a silenced m4, with a few clips of ammo as well as camo clothing. If anyone is interested in picking me up for their group I have skype but also have my own Raidcall which can be used by around 20 people simultaneously. Messages me your replies for more info

See you out there,


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Sup LT. Im a E1 Navy SeaBee down in coronado, CA. I also recently started this game, Im 24, and have two buddies that I picked up in game running with me.

Im currently at Cherno, and have skype and steam. my user name for both is CMCR_Kenyon. we prefure to use skype.

I just got killed at NWAF, but Im gettign geared back up again. let me know on skype or here if your up to joining us. I get off work at 1600 today, and will be on by 1630 at the latest.

Hope to have you join us Sir.

-CMCR Kenyon

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Guys, check out our community (Hackfree)

We also have our own teamspeak server :

In this community we have several clans, we are a highly organized clan, looking for a couple of members at the moment. We are geared to the teeth, and we are true bandits.

You can add me on skype if you want to hear more about us and our community.

Skype: Terrence_verlander

Looking forward to hear from booth of u

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Hey! We're a mature fun international group that loves Day Z. We use Mumble and there is usually always someone in chat playing Day Z, if you're looking for someone to hang with. We also have our own home server. If you're interested, check us out here:

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Hey id be intererested in playing with you. if you can send me some info to contact you with through PM on here and we can chat!

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