I Found a Fix: error compiling pixel shader psspecularalpha:0

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Hi everyone I Finally after two days found a fix to this message. " error compiling pixel shader psspecularalpha:0 ". I was helping a friend solve this issue and found out that many people had the same issue when trying to launch Arma Operation Arrowhead. I wanted to figure out why this was not working for my friend and might as well for everyone else. The issue was that Arma 2 launched just fine but Arma OA would not launch and would give out the message. After some research I found this thread that solved the whole issue. Many people kept saying just launch the game as admin but it still not work. So try this out and I hope it helps for everyone else.

Just follow the instructions on the weblink.


Please I would would appreciate it if people tells me if it fixes the issue for them.

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