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The Fallen - 1PP|x3Loot|A2guns|Traders|Airdrop|BaseBuildingPlus|Codelock|C4|Map|Party|Events

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     The Fallen is the Ultimate First Person DayZ experience. We strive to bring players the most out of a Modded DayZ server. With safe zones, high tier traders, and loot beyond your wildest dreams. Here you are able to gear your character the way you choose to get the most out of your DayZ experience.

     There are endless possibilities of fun to be had on our DeerIsle Server. Build a base the way you like it, but make sure you fortify it well because it could be gone in Hours! Gear your squad to go raid other heavily fortified compounds.
Make allies to help defend your sanction or create enemy's, in the end its all up to you . Over all we are here to have fun and enjoy DayZ.

     Our admin team has over 10,000 hours combined in DayZ and want to bring the players what they are looking for. So bring your friend's, grab a chair, and strap in for a fun and wild ride.  It's going to be an adventure that we
will never forget, here on The Fallen. 

Server Info:
Name -  The Fallen - 1PP|x3Loot|A2guns|Traders|Airdrop|BaseBuildingPlus|Codelock|C4|Map|Party|Events
IP Address -

  • Giveaways 
  • Weekly Events 
  • 24/7 Admin Support

Join our server Discord here:  Discord Link  

Check out our twitter here:  Twitter Link

Mod List:
- CF
- DeerIsle
- TheFallenPack
- [Remastered] Arma Weapon Pack
- Cheytac M200 from ArmA 2 Port
- Mass'sManyItemOverhaul
- WeaponReduxPack
- MunghardsItempack
- WindstridesClothingPack
- Deceit
- MoreGuns
- Ear-Plugs
- InventoryPlus
- BetterSuppressors
- Supressor Hybrid
- VPPNotifications
- VPPAdminTools
- PartyMe
- PartyLayout
- DayZ-Expansion-Notifications
- Dayz Navigation
- DayZ-Expansion-Chat
- VanillaPlusPlusMap
- BaseBuildingLogs
- BuildAnywhere
- Base Fortifications
- Close/Open Anywhere
- DisableBaseDestruction
- BuilderItems
- OPBaseItems
- Base Furniture Mods 2.0
- NoVehicleDamage
- Code Lock
- Breachingcharge
- TimeDestruction
- Server_Information_Panel
- SIX-DayZ-Auto-Run
- Unlimited Stamina
- Gold Nuggets
- GoreZ
- Trader
- Airdrop-Upgraded
- BattlEyePrefixRemoval
- TweakRaidTools
- CannabisPlus
- Saline Bag+
- IRP Land Rover Defender
- RaG Hummer Refresh

® Credits to Respective Mod Creators & Developers


We look forward to seeing new players and growing our community!


"At the end of the day we will never forget The Fallen."   -  The Fallen Admin Team

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