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  1. I am not using teamspeak or discord, it is not allowed on this server. The echo comes from his mic picking up in game sounds, very annoying but I have no control over his end.
  2. After the events of The Pit, I try to return to normality but Chernarus has other plans.
  3. gekofish

    The Pit (2019): A DayZ Movie

    They call him Chill Pilgrim, he killed me in cold blood, whilst I delivered a message of hope. I have never forgotten what he did. Bakerstown has never forgotten what he did. He's a snake in the grass and I now had the opportunity to put things right, The Pit, had given me the opportunity, and by god I was going to take it.
  4. gekofish

    The Most Incompetent Police Force In Chernarus..

    I do too man! It is a sign we love them.