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Adey LordFlash Roberts

Game fails to load with battle eye.

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The game will load without it and I can join non-battle eye servers but when I want to load it with battle eye I get this "windows cannot access the specified device path or file" . All my folders and files have full control permissions and I have verified files 3 times uninstalled twice and deleted battle eye / reinstalled several times.


Any help would be appreciated

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Try next steps:
1. Remove Battleye folder from game directory.

2. Remove Battleye folder from %LocalAppData%\DayZ and from %LocalAppData%

3. Check access rights to game directory. (You can set 'em by: Properties -> Security -> Groups and Users -> Change -> Add user "All" (without quotes) and grand all rights. Same to subfolders.

4. Validate DayZ game over Steam.

5. Start game and accept licence if it require.

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