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The Scooby-Doo Gang: A Fabulous DayZ 0.63 Adventure!

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    • By kykocamp (DayZ)

      SLEX and I were on a server gringo (U.S.) with about 20-25 players and decided to go hunting for combat within Chernogorsk.
      We were both with the Mk 48 Mod 0, besides having two more of them in our main base on another server. It turned out that we now have just one more, since the Slex could die 2 times and lost 2 guns!
      Upon entering the town, rushed to the factory to try and outwit the zombies have been seen by another player who apparently was on top of a building in Cherno. He tried to hit the Sniper, but failed. After a bizarre bug where my character went through the wall and I fainted for a few seconds and without sound (lol), I recovered and went into the grocery store in town.
      We got there without major problems. Pick up some basic items of food / drink and then went to church. No action too. So we decided to go to the Fire Department, where he had plenty of action. Soon a player broke through the back door and managed to kill him ... then the Slex was hit by tilting the window Sniper.
      I was alone, trapped inside for a while, until another unsuspecting player appeared on the scene and tried to hit him. He ran off after a few seconds and tried to communicate with me. At that time, the Sniper tried to hit him on the outside and one of the rare times I offered help and told him that I get spare the lives of the poor gringo! He came in, took the items and we Slex a good time killing zombies and hiding inside the Sniper.
      Slex eventually returned to the site and were going back to the Supermarket, it was when we ran again and was killed by the same Slex Sniper!
      I tried to turn around to pick up the camper, but I could not find it at first. By the end of the video, I managed to find it but had no sights to hit him. Until he left the server and finished the video shoot :)
      Here comes the series showing how to start from scratch and get more items tops game.
      In the very first episode, we go in search of basic survival items, and then begin the hunt for the top items in the game!