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Base building balancing

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Since the 9th of February I have been busy building a base near the tavern at the western border of the map, close to the dam and lumber mill camp. My base consists of around 20 walls and one watchtower. So far I am pretty positive on the persistence fix as nothing has disappeared so far. Base building looks very good and blends in perfectly with the world. Technically there are some issues but not much. However, base building is very poorly balanced. Since the 9th I have been only working on my base, easily around 35 hours. I usually go to the lumber camp and then walk to the dam as these places have the most industrial loot spawn locations in the whole area. There is Zelenogorsk, but on this full pop server it is not worth the risk. In the weekends I walk this path easily 8-9 times. During the week I can only do this a couple of times in the evening due to work. From the 9th till today my base slowly got build, some days a few walls then another days I won't find any nails and thus no progress. In general this slow progress does not bother me. I actually I enjoy that we need various tools to get the job done.

However, this Sunday I only needed one more box of nails to finish my last wall and the tower. Didn't find one and on Monday I was too busy with other things. Now today I logged in to find one gate destroyed, two walls with only a frame left and one wall missing the lower part. Some griefers had their fun, but now I easily need two or even three boxes of nails to finish my base. Already checked the industrial areas this evening twice, but found nothing. It takes so much time to find the parts, especially nails. While a base can get destroyed so easily. I think I actually was lucky that it only happened today. Moreover, I am actually in a location that has quite some industrial spawn points. So many places on the map do not have this, making base building even more frustrating when its gets destroyed within minutes. Looking into the future, me having this base with fat loot (Vintorez, LAW, FN FAL etc.), I obviously do not want to have a single wall protect all this valuable stuff. But just the thought of having to build two rings of walls with the current balancing will be an insane time sink that gets destroyed in two minutes. I read a few comments of the dev team saying that players will get more tools to defend their base. Sure, traps are fun and I wholehearted welcome them, but it is not the solution. Traps are more fun than effective. Clans will easily go around or neutralize traps when you are offline. Proper balancing is the only way.

My suggestions for base building and stuff that needs fixing

Base building in a technical sense works pretty good! There are just a few problems that I encountered:
               -  Tents and barrels have problems with placing them on the terrain (acknowledged problem)
               -  When another object or even other base building part (wall or watchtower) comes close to a tower or wall that you are building, it might occur that you cannot build a specific part, for example lower or upper wall. 

Balancing is the biggest problem with base building so far. The effort that a player has to do to build a base it huge, sadly destroying parts of a base is ridiculously easy. A wandering squad will find tons of hatchets with ease and can thus break into the base or destroy walls for fun without much problems. I would suggest the following:
               - The impact on the tools durability is higher when destroying a base part
               - Make nails, barbed wire and metal wire spawn more often. Usually in industrial areas I found clothing, clothing and clothing. This should be more balanced.
               - A clan system so that other players cannot remove walls instead of demolishing. I know the DayZ devs want to keep it authentic, so why not introduce an inventory held book in which a player can write down his name to be part of a clan?
               - Stacking planks or other items to get over a wall should be fixed. One idea might that planks just stack when dropped near another plank. With physics items should also fall over when getting stacked

Would love to hear more suggestions that can be added for the dev team!

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